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Amazon Inspired Farmhouse Classroom Decor

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Do you dream about having a Farmhouse Classroom? I love transforming a classroom into a space that is warm and homey, and a Farmhouse Classroom does just that! But the problem is a lot of teachers don’t know where to start in making their dream a reality.

I get a lot of questions from customers who have bought any of my Farmhouse Bundles wondering what what decor they can buy to match. This blog is designed with décor to seamlessly match the Farmhouse Classroom Decor Bundle with all of it’s chalkboard and rustic wood charm. If you don’t have time to read the entire blog, you can see the entire list on my Amazon Storefront.

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Farmhouse Classroom Bulletin Board Kit

Farmhouse Classroom Bulletin Board

The bulletin board is always a centerpiece of a classroom so I think that it sets the tone for the rest of the room. Dress your bulletin board in style with these bulletin board options.

I love the weathered wood bulletin board paper that gives any board an instant warmth. The packet comes with 50 feet of paper so you can use the same product for multiple years, replace the paper midyear if it’s taken a beating, or style multiple bulletin boards in your room. While some wood print outs look incredibly fake, this wood look legit!

Once you have your warm background, choose a simple border that will be relevant all year long. I like to stay away from any bright colors that might clash with holiday bulletin decor as the year goes on. Pictured above, I love the shiplap, black and white buffalo plaid, or black and white scalloped borders. All three are beautiful because of their simplicity.

Farmhouse Classroom Greenery

Greenery is the glue that makes the entire farmhouse classroom cohesive. Even better, none of these plants ever need to be watered 🙂 The wreath is easy to hang on your front door for a warm welcome every morning before students walk into your classroom. The eucalyptus garland gives you 6 feet of beauty, and a lot of options! You can use wire to create a muted green wreath, you can string it along the top of your smart board or anywhere else you that you need a touch of green. Let’s be honest there aren’t many places that eucalyptus doesn’t make look good!

The 3 pack of green mini-plants can give your teacher desk a touch of farmhouse flair! I love that each plant looks different which adds variety. Lastly, the single potted plant is great if you’re looking for unity in your plant selection. This would work if you wanted to put a plant on each student desk group, or if you wanted to use the plants in a single area of the classroom like at the computer station.

Pro Tip: Whatever plants you get, bring them home at the Christmas and Summer breaks to fully enjoy them year round!

Farmhouse Teacher Desk Organization

Farmhouse Classroom Decor Teacher Desk Organization Tools

Make sure you save some of the cuteness for your desk – you’re gonna invest some serious time at your teacher desk so you might as well make yourself at home! One of the best things I have ever done for my sanity to get a 3 folder hanging system which I label as “copy”, “grade”, and “file”. This easy to mount rustic hanging file folder will make it fun to stay organized!

Rae Dunn – amiright? I love getting my hands on anything Rae Dunn and have fallen in love with this rotating supply holder. Can anything be better than storing all of my permanent markers and flair pens in a Rae Dunn piece- absolutely not! Another option if you need less storage are the three Rae Dunn boxes that are great for storing all your writing utensils, scissors, and highlighters.

Lastly, a bonus item are buffalo plaid magnets that can be used to hang things on the board, or to hang student notes near your desk.

Farmhouse Classroom Student Organization

Farmhouse Classroom Decor Student Organizational Tools

Galvanized buckets will always have a place in the farmhouse world! I love the supply caddie because it comes with 6 different slots which is perfect for an organizational system in which a group of students share supplies. These cute and portable caddies make it easy to move supplies around the room. Another great option if you need less slots for supplies but more space for each slot check out the Rae Dunn 3 tier desk organizer. Did I mention I LOVE Rae Dunn?

How cute are those buckets?! The buckets come in a 12 pack with chalkboard labels to fit any need. These would be perfect for any organizational system where all of a students supplies are individualized rather than being shared. The pack comes with 16 chalk labels which allows you to replace a label if a student moves, or you change your organizational system.

With each of these items being made of durable metal they make a great investment for years to come!

Farmhouse Classroom Lighting

Farmhouse Classroom Decor Lighting

Anytime I go to decorate a room one of the most important aspects is lighting. Lighting can give any area of the room a warm ambiance that no other decor can do! Have you ever had the joy of coming in from recess and turning all the lights down low while the kids chill out? You can take a deep breath and collect your own thoughts in a peaceful environment. The room becomes a magical place when you flip the switch and the market lights change your room from a classroom to Disney World.

I also really like the 2 pack string light set. Each line comes with a remote, and 8 different lighting patterns for any type of situation. Set a peaceful tone in your classroom with these versatile lights. They’re even waterproof! Some people might ask “Why would you need a water proof light string?” – anyone who has taught elementary school knows you have to be ready for everything. Literally. Everything.

Lastly, if you want a light just for your teacher desk this industrial light is beautiful!

Farmhouse Classroom Furniture

Farmhouse Classroom Decor Furniture

Need extra seating? These sturdy white chairs have been my favorite chairs for years and right now you can get a set of 4 for around $80. I like how sturdy and comfortable they are for even your squirmiest students. If you need a little more color in your seating you can also check out the green stools which at the time of this writing is also going under $100 as well!

Lastly, you might need a cute rug in a certain part of your room to pull the whole area together. I love to put a great circle rug under my teacher desk or my reading center. Rugs always remind me of being at home snuggled up with my coffee reading a good book.

Check out the buffalo plaid rug that will go with nearly anything! I love putting it by my front door as a layering piece for a welcome mat. Did I mention the plaid rug is washable? Any veteran teacher knows that is invaluable!

Farmhouse Classroom Odds and Ends

In this last section I’d like to give you 4 items that didn’t fit underneath any of the previous categories but are great cheap additions to any classroom:

Farmhouse Classroom Decor Hello Sign

I can’t get over the cuteness of this hello sign. If you don’t go with a wreath on your door but still want to create an inviting front door consider this sign. The black and white simplicity and the beautiful cursive lettering gives me all the feels!

Okay, I know. No one is excited to take a picture of their book bins and post it on Instagram. They’re not as exciting as eucalyptus and yet they’re probably one of the best investments you can make for your own sanity.

These incredibly durable book bins have shown up in multiple blogs that I have written because I love how durable they are and that a 12 pack of black bins can travel with you through any future class decor set you may consider.

If you need a specific color, they have 22 colors to choose from! If you’re feeling a little spontaneous check out the cute teal bins for a bright pop of color!

Farmhouse Classroom Decor Baskets

“I already have enough storage”…said no teacher ever! Store your invaluable resources in style! I love the buffalo plaid baskets that can pair with many items in this blog. This great company offers a 2 pack, 3 pack, or a 5 pack of baskets to fit every need.

If you want to tone it down a little the gray baskets are fantastic to fit all of your needs. Pro tip: Save your future self time looking through your storage by attaching cute chalk labels.

Farmhouse Classroom Decor Pillows

Last but not least – these black and white pillows are a great way to spruce up your reading corner. These will be great final touches on any area of your room that needs that final home away from home feel.


Not sure if you’re quite ready to commit to a farmhouse classroom theme? Check out these farmhouse freebie growth mindset posters!

If you’re looking for the fastest way to transform your classroom into one Joanna would be proud of, check out my Farmhouse Classroom Decor that is full of value and beauty! You’ll love the beautiful designs and all of the editable files that allow you to customize your classroom to fit your needs.

Be sure to share your farmhouse classroom with me on Instagram (@ConfettiandCreativity)! Let me know in the comments – how will you take your farmhouse classroom to the next level?