Farmhouse Classroom Makeover

Are you obsessed with everything farmhouse? Me too! I had the amazing opportunity to partner with my Alma Mater-The University of Central Florida, and give away a classroom makeover to the sweetest 3rd grade teacher (picture below). My husband and I both graduated from their education program and we were honored to give back to such an amazing school! Karlie wanted a modern farmhouse classroom with touches of boho thrown in and I am so pleased with the end result!

I love how a farmhouse classroom emulates a home away from home atmosphere. There are many elements in this classroom that replicate an inviting home and make it a safe and encouraging environment to learn in. I’ll walk you along the process with before and after pictures! I will also include tutorials and links if you are wanting to recreate this same look for your classroom. Enjoy!

Before Pictures

The first step in organizing the classroom was identifying the key sections of the room. We moved desks, chairs, and tables until we had a good idea of the traffic patterns and usage of each part of the room. By the time we were done we had turned around the teacher desk to face the whole room instead of the wall, moved the kidney table to the back, and moved around bookshelves.

Once I had the structure of the classroom in place it was time to transform her classroom into a home away from home! I first started off by getting Karlie’s vision of wanting to create a modern farmhouse classroom. She wanted lots of white shiplap and warm textures to balance out the farmhouse look of the classroom. The main places I went shopping at were Amazon, Facebook Market, Hobby Lobby, Target, Walmart, and Ikea.

Front of the Classroom

The front of the room is my favorite! We added Green Boxwood from Amazon and stapled it onto the wall. The white shiplap paper is actually a vinyl peel-and-stick paper from Target! Here is a cheaper version from Amazon. I wanted there to be a perfect balance of warm and cool tones so I also brought in the brown wood borders from Amazon.

We used these Modern Farmhouse Alphabet Posters to complete the look for the front of the room. I love the shiplap, eucalyptus, and chalkboard feel these posters bring.

I love these black and white Growth Mindset/ Motivational Posters for the front of the room! These posters are meant to be a constant reminder to her students that she believes in them and they are loved!

These Classroom Expectations are easy to remember and follow through with. The boho feel with the plants that separate the rules completes the whole look.

These Modern Farmhouse Classroom Jobs are simply adorable! They are included in the Modern Farmhouse Bundle. I love how they look under the motivational posters.

Tutorial for Boxwood

To create the same look in your classroom, you will need to measure and calculate how much of the boxwood you need. We only used 1 1/2 boxes to cover this entire wall! I started off by measuring and cutting off the excess. Keep the excess so you can use it to fill in holes!

We were able to staple the boxwood into the drywall. If you have cinderblock I recommend lots of hot glue!

Desk Area

One of my favorite things about this classroom is the chalkboard elements throughout the room. We used Wall Pops Chalkboard peel and stick vinyl paper on the front of her desk and put the scalloped border from Amazon around it.

I got the 10-drawer cart from Michael’s and the editable long labels are in the Modern Farmhouse Bundle. I just took off the knobs on the front so I could put the labels on the front!

To help Karlie create that home away from home feel, we included a little coffee station. The Coffee Sign and Industrial Lamp were both 50% off at Hobby Lobby! Her Editable Farmhouse Binder Covers also have touches of chalkboard and shiplap that make them perfect for this space.

This amazing Farmhouse Clock is one of my favorite things about this room! I love the warmth it brings. It’s probably also my favorite because someone was giving it away for FREE! You can find this amazing clock at Hobby Lobby.

Students really feel at home whenever they can see themselves on the wall, and reminiscence on the fun memories they’ve created with their class family. This Farmhouse Class Family Gallery Wall is editable and can be used for many years to come!

Do you love calm colors as well? The simplicity of this Editable Farmhouse Calendar is so perfect by her desk!


Check out the before pictures in the beginning to see what these cubbies looked like. The transformation is amazing! There was nothing wrong with the cubbies, but I thought that the white cubbies with the black hardware would tie in the whole farmhouse look!

We used the following primer and paint from Lowes. If you want to recreate the same look I recommend purchasing what you see in the picture! One item that is not pictured but a must have is the Corner Brush from Lowes.

It made it 10 times easier to get those hard to reach corners in the cubbies using this brush. You will also want to line the cubbies with painter’s tape so you don’t get it on the walls. Be sure to ask your administration before painting as well!

The Plant Motivational Posters were printed poster size from home. Learn all about printing poster size in this blog here!

I used the white bins from the Target dollar section and the circle numbers from the Modern Farmhouse Bundle.

Sides and Back of the Room

I was so happy to see all these windows and natural light in her classroom. We added simple white curtains to add texture and warmth to this side of the room.

This bulletin board can be used all year round! This board comes in a holiday bulletin board bundle that has so many fun bulletin boards to choose from.

We spray painted this teacher toolbox white and added these editable modern farmhouse toolbox labels. It really brightens up this area of the room.

The Welcome Sign is a freebie and is right next to her front door. The 3 tier rolling cart is from Michael’s but you can also get one from Amazon. We put the cleaning station right by the door so students can use it as they leave and come in.

My husband and I loved doing this classroom makeover and I cannot wait to complete more in the future! Let me know if you have any more questions below or if you have a farmhouse classroom too!