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8 Farmhouse Classroom Essentials

Nothing is better than transforming your classroom into a home away from home. You know that you’re going to be spending 8+ hours a day for more than 180 days a year. That comes out to over 1440 hours per year – why not make it a place that you love? More importantly, parents and students love walking into a room where they know they are welcomed and loved. Here are 8 great essentials (and a FREEBIE) to start you on your journey of creating your dream farmhouse classroom.

*This blog post includes some affiliate links which means that at no extra cost to you I will earn a small commission to help offset the cost of running this site.*

PS For more Farmhouse Classroom inspiration be sure to check out my suggestions for a Boho Farmhouse Classroom, and my Farmhouse Classroom Amazon Shopping List.

1. Farmhouse Classroom Eucalyptus and Greenery

Add pops of color to the beautiful simplicity of a farmhouse feel. I would start with a couple of branches of Eucalyptus or your favorite greenery to get an idea of how many open spaces in your room you have left to decorate. My go-to for Eucalyptus is Hobby Lobby where I have found it for half price every other week. Who knows you might just pick up a couple of things for your house on your trip 🙂 If you’re an IKEA fan be sure to check out my favorite IKEA plants.

Farmhouse classroom eucalyptus

2. Farmhouse Borders

A nice border brings the entire bulletin board together. In the picture below you can see how the wood border gives an instantly warm ambiance to the entire board. Depending on which type of farmhouse look you are aiming for I would also recommend trying out tile farmhouse borders, or a simple black and white border that can be used year after year. To create the same look for your classroom click on the following links: Wood border, tile farmhouse border, simple black and white border.

3. Shiplap Bulletin Board Paper

Shiplap, shiplap everywhere! You don’t want to get carried away with shiplap but this paper makes every bulletin board a statement piece. Pairing this type of paper with a farmhouse border listed above will make your bulletin board a draw for both students and teachers. I bought this exact shiplap paper from Hobby Lobby. Depending on whether Hobby Lobby is running a sale or not, a cheaper option may be this option from Amazon.

Farmhouse bulletin board

4. Farmhouse Classroom Binder Covers

Every teacher knows that it takes plenty of binders to run a classroom efficiently. You know your bookshelves are covered in binders for lesson plans, reading centers, monthly agendas, and student data. Why not cover your binders with editable farmhouse covers that will put your mind at ease every time you open them? Another option is giving your students a sense of uniformity by customizing them for each student’s binder.

Farmhouse Classroom binder covers

5. Scrabble Letters

These letters give you a lot of versatility to fit your classroom needs. I have seen teachers utilize these scrabble letters for their alphabet line, to write cute messages on the walls, or as a simple measure “gather” right in front of the classroom carpet. How will you use these to dress up your classroom?   

Farmhouse classroom scrabble letter gather sign

6. Brick or Tile Vinyl Adhesives

Give your room an accent wall by adding these brick (example in the picture above) or tile patterns. Imagine the feeling a parent will have when they drop off their kiddo for the first day of school and get to use it for a first day of school picture. You can create this look using brick adhesive from Target. Another option is my favorite Amazon brick adhesive.

If a brick pattern won’t tie in well with your classroom, the tile is another great option that provides a kitchen subway tile feel. My favorite tile wall adhesive is from Hobby Lobby – let’s be honest all my favorite things come from Hobby Lobby 🙂 For tips on how to effectively place this on your wall, check out this video.

7. Farmhouse Classroom Teacher Toolbox:

White out, tape, staple remover, band-aids, highlighters, pens, erasers, and paper clips oh my! Who knew that being a teacher required as much equipment as Batman’s utility belt? You are already busy, don’t spend more time than you have to locating the supplies that you need to do your job well. More importantly, you don’t want to waste any time locating a band-aid to help a student’s boo-boo – your sanity will thank you later.

Why not make your teacher toolbox with a cute farmhouse flair? This toolbox decor is compatible with Amazon’s mini teacher toolbox or their larger teacher toolbox to fit your classroom storage needs. For tips on setting up your own teacher toolbox checkout my Teacher Toolbox Set Up Blog.

Farmhouse classroom teacher toolbox

8. Farmhouse Containers

Give your storage spaces a touch of farmhouse charm. My ideal choice is galvanized buckets, which will have Joanna herself asking if she can transfer her children into your classroom. Cheaper options that can be utilized in any classroom decor include these simple black and white containers. The simplicity of these containers blend in with the rest of the farmhouse decor and save on the bank account. 

Checkout simple white storage containers from Hobby Lobby. There are so many cute storage options on the market so here are two bonus options from Amazon: Option 1 and Option 2.


I hope you feel inspired to make your classroom your Farmhouse Dream! To help you get started on your journey, be sure to grab these Welcome Sign FREEBIES!

If you’yre looking to create your own Farmhouse Classroom, be sure to checkout some of the Farmhouse Classroom Decor Bundles I have in my shop! I have classic Farmhouse options like Modern Farmhouse, Boho Farmhouse, and my very first Farmhouse bundle. If you’re looking for farmhouse look with pops of color then Lemon Farmhouse or Floral Farmhouse would be perfect for you!

Each bundle is simple to print, cut, and hang to transform your classroom into a homey environment in which kiddos can thrive!

Every one of these bundles will enrich your classroom and make it one that Chip and Joanna would be proud of! Let me know in the comments which Farmhouse Bundle is your favorite!


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