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So you just purchased the Modern Farmhouse Decor Bundle for your home away from home and you are looking for ways to make your classroom look like Chip and Joanna fixed it up?

I’ve rounded up over 20 of my favorite items to step up your Farmhouse Classroom game. Every item seen comes from Amazon so you can fulfill all of your farmhouse dreams in two days or less thanks to Amazon Prine. If you want to see all the items in one easy location check out my Amazon Storefront – you’ll see plenty of items that didn’t make the list!

What you’ll notice about my list is that everything has that rustic and earthy feel to it. The list has hints of metal that play into that Rustic Farmhouse Classroom feel. But those metals are balanced out with weathered wood and airy white tones. This list allows you to easily create a homey place for you and your students. I hope this list gets you one step closer to a beautiful, cohesive, and calming environment that will last all year long.

Modern Farmhouse Classroom Decor – Bulletin Board

Farmhouse Classroom Bulletin Board Borders and Backgrounds

Nothing says “Home Sweet Classroom” like the Modern Farmhouse Decor Bundle, and you’re going to want your bulletin board to reflect that same feeling! Bulletin boards have the power to give your students a message all year long that they are loved, valued, and in a safe environment. In one word, they are family. Here are some of my favorite combos to get your bulletin board ready for a farmhouse classroom feel!

There are many paths that can take you to your perfect Farmhouse bulletin board. Step one is to find the perfect background that is warm and inviting. Are you going to take the path of using Better than Paper White Shiplap for that Classic Farmhouse feel or is it the Fadeless Paper Weathered Wood that is speaking to your rustic heart? If you’re not feeling a wooden background, another great option would be this Better Than Paper Chalkboard Paper! All three go perfectly with the design features in the bundle

Once you have the background in place, you can move on to the task of what gorgeous border you’re going to frame it with. If you went with the White Shiplap option I would throw in some texture with the Warm Wood Borders. Another great option would be these Black and White Gingham Scalloped Borders.

If you went the Weather Wood Background path I would add some contrast with the Black and White Schoolgirl Scalloped Borders to play up those Farmhouse tones. If you wanted to add some color you could even add a pop of earth tones with the Eucalyptus Green Scalloped Borders. Remember to have fun when you are doing borders, don’t be afraid to add contrast and texture to truly create that perfect combination of Modern and Farmhouse.

Modern Farmhouse Classroom Decor Set 1

Farmhouse Classroom Decor Items Set 1

Every Classroom Decor Bundle has a color palette that further adds to that layer of cohesiveness and the Modern Farmhouse Classroom Decor Bundle has it all. When you’re adding classroom decor to accentuate this bundle feature whites, blacks, and simple grays for a clean crisp Farmhouse classroom feel. Elements of shiplap and weathered wood add texture and comfort to overflow your Farmhouse heart 🙂

The first essential for your Farmhouse Classroom is a Welcome Sign that is both equal parts warmth and modern. The Dahey Rustic Hello Sign fits the bill and even gives that extra layer of comfort with those gorgeous accents of Eucalyptus Branches. This will make your classroom door truly stand out and let your students know from the moment they walk in they are welcomed and loved!

The next must-have in your classroom is a Felt Letter Board. This can be used for so many things such as important date reminders or inspirational quotes to start each day with a grateful heart. I love the flexibility of all the messages that you can add.

A Farmhouse classroom is not complete without your accents of greenery. These Small Mini Potted Artificial Plants can be the perfect accent for your tables or can add a splash of color on your desk and or shelf. None of the four plants look the same so it will add great variety. My favorite part is that you get the hominess of cute plants without having to do any of the upkeep 🙂

Next up is the Buffalo Check Plaid Banner Black and White Gingham Garland. This will be the perfect addition to take any bulletin board to the next level or even embellish your teacher desk. There are so many ways that you can use this garland you’ll love thinking of new creative ways to move it around and freshen up the room each quarter.

Lastly, I have been in love with these Date Desk Calendar Blocks from the moment I saw them. Have you ever had those days as a teacher when you forget what day it is? Except Friday….I never forget Friday! Keep track of your days with these cute calendar blocks!

All of these things and more Farmhouse Classroom inspiration can be found on my Farmhouse Classroom Amazon Storefront.

Modern Farmhouse Classroom Decor Set 2

Farmhouse Classroom Decor Items Set 2

Everyone has their own sense of what farmhouse means to them but here are some of my favorite items because they’re versatile enough to fit inside of any Farmhouse Classroom. This Black and White Hello Mat can be used indoors or outdoors to help keep the dirt from recess outside where it belongs. I love the simplicity and the cuteness of the font.

This Weathered Wood Farmhouse Clock steps up your clock game, and is small enough to replace to the standard clocks given by your school. You know you’re counting down the time until specials, why not look at a cute clock? Keep checking back regularly on this clock because it looks like they frequently change the design options available.

Lighting sets the tone for the classroom, and these Industrial Floor Lamps are a great option for when you want to shut off those Fluorescent lights in your room but still want some light source so that students can get around. I love how dimmed lights and lamps can completely transform a reading area, or help kids calm down after recess.

If you’re looking to go big, these Artificial Grass Panels are really going to bring that WOW factor. I admit they are pricey, but if they are SO cute! Check out how I used these to transform a wall for my Farmhouse Floral Classroom Makeover! I loved doing it for such a sweet a deserving teacher named Gabriella 🙂

If you’re looking to still transform your walls but save some money, consider these White Brick Removable Peel and Stick Wallpaper. You can make drab cabinets refined or even add that pop of white at your desk. I used something very similar in the Farmhouse Classroom makeover linked above, and it did wonders for transforming that space. In that example I used only on one wall as an accent wall, and I saved money by using the wall with windows so I had less area to cover.

Modern Farmhouse Classroom Decor – Storage Options

Farmhouse Classroom Storage Options

Storage and organization are your keys for your soul to feel the calmness that Farmhouse Classrooms embody. You’ve already got a million things on your mind, and a million things to do – don’t spend time looking for something you should be able to find in 2 seconds.

The first essential for your farmhouse classroom is the perfect organizational center piece for your desk – the Rae Dunn Rotating Decorative Pencil Cup. I have linked this pencil holder in other farmhouse classroom blogs because I love it so much. This will hold all of those flair pens and Mr. Sketch and even leave room for more.

If you’re going for a galvanized metal look, the percent accent for the Rae Dunn Decorative Cup is this Metal Desktop File Storage Organizer. This is the perfect organizer for all things paper! It has room for weekly lesson plans and all the important papers that you get throughout the year.

The Burlap 10 Pocket File Storage Pocket Chart is the perfect organizer for when kiddos are absent and need to make things up. It would also easily organize independent work for Reading and or Math Rotations. The texture of the Burlap speaks to the essence of what Farmhouse truly is.

The Plastic Weave Storage Basket is the perfect size for all of your library books. From Picture Books to Graphic Novels you will have all of the space. The white baskets will add to that clean modern look to keep your room feeling totally farmhouse. These also are spacious enough to add to your storage room if you’re lucky enough to have one.

Y’all I can’t get over these perfect Black and White Square Storage Baskets. They are the perfect marriage between primary education and the simplicity of a farmhouse classroom. I am obsessed with the brown leather handles and the black letters. They’re so cute even if you don’t know how you’re going to use them, it’s worth buying and figuring out later.

Now lets talks about storage for student tables because we always need a spot for extra pencils, scissors and so much more. The Storex Desk Caddies are the perfect option. They offer 2 smaller compartments for things such as pencils, pens, highlighters and markers. The bigger container can be used for larger items. Organization will always be needed in your classroom – why not make it cute?


Modern Farmhouse Classroom Decor Bundle

This packet was inspired by current favorite modern farmhouse trends found in many of our homes. This style incorporates old and new elements to give your classroom the perfect farmhouse classroom feel. If you’re looking for a complete Farmhouse Classroom theme decor set for your classroom, check out my Modern Farmhouse Decor Bundle. This is my best-selling bundle, and will be for a long time!

It has over well 1,500 pages, and text editable files to make your classroom exactly what you want! I can’t wait to see how you transform your classroom into a Home away from Home! Be sure to tag me on Instagram @ConfettiandCreativity so I can see all the beautiful work you’re doing!