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4 Fresh and Beautiful Spring Bulletin Board Ideas

Looking for beautiful Spring Bulletin Board ideas that are affordable and easy to use? I’ve got four amazing options that can be downloaded, printed, and posted on your walls in no time at all! Read on to check out Spring Bulletin Board ideas for preschool, elementary classes, Sunday School, or anywhere else that needs to bloom with beauty!

If you’re looking for more Spring inspiration, check out my Spring Decor page that also includes Spring Google Slides, Spring Newsletters, and more! If you’re looking to dress up more than just a bulletin board, checkout my Spring Classroom Decor Blog! The blog has beautiful backgrounds and borders for bulletin boards as well as a lot of other décor options that give you Spring vibes all season long!

I promise you’ll love welcoming the Spring season year after year with these adorable décor options!

Spring Bulletin Board Idea – Option #1

Spring Bulletin Board Idea #1

When it comes to Spring Bulletin Board ideas – why not choose a board that’s not only beautiful but comes with a beautiful message? This “Plant Kindness” Bulletin Board helps teachers cultivate a classroom culture of kindness by encouraging students to choose kindness over selfishness.

Wouldn’t the world be such a better place if we all chose to plant kindness and watch it bloom into beautiful relationships? I think this is a great message for your students as well as all the adults that will come into your room!

Not only is the message beautiful, but the colors and flowers are SO cute and create a cohesive look with the adorable banner! Make your bulletin board beautiful without much work with this Spring Bulletin Board!

Spring Bulletin Board Idea – Option #2

Spring Bulletin Board Idea #2

Hot air balloons are a great Spring Bulletin Board idea because it represents what every teacher wants for their students – soaring to new heights! This Spring Bulletin Board is full of pastel colors that give your whole classroom a beautiful Spring vibe!

This bulletin board kit is packed with value! This board kit also includes 10 printable matching borders, a writing activity as well as text editable hot air balloons that allow you to add student names.

You’ll love the beauty that this Spring Board adds to your classroom, and your students will love the message and inspiration it brings with it!

Spring Bulletin Board Idea – Option #3

Spring Bulletin Board Idea #3

Spring is a time of hope and bright colors! My favorite thing about Spring is seeing flowers begin to bloom and fill the world with beauty. That was my inspiration for this Spring Bulletin Board which features brightly colored flowers that will brighten any classroom and any mindset.

Say Hello to Spring and make your life simple with this gorgeous bulletin board today!

Bonus Option: Spring Bulletin Board Posters

Another option to decorate your bulletin board is to fill it with Holiday posters. Each poster prints as an 8″ x 8″ square, to fill any place in your room with Spring bliss. These 9 easy to print and set up posters can easily be adapted to a larger poster format by following the steps on my How to Print Poster Size blog.

Spring Bulletin Board Posters

More Bulletin Board Material

If you want to keep your bulletin boards fresh all year long and make your life simple check out some of my Holiday Bulletin Board bundles! No more Googling for Spring Bulletin Board ideas, or Christmas, or Thanksgiving!

Instead you’ll have a fresh bulletin board every month of the school year. You and your students will love having a new and beautiful board each month! In total I have 3 Holiday Bulletin Board Bundles, and every one will save you money! Click on any of the pictures below to check out the bundle options and keep your seasonal décor fresh all year long!

Tell me in the comments below, what do you do to you make Spring come alive in your own classroom?


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