Ocean Classroom Amazon Finds

Ocean Theme Amazon Inspired Cover Photo. Shows items linked to Amazon that will help enhance and make your vision of an ocean classroom come to life!

You have dove into a fun, bright adventure with your under the sea ocean classroom theme! I am sure you hope to find a hidden treasure chest full of pirate’s gold, but instead, you found my favorite Amazon items for your Ocean Classroom! Yay!

If you want to make your students feel like they are on an underwater adventure, then look at these items I have found for you on Amazon. You can make your Ocean Classroom vision come to life with some help from Amazon! I have spent hours on Amazon searching for the best ocean-related items for your classroom, so you don’t have to!

All these items would look fabulous with my Ocean Theme Classroom Decor Bundle! My Ocean Classroom decor bundle has calming blue hues and a neutral palette to create a calm oasis. The cute sea critters will bring the ocean right to you and your students! All the Amazon items I have listed in this shopping guide will help bring the same beautiful color and calming vibe to your classroom.

If you’d like to see all the items in one place, check out my Ocean Classroom Amazon Storefront!

Your teaching life will feel at ease with your classroom’s fresh ocean breeze!

Ocean Classroom Decor Bulletin Boards

This is a photo of bulletin borders and paper that you can find on Amazon.

To start making a splash in your Ocean Classroom, you need to start with your bulletin boards! Bulletin boards are my favorite place to start decorating my classroom because they set the tone for the room! You can make the ocean feel alive in your classroom with bright paper, beautiful borders, and whatever ocean decor items you stick to your boards! Perhaps you will add motivational posters, a birthday shoutout, or an educational math display! The options are endless! 

The best way to make your Ocean Classroom feel like you and your students are on an underwater adventure is by using the Under The Sea bulletin board paper! I love how this paper makes you feel like you just took a deep dive into the ocean! The bright blue and turquoise waves add a vibrant hue to your classroom!

 If you want a more subtle background to make your Ocean Classroom decor items pop, try this Light Blue or Light Brown bulletin board paper! What I love most about the brand “Better Than Paper” is how easy and sturdy their papers are! You do not have to worry about them wrinkling, ripping, or fading! These last long, you can easily wipe them off if they get dirty, and they are much stronger than ordinary paper! 

My Ocean Classroom Decor bundle pairs nicely with a rustic neutral vibe too! I suggest using this Admiral Blue Wood or Weathered Wood to help that vision come to life! The admiral blue paper reminds me of something you would find in the captain’s corners of a ship and makes me want to say “Ahoy Matey, this is your captain speaking!” In some sense, as a teacher, you are like the captain of your classroom! 🙂 

Now that you have picked out your paper, the fun part comes; adding your beautiful, bright, and delightful borders! Try adding these wave borders to make the ocean come alive in your classroom! The  Blue Wavy BorderOcean Wave Border ,or the Ocean Marble Border all do a fantastic job of capturing the calming rippling effects of the ocean waves. They will look beautiful paired with any of the papers I mentioned above. 

A scalloped border is a beautiful touch if you want a more simple, fun look! Try this Navy Scalloped Border! It adds a bright accent while having the paper be the shining star! 

Setting up your bulletin boards is your first step in creating your home away from!

Ocean Classroom Door Decor

Door mats, a welcome sign, and fairy lights that will all help create a warm and inviting vibe to your classroom.

Now that your bulletin boards look phenomenal, it’s time to look to the other areas of your classroom that could use a little pizazz. These next Amazon items I will be sharing can be used in many different areas of your classroom! These items will help make your Ocean Classroom decor dream a reality! 

When your students walk through the door, you want them to feel welcomed, loved, and appreciated!  An easy way to make that happen is by your door decor! Adding a doormat is one of my favorite ways to make my classroom feel homey. This adorable Blue Hello Doormat or Ocean Theme Welcome Doormat are bold and cheery ways to help greet your students in the morning! 

Besides a friendly doormat, a cute little Ocean Theme Welcome Sign would be a perfect way to invite students and other visitors to your room!

Nothing makes a classroom feel warm and cozy like lighting! I love adding lights in my classroom to create a homey atmosphere, but why not create that feeling when your students walk through the door? I love adding lights around my doorframe to make my room bright and inviting. These Fairy Lights are easy to use and battery-operated; no need to worry about outlets! You can also add them throughout your classroom, like stringing them around bulletin boards or placing them on the ledge of a bookshelf! If you want to feel like you are on the beach picking up seashells, try adding these Ocean Sea Life String Lights to your classroom. They would look great strung in front of your teacher’s desk!

Ocean Classroom Hanging Items

Make your Ocean Classroom come to life with these hanging jelly fish and fish garlands! Add some blue tassels or pompoms to make the ocean pop in your room.

Looking at my bulletins, I always wonder, what can I do to make this more fun and vibrant?! Hello, garlands and pompoms! I love these Paper Lanterns and Pom Poms and Tassel Garland from Amazon! I attach the pinwheels and pompoms to the corner of my bulletin board displays to add an extra bit of magic! The tassel garland looks cute strung underneath posters or quotes! You can also string the garland in front of your desk or across your bookshelf! 

When searching Amazon, I came across the cutest  Fish Garland! My brain was spinning with all the fantastic ways you could use this in your Ocean Classroom! First, I love that they can be hung vertically or horizontally! The garland can be added to bulletin boards, strung on students’ desks, hung from the doorway, or used as a photo backdrop throughout the year! The possibilities are endless on what you can do with this adorable fish garland!

Another way to make your Ocean Classroom splash with excitement is by hanging these Jellyfish Lanterns in your room! They will make your Ocean Classroom feel like you have sea critters right there with you! A unique way to use these items could be if you put your desks in pods, or if you have tables, you can hang a jellyfish lantern above it and use it to call table groups! Your students will love these jellyfish lanterns and jump for joy when they see them! 

When I think of sea adventures, I always envision fishing nets! This adorable Fish Net would look great hanging in the corner of your classroom, above a reading nook, or on a bulletin board. You could string some sea critters or lights on it too! 

I also love to add a touch of greenery to my classroom! This Hanging Plant will be such a cute addition to your Ocean Classroom. It will help bring some height and dimension to your classroom too! 

Ocean Classroom Decor Desk or Shelf Items

No need for a boring teacher's desk! Add this adorable anchor, coral, treasure box, mason jar, and succulents to make your desk pop! All these items can be found on Amazon1

The Ocean Classroom accessories continue as we move to your desk! Don’t let the ocean theme only be on your classroom walls, bring the underwater adventure to your desk! 

You are an amazingly talented teacher who is a bright light in your students’ daily lives! Why not make your desk shine just as bright as you do? Add this cute Light-Up Blue Anchor to add fun light to your Ocean Classroom! 

Beach Mason Jars would be adorable and displayed on your desk! They help add a beachy feel! You could even remove the flowers and use the jars to store your pencils, markers, or scissors! 

To add a little sea life decor to your desk, try this Wooden Starfish Table Decor or Coral Decor. Both will add a bright pop of color to your desk! These Coastal Decor Boxes will make you feel the calming ocean breeze as you sit at your desk to work on lesson plans! 

With your Ocean Classroom, you must have a treasure box! Look at this adorable Starfish and Boat Anchor Box! You can use it for your prize box, sticker storage, or personal snack stash! This box has a beautiful coastal vibe and will look fabulous in your Ocean Classroom!

Ocean Classroom Furniture Items

This is an image of all the amazing chairs, pillows, and rugs you can find on Amazon to pair perfectly with your Ocean Classroom!

Next, it’s time to put on our interior designer hat and pick some fun furniture items for your Ocean Classroom. The right furniture items can transform your classroom into a home away from home! It could even change your classroom into an underwater oasis!

Next, it’s time to put on our interior designer hat and pick some fun furniture items for your Ocean Classroom. The right furniture items can transform your classroom into a home away from home! It could even change your classroom into an underwater oasis! 

One of the best ways to form your classroom community and create a safe place for your students to share their ideas and stories is on a classroom rug! This Whale Rug would be an adorable addition to your Ocean Classroom. It comes in three different sizes depending on how large you want it! 

If you want more of an ocean wave rug, check out this  Blue Ombre Rug! The blue hues would go great with your Ocean Classroom theme. It helps create a calm space while making you envision the soft crashes of ocean waves. Add one of these plants to your classroom for even more tropical and beachy vibes! This Tropical Floor Plant or Tropical Potted Plants add lavish greenery to the room too! 

Next, you need some additional seating! I have found three adorable shell-shaped chairs that would look outstanding in your Ocean Classroom: Blue Scalloped Back Chair, Yellow Scalloped Chair, and this white Shell Shaped Armless Chair!

Two other great chair options would be this Velvet Dark Blue Chair and Gold Armless Chair! Both would be great at your teaching table, teacher’s desk, or in the front of the classroom by your rug! 

Add one of these starfish pillows to make your Ocean Classroom furniture feel like you are under the sea! The White Starfish Pillows would like fantastic on the blue chairs, while the Blue Starfish Throw Pillow would pop against the yellow or white chairs! 

There are many ways to transform your classroom into a magical underwater experience! I can’t wait to see how you bring your personal touches to your Ocean Classroom! 

Ocean Classroom Storage & Organization

Every teacher needs storag

If you are anything like me, you cannot have enough storage for your classroom! I have gathered some of my favorite storage options that would look perfect with your Ocean Classroom! 

I have to start with the infamous book bins! These Turquoise Book and Binder Holders and Blue Book and Binder Holders can be used in sooo many different ways! They can store books for your classroom, individual student book buckets, or even hold various activities for your centers! I love the blue hues of both these bins because they will be perfect for your Ocean Classroom! 

If you purchase the Whale Rug, you must get these adorable Whale Storage Cubes to match! I love placing storage cubes on my bookshelves because it helps hide many of my teaching supplies or other items that don’t look great just sitting there. If you want a more subtle nautical or coastal vibe, these White and Blue Storage Bins would be a great option too! You can use these storage cubes for students’ headphones, clipboards, art supplies, and more! I love how versatile their uses are!

I love this Monthly Classroom Calendar because of how easy it is to use! The pocket chart makes it easy to put your days of the week in and easily switch them from month to month. I love how strong and durable this is! The quality doesn’t compromise. 

If you want the perfect calendar to fit your Ocean Classroom, check out my Ocean Theme Classroom Decor Bundle! I made a beautifully bright under-the-sea monthly calendar for you! 

Ocean Classroom Prizes

Prizes are not necessary to have a successful year at school. Still, sometimes I give my students incentives to keep them motivated or rewards to honor their extraordinary achievements!

If you need a prize box, use the Starfish and Boat Anchor Box I mentioned above! It is large enough to store some of these fun ocean theme prizes! 

It always amazes me how something as simple as a pair of sunglasses or a pencil can excite your students! You don’t need lavish expensive prizes, just something small shows you care! 

These adorable Shark Sunglasses would be great for back-to-school or meet-the-teacher night! You could make a little sign that says, “this year will be bright!” You could also get these Under The Sea Pencils and create a sign that says, “we are a sharp bunch!” 

When students win a review game, worked hard to accomplish a goal, or have gone above and beyond your expectations, you could reward them with one of these Sea Animal Fidgets or

Under The Sea Party Favors! These are the perfect prizes for your Ocean Classroom! 

One item that I have found my students love is water bottle stickers! I have a sticker station that I store in a Pocket Chart. It has become such a fan-favorite item that when my past students return for a visit, they check out the new stickers! To keep your Ocean Classroom theme going, get these Ocean Life Stickers! They are vibrant, adorable, and a fun prize for kiddos! I always advise you to look through the stickers before putting them out. Sometimes some not-school-appropriate ones come into the pack. 

How do you use prizes in your classroom?!


Ocean Theme Classroom Decor Bundle Cover Photo 1

I hope you enjoyed looking through these ocean theme items and feel inspired to start decorating your Ocean Classroom! It is amazing how getting a few pieces from Amazon can help create an underwater oasis for you and your students! It will be a place you and your students will look forward to coming to each day! 

Check out my Ocean Theme Classroom Decor Bundle if you want printable classroom decor! The bundle will help you create the perfect under-the-sea Ocean Classroom! This bundle has everything you need to create a vibrant ocean theme in your room. The blue hues, the cute sea critters, and the motivational sea posters will make your students feel like they are visiting the ocean daily! Dive into a beautiful ocean experience that will help create your home away from home! 

What are your favorite items that you are adding to your cart? What items do you like to add to your classroom to make it feel more homey? Comment below and let me know!