Lemon Classroom Decor Amazon Finds

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So you just purchased Lemon Classroom Decor and you’re looking for ways to add more zest to your classroom? I’ve rounded up over 20 of my favorite items to step up your lemon game in the classroom! Every item comes from Amazon so it can be in your classroom in two days or less πŸ™‚ If you want to see all the items in one location and see other great shopping lists, check out my Amazon Storefront!

What you’ll notice about my list is that only a few items contains lemons, and only a few items contain the color yellow. Yellow is such a strong color that you need to make sure you balance it out with simple black and whites. I also limited items that have lemons because if you go too overboard with lemons you’ll be sick of them by December. Make your classroom a place you’ll love all year long!

Lemon Classroom Decor Bulletin Board

Bulletin board backgrounds and borders to go along with lemon classroom decor

Turning your classroom into a lemon classroom begins with a bulletin board you’ll be proud of all year long! The first step in creating your bulletin board has to start with Better than Paper Bulletin Board paper. I have used this since day one and have not found anything that can beat its durability, and the versatility of options it provides.

The paper is also engineered so that you can use expo markers and easily wipe them off. If you have extra paper after your bulletin board, it might be fun to use a little bit at your teacher desk to dress it up πŸ™‚

If you love lemon classroom decor for it’s yellow vibrancy, you can start your bulletin board with this yellow bulletin board paper. This is perfect if you’re looking to make a statement, and will brighten up any room! If you’re planning on changing out your bulletin board for each holiday a better option might be this vertical shiplap bulletin board paper. The shiplap instantly adds texture to your board, and it’s color is neutral enough to fit in with Christmas, Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, or Valentine’s Day decor. Set it and forget it πŸ™‚

If you choose the vibrant yellow for your background, then you’re going to need a simple black and white border to balance it out. If you’re looking to highlight the farmhouse feel of lemon classroom decor, this Black and White Gingham pattern is perfect! If you’re looking for a little bit more texture, this White Wood Border would do the trick. If you’re not feeling the Farmhouse vibes, a simpler option might be this simply beautiful Black and White Polka dot Border.

If you chose the shiplap background but are looking to add some color then this White and Yellow Gingham Border is for you! Every time I look at the border I instantly want to go on a picnic and drink lemonade!

Lemon Classroom Decor Teacher Desk

My favorite teacher desk items for a Farmhouse Lemon Classroom Decor vibe

Next, it’s time to make your desk into your favorite place in the room πŸ™‚ Yes, a lot of these items are Joanna inspired because I’ll always be a farmhouse girl at heart! For starters, display the date in style with this Farmhouse Calendar Block Set.

Organization keeps teachers sane and happy! How cute is this Three Tiered Farmhouse File Folder? The three sections are perfect for copy, file, grade sections to keep you on track all year long! I also love this Rae Dunn Rotating Organizer for all the things! In fact I love it so much I also recommended it in my Farmhouse Classroom Amazon Finds Blog. It’s so perfect for the classroom because how easy it is to store all the essentials and rotate around for what you need right then.

This Two Tiered Document Tray is my favorite way to keep track of in class or homework assignments! Use the top for students to turn in their work, and use the bottom to hold the assignments that are already graded and need to be handed back. Not only is it functional it’s incredible cute!

If you’re like me, once the year gets going you get so busy and gratefulness can be forgotten. One solution, is to repurpose this Farmhouse Napkin Holder to hold all your cute thank you notes so that thankfulness is always on your mind. I truly believe thankfulness is the key to contentment and joy!

If you’re looking for a cute lighting option, this Rustic Lamp is perfect for your teacher desk! The push button at the base of the lamp makes it easy to turn your desk into a cozy work space for those long days! My last item is this Basic White Stapler.

The key to decorating any classroom is balancing the statement pieces with the simple pieces. This White Stapler is reliable and will fit with any classroom theme. More importantly, the white design will balance out and accentuate the Farmhouse touches in the room!

Lemon Classroom Decor Greenery

Beautiful greenery for a lemon classroom

The appeal of the Lemon Classroom Decor is the opportunity to fill your classroom with greenery and foliage. My first choice to go with Lemon Classroom Decor are these beautiful Light up Mason Jars with Yellow Roses, These are perfect for framing out a door, to add color and light to a specific part of the room.

The yellow roses will tie in with all the yellow elements of in the room and the roses can be changed out to match your next classroom decor set. With the remote you can set the lights on a timer to turn off after a set amount of time or you can schedule it to turn on at the same time everyday. What a fun way to welcome your kiddos to clas!

If you’re looking to add greenery to a table, this 3 Piece of Potted Eucalpytus set is so cute! Is there anything the Eucalyptus doesn’t fit with? If you need more Eucalyptus (Which is always my mood), this Eucalyptus Garland will add a lively look to your lemon classroom decor! The pack includes 3 strips of almost 6 feet of garland, which gives you limitless options!

Another great option for adding greenery is this 26 piece Faux Hydragenda set which fills your room with beautiful flowers without adding too much color. If you don’t need that many pieces, there is also a 15 Piece Set that is cheaper.

Lemon Classroom Decor Hospitality

Options to add hospitality to go along with lemon classrom decor

Hospitality is something every teacher should think about. Before you teach them how to multiply, you need to teach them that you love them and that the classroom is a safe space that they may not have at home.

When I think about hospitality, I immediately think about the front door. How do your students feel when they walk through the door? One simple way to dress up your front door and give it a homey feel is this Buffalo Check Rug. The rug will make your classroom stand out in the hallway, and will turn your classroom into a home away from home.

If you’re going to dress up your front door, this Lemon Wreath will go perfectly with your lemon classroom decor! The wreath is very popular so if it sells out, you should consider this Black and White “Hello” Sign. The sign includes Eucalyptus leaves, which will make your room look cohesive with many of the greenery options in the last section! (Did I mention I LOVE Eucalyptus?)

Lastly, I recommend these Yellow and White Checkered Pillows for your reading area. It is such a cheap way to make your reading nook cozy. The goal as a teacher is to make reading as fun and effortless as possible so that your students get lost into their books and imaginations. These pillows will make them feel at home and comfortable while they dive into the classroom library!

Lemon Classroom Decor Storage

3 Storage options for a classroom

I’ve already talked about organization. If you’re going to be organized, you’ve got to have great storage that is durable. I love these Set of 3 Hanging Baskets. The baskets are deep and are easy to install on the wall. You have so many great options for how to use these baskets, and the best part is that their white color will merge perfectly with your lemon classroom decor!

Another great option that doesn’t hang on the wall is the Black and White Checkered Basket. The basket is foldable and will look cute wherever you place it! If you need a little bit more storage check out this Rustic Looking Metal Container. These would work great as a desk caddy, or on your teacher desk for larger items like scissors.

Lemon Classroom Decor Fun Extras

Fun extras to add to any set of lemon classroom decor

This section contains a random collection of items that were too fun to leave out! For starters, every classroom needs a rug for class meetings. This Black and White Rug which measures 5′ x 7′ and brings such beautiful patterns to your room. This rug pattern and colors will fit in with any classroom decor you use in the future, and the simple black and whites will accentuate the bold yellows in your lemon classroom decor.

If you’re feeling extra zesty, get yourself this CUTE Lemon Lanyard that will instantly lift your mood every morning you put it around your neck! The teals in the lanyard will tie in well with the blues in the Lemon Farmhouse Classroom Decor Bundle. Another way to tie in the blue accents in the bundle is the Farmhouse Pitcher which helps to balance out the bright yellows in the classroom.

Lastly, if you’re looking for cheap final touches to your classroom consider these Fake Plastic Lemons. The product comes with 10 lemons so you can split it up and put lemon joy all over the room! Another great cheap option is this CUTE Garland that can be used in limitless ways. You won’t regret putting this up in your room!

Lemon Classroom Decor Bundle

Lemon Classroom Theme

So if you love all things lemon and are looking for a way to make that dream a reality, check out my Lemon Farmhouse Classroom Decor Bundle. This bundle contains everything you need to fill your classroom with lemon bliss. The use of baby blue ensures that you won’t have too much yellow, and the farmhouse touches give you all the warm vibes!

This bundle includes 52 printable files, 29 of which are editable so your classroom can match your vision! With 985 printable pages, you’ll be on your way to lemon bliss! Be sure to tag me on Instagram @ConfettiandCreativity so I can see all of your beautiful classrooms πŸ™‚