Amazing Amazon Finds for a Nature Classroom

Nature Classroom Decor Cover Picture

You just purchased my Nature Classroom Decor Bundle and you want to bring the best aspects of nature into your home away from home. Hike no further! I’ve rounded up all of my favorite Nature Classroom goodies to go along with my Nature Classroom Theme

These decor items will help you bring the serenity of walking through the woods inside the walls of your classroom. If you want to save some time reading or want to see all these items in one spot check out the entire list on my Amazon Storefront!

This list contains items that will pair perfectly with my five color palette of green and blue hues. The bundle also features hints of wood elements so I’ve featured ways to bring more wood grains to add a touch of warmth. These items paired with my bundle will turn your classroom into a nature oasis for you and your students.

Nature Classroom Decor – Bulletin Board

Nature Classroom Bulletin Board Options

Turning your classroom into a world of beauty and wonder starts with a bulletin board your students and you will love. Your bulletin boards will be the embodiment of the adventure your students are going to take in your classroom. Use these border and background paper combinations to help your students wonder, discover and explore all year long!

The first part of your bulletin board journey is your bulletin board paper. Your traveling companion should be none other that Better Than Paper! With its plethora of colors and high durability it will last you through the years .

With its palette of blues and greens you are bound to find the color that speaks to you, may it be Hunter Green, Lime, Teal or Navy. All of these colors will blend with the colors of the bundle. If you’re looking to go with a more neutral look that will pair with nearly anything you put on the bulletin board check out the Weather Wood Design by Fadeless Paper.

Once you have your background you’re ready for part two of your journey and that is your borders. There are many options that can be used to further add that natural touch to your classroom. If you went with the one of the many colored options for bulletin board paper I would suggest sticking with a calming border such as the Woodland Whimsy Straight Border.

If you went with a wooden background, I would add a simple border such as Simply Boho Wavy Line Scalloped Borders. This really plays up the white and green accents within the bundle. If polka dots speak to your heart you have a great option of Twinkle Twinkle You’re A STAR! That border brings such a simplicity with the black and polka dots.

Another simple black and white border, this fun doodle loop de loop border is super cute! Borders are such a great way to frame the beauty of your bulletin boards, but don’t be afraid to take risks add that second border in to add a layered look or even a fun texture or print!

Nature Classroom Decor – Classroom Essentials

Nature Classroom Essential Decor

The best part of decorating your classroom goes beyond the bulletin board – it’s about finding cute things to spruce up your teacher desk, your student desks or other bland areas of the classroom. Here are some of my favorite ways to make your very own dream nature classroom!

Every teacher needs a cool, comfy and calming chair for them to kick up their feet in from time to time, look no further then the gorgeous Yaheetech Fabric Upholstered Dining Chair. The vibrant green color embodies the life giving power of nature. Every veteran teacher knows there’s nothing better than finding a comfortable chair to read from while your kids are on the carpet or at your teacher table.

The wood elements are coming full force with these next things on the list and its going to breathe the woodsy feel into your room. From the Vinkor Flameless Candles to the Rustic Wood Place Card Holders you will think that you are outdoors breathing the fresh air. The flameless candles would be an amazing addition to your independent reading time.

Students can set the tone by shutting off the lights and “lighting” these to really set the calm and chill vibes needed for students to cuddle up with a good book. The place card holders would be an amazing accessory for activities such as Write the Rooms. They wood even be the cutest name place holders.

The Rustic Wood Frame Gray Felt Letter Board could be used for so many things under the sun. It could be used to display important school dates, student of the week or month, inspirational quotes and or even jokes to keep your kids smiling. The interchangable letters help keep your clasroom and messaging as fresh as the mountain air.

The Tassels Garland truly ties everything green and nature together. The green hombre colors will brighten up any space, and the pops of gold tassels will make your heart shine like the sun. This could be the perfect addition to your teacher desk or can even light up a bulletin board. Make the process of creating your nature classroom simple and fun with these great decor items.

Nature Classroom Decor Essentials Set 2

These next items on the list bring one word to mind and that is COZY with a capital C! These adorable Wood Pillows make me want to cozy up with a good book. It brings flashbacks to sitting around a campfire on logs enjoying the starry night sky and singing songs.

To keep that vibe going you could check out these Star String Lights that will be just like you are laying and looking up at the stars outside. If you’re looking to add color or already have too many wood tones you might consider the Teal Throw Pillows. The shade of these pillows fits perfectly into the blue and green hues of the Nature Classroom Theme.

Don’t even get me started on the Tree Rectangular Storage Bin. If this doesn’t say Nature I don’t know what would. Stay cozy while you transform your four walls into a land of adventure.

Nature Classroom Decor – Storage

Storage for a nature classroom

Functionality, reliability and durability are the three most important things when it comes to classroom storage but you also want beautiful pieces that truly breathe life into your room. The Stackable wood Storage Cubes literally scream Nature Classroom! These would be a gorgeous storage option for your classroom book buddies or even your set of clipboards – the possibilities are endless.

Another great storage option would be the Burlap 7 Pocket Chart and the Burlap 10 Pocket Chart. These two options have so many uses! These charts could store classroom jobs or easily display your small groups.

These charts give the biggest bang for their buck with their functionality because they will fit in with nearly any classroom décor that you use this year or in the future. The functionality and versatility of these pocket charts will last you for a long time!

Now lets talk about the gorgeous teal Foldable Fabric Storage Bins. Talk about an amazing piece to add to your room. They can be used for so many things such as storing headphones, extra supplies or nearly anything you can imagine – teachers always need extra storage, so why not make it cute? My favorite part is that they’re foldable – which will be nice to save space if you don’t need them right away.

Nature Classroom Decor- Teacher Essentials

Teacher Desk Essentials for a nature classroom

Every classroom has its essentials but so does every teacher. The very first teacher essential is a cute but functional teacher lanyard that helps you take the nature feeling everywhere you go. This simple neutral beaded lanyard is one that will stick with you for a long time. If you want to get more color on your lanyard try these Tri-Layered Tassels. These tassels come in all sorts of colors so you have plenty of options!

The second teacher essential is none other then a trusty water bottle to get us through the day. The perfect accent to the Nature Classroom theme is this Glass Tumbler With Bamboo Lid And Straw. Seriously how cute is that green covering on the glass?

Now I know teachers usually flock to flair pens but with nature being the theme this teacher needs to cutest writing utensil to add to her desk and that is none other then the Wooden Pencils Tree! Talk about bringing in the forest in the palms of your hands. The wood accents will surely breathe life into your teacher desk!

The last teacher essential on the list is the unique Woodland Mountain Wooden Bookends! These would be the cutest option to hold up all of those teachers binders we have or even Teacher Editions for Curriculum. They would also be a great option to spruce up your classroom library 🙂

Nature Classroom Decor Conclusion

Nature Classroom Decor Bundle Cover Photo

So if you’re looking to make your nature dream a reality, check out my Nature Classroom Decor Bundle. This bundle contains everything you need to bring the beauty of the outdoors inside your four walls. The balance of the wood tones with the calming color palette will give you and your students a serene experience.

This bundle features over 2,000 pages so that you will have everything you need to turn your classroom into a home away from home 🙂 Be sure to tag me on Instagram @ConfettiandCreativity so I can see all of your beautiful classrooms ?