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The 12 Best Fake Classroom Plants

Cover photo of fake plants you can find on Amazon. Fake classroom plants

Plants are one of the most trendy decor pieces people place in their homes, but why not add them to your classroom? These potted friends add a natural ambiance to the classroom and can make your classroom feel more comfortable and homey! The only problem is trying to keep them alive! As teachers, we have a million responsibilities to attend to daily, and adding on the task of keeping a classroom plant alive can be daunting! Plus, plants can be pretty expensive these days. 

But have no fear; the artificial plants are here! In recent years, many stores have been stepping up their game and creating artificial plants that look so life-like! I am picking my twelve favorite plants you can purchase for your classroom from Amazon! No need to go to the store, buy potting soil and water each day when you can have one of these adorable fake plants in your classroom year after year! 

I’ve split up my favorite plants into Small Classroom Plants that can be spread out throughout the room and Floor Classroom Plants in case you’re trying to fill large spaces. Whatever you need, I’ve got you covered! So read on, and let’s use classroom plants to transform your cold cylinder block walls into a beautiful, inviting, and cozy botanical paradise! 

Small Classroom Plants

Three-pack mini fake classroom plants. White pot.

1.Three-Pack Mini-Fake Plants

This three-pack of fake plants looks life-like! They come with white pots and are a great deal! I love the little pop of color they add to my classroom. These classroom plants are also very realistic; the kids love to play with them and see if they are real. These are small and perfect for being placed on the back table, the teacher’s desk, or beside the pencil sharpener.

Four-pack mini fake classroom plants. White pot.

2. 4 Pack Fake Plants Mini

This adorable set of four fake plants would look great in any classroom space! The size is just right! This specific set comes in different styles to choose from; I love the variety! The price is also extremely reasonable! The sets range from $9.00-$15.00! What a steal of a deal! I love the unique craftsmanship of these plants because they look so real! You could place these on your windowsill, desk, bookshelf, table in your reading nook, or anywhere to add some greenery! Such cute little classroom plants!

Four pack of fake plants in concrete pots.

3. Faux Potted Plants

This is one of my favorite classroom plant sets because of the cool concrete-looking pots! The plants are faux eucalyptus, boxwood, and rosemary! They are mini and oh so cute! This set has two options: a three- or four-piece set! These pots look great with a farmhouse, floral, or boho classroom theme! They would look perfect with my Farmhouse Decor Bundle!

Am image of three hanging pots.

4. Three Pack of Hanging Plants 

If you want a unique way to add height and dimension to your classroom, look no further than this adorable hanging set of three faux plants! You should check with your school’s policy on hanging items. In some schools, you cannot hang items because of a fire code violation, so double-check before you buy!

These three faux hanging plants are realistic and add a fabulous natural and cozy touch to your classroom! This set includes three woven hangers, so you can easily display the cute plants anywhere in your classroom! Hanging these classroom plants will save you floor space while adding a nice touch of greenery and warmth to your ceiling, wall, or windows! If you did not want to use the hangers, you could place the potted plants directly on a surface. 

In my school, we have ceiling tiles with metal around them. I have found an easy way to hang things with these Magnetic Hooks! They can hold up to 25 pounds. All you do is screw them together, place them on the metal part of the ceiling, and boom, you will be ready to hang your beautiful plants! Otherwise, you could use these Ultra Grip Hanging Strips too! 

An image of a set of succulent potted plants that you can find on Amazon.

5. Succulent Potted Plants

Succulent plants are all the rage right now and fit perfectly with any classroom theme! I love this pack of five! They are small and easy to place and make the perfect classroom plant! The material makes them look real, and the lifelike colors and simple design add a natural touch to your classroom space!

Floor Classroom Plants

An image of a five foot palm tree potted plant.

6. Five-Foot Palm Tree Potted Plant

This classroom plant is a great option for teachers looking for a fake plant with a little height! Place it in a cute basket or pot, and you will have an adorable addition to your classroom. The dimensions are 6.5″D x 6.5″W x 6.5″H.

This Woven Seagrass Basket would look perfect with this palm tree plant! It adds a nice boho vibe to your classroom and will help create a warm space! If you want more boho classroom decor items check out my Boho Neutrals Bundle! The bundle has a neutral palette, touches of leopard, and everything you need to create a cozy place in your classroom!

A fiddle leaf fig tree that would make a great classroom plant.

7. Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Something about fiddle leaves makes me happy! I love the long look of the leaves and how they all have their own personality! Some leaves flop up, and some flop down, creating such a unique and beautiful look! What I love about this tree is that it comes in multiple sizes. If you want a taller classroom plant, they have options for 3 feet, 5 feet, 5.5 feet, 6 feet, 15 in, and even a mini one you could put on your teacher desk! 

As a bonus, each tree comes with a basket! My favorite basket is the 3-foot option, I just love the woven style, but all the taller heights come in a black metal pot. Black is a perfect neutral color that will go with any classroom theme! 

An image of a potted palm tree.

8. Palm Tree

If you have a tropical theme classroom, nothing screams “tropical!” like a palm tree! I love this option from Amazon! This palm tree is so life-like. It comes in a little black pot, which is a great option, but you could always find a different basket or pot to put it in. 

This botanical classroom plant comes in three sizes 4.5 feet, 5 feet, or 6 feet! I love the different height options of this plant because it is perfect in the corner of the classroom! It adds a subtle touch of nature while creating a relaxing tropical vibe with its fun branches! The branches and leaves are easy to bend around, so you can make this tree your own! 

If you want to transform your classroom into a tropical oasis, check out my Tropical Decor Bundle!

A cactus plant that can be found on Amazon.

9. Cactus Plant

This cactus classroom plant will create a vibrant and energetic look in your classroom without the prickly spines hurting you and your students! I love how this plant can transport you to a warm desert-like place! The cactus plant has spines and spikes scattered on its thick stems. The cobblestone helps have a realistic feel to the plant. It comes in a 25-inch or 36-inch option. Something about cactus plants always reminds me of Joanna Gaines! So why not be your own “fixer-upper” and add some of these to your classroom decor?! 

If you really want your classroom to be “on point,” pair this cactus plant with my Catus Classroom Decor bundle to create a bright, cozy, and beautiful space that you and your students look forward to coming to each day!

An image of a ficus tree that you can find on Amazon.

10. Ficus Tree

This ficus tree’s twisting trunks and the burst of green leaves help create a whimsical woodland feel in your classroom! If you want to bring the outdoors into your classroom, pair this tree with my Nature Classroom Decor Bundle! It will help you create a home away from home while inspiring your students to love the outdoors!

This classroom plant has many different heights: 3 feet, 4 feet, 5 feet, 6 feet, 7 feet, and 8 feet. Great variety for you! This tree would be great to add lights too! What an easy way to create a cozy atmosphere in your classroom. Turn off your bright classroom lights, turn on your tree lights, grab a book, and your students will feel right at home with such a relaxing warm environment. Adding a basket or pot makes this tree pop!

A potted tropical palm tree.

11. Tropical Palm Tree 

Wishing you were on a tropical island soaking up the sun and watching the trees gently sway in the breeze? Adding this beautiful botanical palm tree will do the trick! This five-foot tree will add nature and elegance to your classroom! It would go great with a tropical or floral classroom theme! 

Add this Two Piece Plant Set if you want to keep the tropical vibe growing throughout your classroom. The plants look adorable on table groups, your desk, bookshelves, or any tabletop you have in your classroom! Again, these classroom plants would pair fabulously with my Tropical Decor Bundle!

Lighted birch twig trees.

12. Lighted Birch Twig Tree 

Having lights in your classroom creates a magical, warm, and elegant vibe! This 4 foot pre-lit Birchwood tree would make such a fun statement in your classroom. Your students will love to turn off all the classroom lights, grab a book, and read under the beautiful bright lights of the Birchwood tree! I love that this company also offers different styles of pre-lit trees if you don’t like Birchwood! 

Plant Classroom Decor

Image of Plant Decor Bundle

If you are a big fan of these potted friends, I have created a whole decor bundle dedicated to them! Check out my Plant Classroom Decor to create a serene, green, and natural ambiance for your classroom!

Faux classroom plants do not require special care and maintain their unique and fresh appearance year after year! No need to water, plant, or trim, as the greenery will neither wither nor fade! If the plant gets dirty or dusty, all you have to do is wipe it down with a damp cloth! I love the convenience of artificial plants, but they also help create a natural, warm, and cozy environment for your classroom! 

Which classroom plant is your favorite?! I would love to know which of these plants you would add to your classroom space – let me know in the comments below!


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