Beautiful Amazon Inspired Valentine Classroom Ideas

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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, let’s take all the stress out of making your classroom a Valentine Classroom! I’ve rounded up my favorite options that are affordable and can be at your doorstep in 2 days or less!

Keep reading for simple ways to decorate your bulletin board, your classroom, and give gifts to your students and their parents! To see the entire list in one place (plus plenty of other ideas not listed), check out my Valentine’s Day Classroom shopping list on my Amazon Storefront!

1. Valentine Classroom Bulletin Boards

Great bulletin board papers and borders for to decorate for your Valentine Classroom!

Listen girl, if you want to make decorating for valentine’s day easy, slap up a cute bulletin board and call it a day! This is by far the cheapest option for decorating, and will add warmth and love to your classroom.

A good bulletin board design starts with a good base. A reliable base that will go with any holiday board is White Vertical Shiplap Bulletin Board Paper. This is a timeless design that will add simple textured white that won’t clash with the decor you add to the board.

If you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day specific background you can go with a more neutral Blush Bulletin Board Paper, or a Vibrant Hot Pink Bulletin Board Paper. Both will add beautiful color to your room and set the tone for your Valentine Classroom vibe!

Once you have the background set, it’s time to add a fun border. If you use the white shiplap background, it will pair nicely with this Pink Scalloped Border, or this adorable Mini-heart Border. Both will add color without being overwhelming.

The pink scalloped border will also go great with the blush background as will this White and Red Stripped Border. Lastly, if you went with the hot pink background, you can balance out the bold color with a Brown Wood-textured Border.

If you’re wondering what to fill your bulletin board with, I’ve got two perfect options in my shop! Both options are pictured with Shiplap Bulletin Board Paper. Option 1 (Shown below on the left) has a cute Black and White polka-dotted border. Option 2 (Shown below on the right) is pictured with a Black and White Scalloped Border. Both of these options are easy to use and will give you a dream Valentine Classroom!

2. Valentine Classroom Decor

Great Decor for your Valentine Classroom!

Many times, students are wondering “am I loved by my teacher?” That’s why I love these adorable Gold Balloon LOVE Letters! It’s a physical representation of the love that you show your students everyday and sends the message that your classroom is a family!

Another great option (Especially if you love yourself some farmhouse) is this Farmhouse Rustic Felt Letter Board. It’s easy to place anywhere in the classroom with messages of support, love, and positivity for your students! This will work great with Valentine’s Day messages, but it versatile enough to use all year long!

If you’re looking for ways to add pops of Valentine’s Day colors, I love this Heart Banner which adds a wide range of colors and looks cute anywhere in the room. You can place this on the classroom door, above the white board, or on the front of your teacher desk. I know you’ll love hanging that banner up!

If you’re feeling a boho vibe, why not add this Ombre Tassel Banner? The color progression is beautiful and can be used year after year! Lastly, I LOVE these Faux Flowers for your teacher desk. Yes, they’ll be great to create a Valentine Classroom, but more importantly, they’ll be great all year long! Best part is, you get all the benefits of beautiful flowers without having the work of watering them πŸ™‚

3. Valentine Classroom Student Gifts

Great student gifts for Valentine's Day

Students love leaving the classroom with gifts (Remember how special it was to pick something out of the treasure box as a kid?!). These are my favorite gifts teachers can give to their students without breaking the bank πŸ™‚

I’ve avoided putting any candy on this list because they more than likely will get more candy than they can ever eat from their peers! But if you wanted to buy some Reese’s for PLCs or for celebrating making it through another day – go for it sistah!

Every Valentine Classroom needs these adorable Red and White Heart Pencils. I loved seeing my students light up when I gave them a pencil. It’s incredible how something so small can communicate that you see them, know them, and love them. Who knows, it might even help you with the eternal problem in every classroom – “Miss….I don’t have a pencil”. Anyone else have this happen just as you’re building momentum in a lesson?

Another option are the cute 24-pack of Valentine Heart Squishies. Students love playing with these, heck I still love playing with these! If you give them to students early in the Valentine season they can even hold onto to them in their desk as a stress reliever!

What would a student gift list be without stickers?! Is there any gift that causes so much joy for a cheap price? I love this cute 200 pack of Valentine Stickers. The sticker set includes gnomes, bears, bunnies, unicorns, and SO many hearts! This is such an easy to make your student’s day!

One of the best gifts you can give is one that is functional. If your students are going to exchange Valentine’s Day cards and candy, then your best choice might be giving them a box they can store all of their gifts in. (More importantly, having an easy way for students to carry their candy can help save your rug from smashed chocolate!) If you want to go this route, I love this Valentine Classroom 24-pack of Fold-up Boxes, or this 12-pack of Plastic Containers.

Lastly, if you’re not sure what to get your students and you don’t want to do overkill on Valentine’s Day, a good option might be classic Play-Doh. I have so many memories of playing with this as a kid and it should be a staple in every kid’s childhood. I’ve linked a 10 pack of Play-Doh that is on sale for $8 at the time of writing this. That comes out to less than 1 dollar per student and countless moments of joy πŸ™‚

4. Valentine Classroom Parent Gifts

Great gifts students can make in your classroom and take home to their parents! These instantly make any classroom a Valentine Classroom!

Parent gifts are a great way to keep your students engaged in a Valentine’s Day activity while also teaching your students the joy of giving. Every year my students lit up at the end of creating something personal for their parents, and a gift that keeps on giving might be the perfect gift for your students.

First up, I found these beautiful Valentine Classroom Heart Suncatchers. The product includes 27 heart pieces which should cover a classroom along with the paint and all the pieces you would need to let your students be creative and get their minds off of testing and standards. If you have big windows in your classroom, these might be even be great to display for all of February – students LOVE seeing their work on display πŸ™‚

Another great option that might be better suited for younger grades is this 388-piece Heart Foam Set. Each student can get one large heart and use heart stickers to design their own Valentine to give to their parents. Students will have so much fun doing this activity and there’s no paint that can spill!

That’s my list of Valentine Classroom finds, I hope you found some cute things that won’t break the bank but will make your and your student’s day! If you’re looking for more Valentine Classroom options, be sure to check out my Farmhouse Valentine Posters and Valentine Classoom Google Slides!