Pastel Classroom Decor Amazon Finds That Will Make Your Day

Pastel Classroom Decor Amazon Finds

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If you’re looking to add some beauty to your Pastel Classroom Decor then you’re in the perfect spot! Decorating with pastels is perfect for anyone who is looking for a colorful classroom that is also calming to you and your students. Pastels bring soft colors to your classroom and give you incredible flexibility in classroom decor options.

I’ve linked 24 of my favorite Pastel Classroom Decor items, and the best part is that they all come from Amazon so they can be at your door front in 2 days flat! (Let’s be honest – most of us want to maximize our summer and decorate last minute right?). While there are 24 of my favorite items listed here, there were a lot more things I found that didn’t make the list.

If you want to see all these 24 items in one space and see extra items that didn’t make the list check out my Amazon Storefront for Pastel Classroom Decor! If you want to see lists for other classroom decor bundles, check out my entire Amazon Storefront πŸ™‚

Pastel Classroom Decor – Bulletin Board

Pastel Classroom Decor Bulletin Board Options

If you’ve seen any of my other Amazon finds list you’ll notice that I always start with the bulletin board. That’s because I want to make bulletin boards easy for every teacher and because bulletin boards can set the tone for the rest of the class.

I would recommend starting with the background of the bulletin board. To complete the perfect Pastel Classroom Decor try a pastel background like this blush bulletin board paper or this light blue bulletin board paper. Both of those colors are soft colors and fit perfectly with the rest of your pastel classroom decor. If you want to make your bulletin board background more versatile and add some texture you can’t go wrong with this white shiplap option.

I like the white shiplap option because the texture adds a dimension of beauty, and because it will fit with any holiday decor you add to it during the school year. My favorite part about each of the three backgrounds I linked is that they’re all from the better than paper company.

These backgrounds allow you to write with them on dry erase markers, wipe clean with a damp cloth, and don’t tear easily. You can roll it up and reuse it the next year!

Once you have the background you’ll need to move on to framing the bulletin board with a cute border. If you went with one of the pastel backgrounds I would recommend going with a simplistic border. For example, the black and polka dot or the black and white doodle border would work perfect! You could also add a cute wood border, the wood on this border has a soft coloration which works perfect with the pastel classroom decor vibe!

If you chose the shiplap background, the simple black and white borders will work as well – I am obsessed with their simplicity and flexibility all year long! Another great option for you would be a blush scalloped border to add a soft color.

My favorite combo of background and border is the white shiplap with the wood border. This combo adds so much warmth to pair with the beautiful colors of the Pastel Classroom Decor. I chose this combo to frame my pastel birthday board, and pastel quote posters.

Pastel Classroom Decor – Classroom Essentials

Patel Classrom Decor items to add warmth to your classroom

After you have your bulletin board set up, it’s time to look to other areas of your classroom. These items can be used in a lot of different areas of your room, and will make your pastel classroom decor dream a reality!

For starters, I LOVE these pastel paper streamers. The colors of these streamers match well with my bundle color palette, and it comes with 6 rolls with each roll having 82 feet. That’s a total of 492 feet to decorate your room with. It’s great to hang from the ceiling tiles, or to use throughout the room to add for celebrations like birthdays or test days. So many options!

If you don’t want to use streamers, a more permanent option is the pastel tassel banner. It would go great on the front of your teacher desk, on your front door, or on the top of one of your white boards. The same applies to this Star Garland. One last option to hang and add color to your pastel classroom decor is the pastel rainbow pom pom garland. So cute!!

Every classroom needs a little bit of warmth, and I’ve found two cute plants to put anywhere in your room to make it more homie. These 2 pack of overhanging plants will dress up the corers of your room or look cute hanging over your teacher desk. Another option to place on any table in your room is this eucalyptus plant.

If you’re looking for another option, check my Pastel Classroom Decor Amazon Storefront that has the perfect plant for your teacher desk. The best part is that they’re all faux plants so you don’t have any upkeep πŸ™‚

The last thing I wanted to share is this cute pastel chair that would be great at your teaching table, teacher desk, or at the front of the classroom! It’s cute enough to bring home for the summers, and cheap enough to not break the bank!

Pastel Classroom Decor – Storage

Pastel Classroom Decor Storage

Storage, storage, storage. Your mental health as a teacher is only as strong as your organizational system. If you want colorful storage, I had to include these pastel 6 pack of foldable storage boxes. I love that they fold because there may be seasons that you don’t need as much storage so you can collapse them and save some space. These storage boxes are great in the classroom to add color and put your mind at ease.

Another great option is to use simple white storage containers. They will work with any decor theme that you choose, and they especially make the colors of the pastel classroom decor pop! Your first option is the six pack of plastic weave storage.

This storage is more expensive than the second option, but I love the cuteness the texture of the woven basket adds. The cheaper option at the time of writing this blog is the 4 pack of white simple white storage boxes. I love their simplicity and sturdiness.

Pastel Classroom Decor- Teacher Essentials

Pastel Classroom Decor Teacher Desk Essentials

Lastly, let’s talk about all my favorite pastel classroom decor options to take your teacher game to the next level! Let’s start with fun ways to spice up your teacher desk. The Pastel Classroom Decor features gold accents, so a gold stapler or a gold pencil holder would look so cute and seamlessly fit in with the rest of your decor.

If you’re looking to fill that pencil holder, these pastel gel pens would look great in there and give you plenty of fun options of pens to grade with! If you’re going to grade, why not get yourself a cute snack holder. A teacher’s secret weapon is snacks to power through those long days, and the stoney clover inspired lettering is so cute!

So now let’s talk about ways to take that Pastel Classroom Decor vibe with you wherever you go on campus. This pastel lanyard is gorgeous and will brighten your day all day long. Even if this isn’t the color you want, check out the link because they have SO many designs that are cute! If you need a cute ID holder on the end of your lanyard you can’t go wrong with this Kate Spade ID Badge Holder. Seriously how cute is that!?

Pastel Classroom Decor Freebie

Pastel Classroom decor Freebie

If you’re looking for a free way to get Pastel Classroom Decor, check out this amazing FREEBIE that will brighten your classroom and brighten your mood! The reason I do what I do is to help teachers make their classroom their happy place!

If you’re looking for a set that will brighten your entire room and provide you with everything you need to give your entire classroom a pastel makeover check out my Pastel Classroom Decor Bundle. The bundle features over 1,900 pages and every single one of them will make you smile πŸ™‚

Let me know in the comments below what you love about the idea of having a Pastel Classroom, or if you’ve found any great Pastel Classroom Decor Amazon finds!

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