Modern Farmhouse Classroom Decor Reveal (With a Freebie)

Farmhouse Classroom Gather Sign

Ya’ll.. look at this warm and homey Farmhouse Classroom Decor! I could not be happier with the look and design of this modern yet rustic space. Clean, crisp, and inviting are staple classroom feels with this bundle. You probably didn’t even know you needed this in your life, but now you know!

Work seems less like work when you’re in a space that you enjoy. Creating a space that makes you happy is an easy task with my Modern Farmhouse Classroom Decor!

Modern Farmhouse Classroom Decor Inspiration

Modern Farmhouse Classroom Mood Board

The inspiration for this bundle follows the picturesque spaces designed by my bff (at least in my head my bff) Joanna Gaines. The black and white colors provide the simplicity that you want in your classroom with the natural touches of greenery and earth tones to add depth to your decor.

This Farmhouse Classroom Decor incorporates the traditional and antique look of chalkboard and shiplap with modern design. Eucalyptus and Magnolia leaves give a serene touch and pop of color to this gorgeous set! Everyone who walks into your classroom will instantly feel at home 🙂

Modern Farmhouse Classroom Tour

Modern Farmhouse Alphabet Posters

Modern Farmhouse Classroom Decor Alphabet Posters

Shiplap, chalkboard, and Eucalyptus greenery are what a great classroom alphabet is made of! If you’re looking to create that cozy, home away from home feel in your space, look no further. Utilizing my pre-made or editable alphabet posters will be an asset for your Farmhouse bulletin board idea. The posters nestled within this Farmhouse classroom bundle come in a variety of fonts. You can also edit these posters to include your own font or your own language.

Modern Farmhouse Teacher Toolbox Labels

Modern Farmhouse Classroom Decor Teacher Toolbox and Pencil Signs

If you want your classroom to be cozy and peaceful it starts with a good system, and the most important system is your teacher toolbox. Give your students the gift of an organized teacher, and give yourself the gift of being able to find what you need in a jiffy!

Another system needed in your classroom is helping students find what they need everyday – a working pencil. With the sharp and dull pencil signs included in the bundle, there will be no more ciphering through the pencil container to find the 1 sharpened pencil amongst the 28 dull ones. A unique styled classroom with functional components are just what you’ll get with my Modern Farmhouse Classroom Decor!

Modern Farmhouse Calendar Pack

Modern Farmhouse Calendar Pack

Create a space where your students will love to gather! This simple, white-washed calendar will be a perfect addition to your classroom bulletin board. The contrast of the black font on the crisp, white background will be eye catching for all! If you want more of the chalkboard look, you have that option as well. My Farmhouse calendar gives plenty of mix and match designs that are cohesive but give you the power of choice for your classroom!

Modern Farmhouse Binder Covers

Modern Farmhouse Classroom Decor Editable Binder Covers

Design and purpose are intermingled with these editable binder covers. While we want a space that feels like our home away from home, we all know that our classroom is a place where hard work and big ideas are harvested.

Let me help you organize your lessons, portfolios, records, and ideas while keeping in theme with the cozy feeling of a Farmhouse space. Edit the binder template of your choice with the items of upmost importance to you and your classroom needs. All the editable files in this bundle come with the fonts embedded so that you can use the fonts I recommend, but can also add your own fonts 🙂

Modern Farmhouse Editable Labels

Modern Farmhouse Editable Labels

Label all the things! No matter where you are in the school year, it’s not too late to get organized. Transform your space into a Farmhouse classroom that hones in on the rustic but modern feel with these editable labels. Have a craft room at home? Organize with my Farmhouse design there as well! It’s a double win! Once you purchase this bundle, use the multitude of resources to create that simple and stylish space you’ve been desiring.

Modern Farmhouse Desk Nameplates

Editable Desk Nameplates

Every student wants to feel included as they step into your classroom. Giving your students a name tag in your Farmhouse classroom decor design says, “You are welcome, thought about, and included in this classroom!” The design of my name tag comes in 3 different options that will accent the beauty and essence of your Farmhouse inspired classroom.

Modern Farmhouse Classroom Decor Freebie

Modern Farmhouse Classroom Decor Welcome Signs

The simplicity and coziness of the Farmhouse bundle will brighten your day! The ambiance created with the Farmhouse classroom decor will invite you and your students to enjoy the day while you’re working hard within the walls of your classroom. Download this beautifully crafted Modern Farmhouse Welcome Sign as a freebie to get the Farmhouse feels started in your classroom today!

Modern Farmhouse Classroom Decor Bundle

Modern Farmhouse Classroom Decor

Wanting to be (imaginary) besties with Joanna Gaines like me? Everything you need to create a dreamy, farmhouse classroom is in my Modern Farmhouse Classroom Decor Bundle. Get the simple, cohesive, and functional Farmhouse look in an ultimate all-in-one package! Imagine what it will be like to walk into your dream farmhouse classroom every morning 🙂