Retro Classroom Decor Reveal (With a Freebie)

Make your classroom groovy with my retro decor bundle! Keep the good vibes rolling in your classroom with these bright on-trend color scheme and theme! My retro decor bundle has everything you need to transform your classroom into a shiny, groovy, and happy place to be!

Groovy days are ahead of us educational rock-stars!

This is the Retro Classroom decor bundle you all have been waiting for!

This on-trend theme features a cheerful 5 color palette that brings a calming effect to your room while also giving it the life and energy it deserves. From the positive smiley faces to the vibrant and fun daisies you can’t go wrong with a little retro in your life and in your classroom!

This bundle will have you saying peace, love and teaching all year long!

Inspiration for the Retro Classroom Theme

Show casing the five-color palette with pops of retro accents! Add some smilies, daises, and a retro van to make your students feel groovy!

Let me introduce you to the mood board for my Retro Classroom Decor Bundle!

I wanted to give you something funky and vibrant but at the same time not too overpowering. I wanted the true essence of the bundle to dance through and shine. This bundle consists of a 5 color palette that is bright without being too overwhelming. We can’t not talk about the fun pops of sparkle that truly sprinkle everything with fun. From the pops of smiley faces and daisies this bundle will have your students and you grooving wherever the new year takes you!

Retro Classroom Vibes

Add some jivy posters, a radical teacher tool box, and even make your students boogie down with this beautiful calendar! All these items are included in my retro decor bundle!

I can sum up this picture in two words and they are #HAPPY VIBES! 

There is something about a cohesive classroom that brings forth a sense of calm and the retro bundle brings calmness with a dash of throw back! From the effortless flow of the rainbow palette to the perfection of the daisies and smiley faces, this bundle made my retro dreams come true. My hope for this bundle is that your students, their guardians and you will know that they are loved and treasured! This bundle features over 2,500 pages so that you will have everything you need to turn your classroom into a home away from home.

Inspire your students with these encouraging growth mindset posters! Your classroom will radiate positivity and be full of good vibes only with these Retro Quote Posters!

Peace, love and inspiration!

Who doesn’t need a little inspiration and motivation from time to time. The Retro Classroom Decor Bundle has got your back and will let you know its okay to grow with the flow. These inspirational posters will help you transform your home away from home into an amazing space for your students. Students will be reminded on the daily to dream big because you never know what adventure awaits!

Retro Classroom Affirmations

Spread good vibes with this Retro Affirmation station! Help students find the good in themselves and make them spread kindness and positivity!

Peace, Love and Affirmations!

This cozy and essential piece in your classroom will further build your classroom culture. Your students will know that they are unique, they are strong and they are important. Your students will know you believe in them and that they can believe in them too. This affirmation station also has an editable option that allows you to really personalize your home away from home. What affirmations would you give to your students to make them confident and ready to conquer the day?

Retro Classroom Birthday Board

Get out there and celebrate your amazing students' birthday with this beautiful Retro Birthday Board! The cute ice cream accents will make students feel so special and excited to celebrate each others big days!

Peace, Love and Celebrations!

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice Cream! 

What student isn’t excited to celebrate their birthday with their school family? I know my students would always count down to their birthday and would love it when there were multiple birthdays in the same month . Birthdays are huge for students and should be on display for all to see. This Retro Birthday Board allows for all birthdays to proudly be displayed in what I think is the cutest way possible. 

Retro Classroom Organization

Carts make classroom organization dreamy! Keep your groovy classroom theme alive while staying tidy!

Peace, love and rainbow carts!

Every teacher I know has at least 1 of these in their possession! These carts make organization a dream in your classroom. They allow all of your resources for the week to be in one spot all while looking groovy. But this cart has a lot of other uses too – it could store your small group activities and task cards, or it could be used to organize your science units. The possibility are endless with the included editable option! The rainbow color palette is in full effect here and the tiny accent of daisies really makes this feature full on retro. 

Retro Classroom Calendar

Keep track of the days of the week with this retro calendar! It has the perfect rainbow color palette along with cute pops of glitter and daisy to go with your retro theme!

Peace, Love and Today is…!

I can’t speak for every teacher out there but I know most of my days began writing the date on the board and doing the calendar in Morning Meeting. If I had this Retro Classroom Calendar in my room I would be in love with every day and month throughout the school year. The pops of glitter and the daisy accents truly bring everything together – how cute are those daisy accents?!

Retro Classroom Teacher Toolbox

Keep your supplies tidy and neat with this adorable teacher toolbox kit! Customize the retro, smiley, polka dot labels to make this toolbox your own!

Peace, love and organizational heaven!

Teachers run and don’t walk when it comes to a teacher toolbox. It will become your one stop shop for all things supplies and they will be stored and organized with the cutest labels ( how could you not love those smiley faces). A teacher toolbox will change your world just like the Retro Classroom Decor Bundle will! If you’ve never used a teacher toolbox, checkout my blog “5 Simple Steps to Set Up a Teacher Toolbox”.

Retro Classroom Alphabet Posters

Retro alphabet banners and posters for your classroom!

Peace, Love and ABC’s!

ABC is easy as sparkles, daisies and smiley faces.

Every classroom both big and small needs an alphabet. The Retro Classroom Decor Bundle has all of your alphabet bases covered with is huge amount of options. From daisies to smiley faces and everything in between you are sure to find the alphabet of your dreams. If you love that banner look with your alphabet I have multiple options to choose from! The alphabet in your room is a huge focal point in your room so why not have some of the cutest options around?!

Retro Classroom Freebie Quote Posters

To get you started on creating your dream retro classroom, be sure to grab these four posters that are sure to bring a blast from the past to your classroom! It easy to download, and makes decorating as easy as printing and taping them up anywhere in your classroom!


Make your classroom groovy with my retro decor bundle! Keep the good vibes rolling in your classroom with these bright on-trend color scheme and theme! My retro decor bundle has everything you need to transform your classroom into a shiny, groovy, and happy place to be!

Welcome to all that is the Retro Decor Classroom!

This bundle comes with everything you need and so much more to completely transform any classroom. From the alphabet to the calendar and everything in between you are set up for a groovy 180 days. This bundle brings you all the life and energy you want all while creating a cohesive and calming effect within your classroom.

Let your retro heart run free among daisies, smiley faces and so much more! Be sure to grab the freebie above to being creating your dream retro classroom vibe!