5 Trending Classroom Themes for a Calm Classroom in 2024

When you walk into your room in the morning would you describe it as having a calm classroom vibe? As much as we wish every day were a peaceful oasis, we know that is not the case. The excitement of a review game, a heated dodgeball match, or even losing a unique fidget can add daily chaos to the classroom!

Most teachers have had great success creating learning environments that are safe, engaging, and joyful, but many struggle with adding an element of calm to the room. A calm learning environment sets you and your students up for great success, but how does one achieve that, or where should you start when thinking about creating a calm classroom?

When thinking about ways to make your classroom feel calmer, look at your classroom decor! The theme you pick, what you hang on the walls, how your classroom functions and your organizational system make a huge difference in the vibe of your classroom!

If your classroom decor needs an update, I’ve gathered 5 trending themes for a calm classroom in 2024 any beyond! If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, checkout my other unique classroom decor bundles to help you achieve a dreamy, tranquil classroom vibe!

Calm Classroom Theme 1: Nature

Calm Classroom Theme 1 Photo. It shows a photo of some of the items that are included in the nature decor bundle.

Envision hiking through the forest, swimming on the beach, or riding a bike on a bright sunny day. Something about being in nature settles your thoughts and puts your body at ease. Adding elements of nature into your classroom is the perfect way to help create a calm classroom! My Nature Decor Bundle will help bring the captivating and calming outdoors to your classroom. If you’re looking for more inspiration, checkout how I used my Nature bundle in this classroom makeover!

A nature theme rolling cart. The cart has labels to help keep your classroom organized.

My Nature Editable 10 Drawer Cart Labels is one of my favorite ways of bringing nature into the classroom. I love looking at the towering trees and not all my stacks of paper! Rolling carts do an excellent job of helping you achieve a calm classroom because they keep everything neat. I love how versatile they are. You can store your copies, items for grading, classroom tools, and so many more! Nothing helps keep your mind calm knowing you can find everything you need in an instant!

The color scheme in my Nature Decor Bundle truly helps transform your space into a calm classroom vibe. The dark, deep greens and blues add peace to your classroom and remind you and your students to slow down and breathe.

The Nature Quote Posters are designed to promote positivity and inspire students to try their best daily. I love referencing the quotes throughout the day, especially when a student is having a tough day. I use my quote posters as a way for students to take a break. If your kids are old enough, you can have them walk over to read the quotes and take a breath. The encouraging words and the glimmers of nature can help ease students’ minds and bodies and help them get ready for the rest of class. 

Calm Classroom Theme 2: Pastels

Calm Classroom Theme 2 Photo. It shows a photo of some of the items that are included in the pastel decor bundle.

Pastel color palettes are gorgeous to look at and my true inspiration for the Pastel Classroom Decor Bundle! Pastels are soft, muted, and dreamy colors that can create such a calm classroom space. Pastels are not just for Easter eggs, baby nurseries, or macaroons; try them out in your classroom!

I love the Pastel Classroom Decor Bundle because it evokes a sense of peacefulness in your classroom with colors that are bright without any overwhelm. The soft colors create a soothing effect for you and your students. Pastel colors are not dark and dreary. They are light, airy, and uplifting. Pastels are the perfect theme for a calm classroom! 

Pastel Affirmation Station photo.

Are you looking for a way to promote positivity and confidence among your students? My Pastel Affirmation Station is a calming and colorful station that will easily brighten your students’ day! This is a perfect way for students to practice their daily affirmations and remind themselves they can do whatever they put their minds to! 

Pastel schedule cards. Fully editable to customize to your classroom.

Have you ever counted how many times a day your students ask, “What are we doing next?” “When is gym class?” It always amazes me how much students need structure and routines. One way to help students keep up with the routine is using my Pastel Schedule Cards. These beautiful schedule cards are editable and allow you to type in the time and subject. You will love the soft color scheme, and your students will love knowing the schedule for the day! These are perfect for creating a calm classroom; the chaos of students not knowing what happens next is gone! 

Calm Classroom Theme 3: Modern Farmhouse

Calm classroom theme 3: Modern Farmhouse. A photo of some the items included in the modern farmhouse decor bundle.

Keep calm and farmhouse on! Farmhouse decor is centered around soothing greens, touches of white, and dashes of rustic elements! My Modern Farmhouse Decor Bundle creates a calming farmhouse vibe for your classroom that Chip and Joanna would love! Modern Farmhouse combines a neutral color palette that helps create a calming and soothing environment. 

Modern farmhouse alphabet posters. Shiplap background with black borders with white letters.

Finding classroom decor that is not overstimulating to students can be tricky. My Modern Farmhouse Alphabet Posters perfectly combines soft, rustic whites, pops of green, and a black chalkboard to showcase each letter of the alphabet. I love placing the Modern Farmhouse Alphabet Posters above my Smart Board or in the front of my classroom for students to access throughout the day easily. The rustic white shiplap combined with the vibrant eucalyptus is calming and easy to look at! 

Modern farmhouse binder covers and spines. Eucalyptus greens combined with rustic white shiplap. Editable and customizable for your classroom.

I love coordinating my classroom decor with my teaching items! My heart is happy when my planner, binder covers, and newsletters match! I love these Modern Farmhouse Binder Covers because you can edit binder covers and spines to create exactly what you need. This binder covers add the perfect touches of the modern farmhouse to your classroom. 

Calm Classroom Theme 4: Ocean

Ocean Decor bundle preview. This photo shows some of the items that are included in the ocean decor bundle.

Picture this: the freshly salty sea air, the sun’s bright rays, and the blue seascapes. Does reading that sentence put your body at ease and give you a sense of calmness? The ocean is one of the most soothing and relaxing places – imagine bringing that sensational vibe to your classroom?! With my  Ocean Decor Bundle, you can! This bundle perfectly balances calming blue hues and neutral classroom vibes that make your classroom a calm oasis. 

I also found the most adorable clip art about sea critters that your students will love. Transforming your classroom into the dreamy blue ocean will excite you to come to work every day! Your ocean theme decor will become your relaxing escape from reality and help you create a calm classroom.

Editable ocean theme meet the teacher product.

Grab my Ocean Meet The Teacher if you want a great way to make an excellent first impression with your students’ families! Allow your families to get to know you in a fun way while matching your classroom decor. This template is text-editable, so you can make it your own!  

Ocean theme job display board. 40 jobs included in the set.

I always struggled to find a cute way to display my classroom jobs. It was even more challenging for me to keep track of who had what job and when the students should switch jobs. Then, I created this Job Display system that changed my world! It includes 40 jobs, and students can use their nametags or a number system to track who has which job. Is there anything more calming than taking some responsibilities off your plate and letting your kids help keep the classroom in order The blue and neutral tones pop with the cute sea critter clipart. Display this on a bulletin board for an adorable and easy system to keep up with your students’ jobs! 

Calm Classroom Theme 5: Modern Neutrals

Modern Neutrals cover photo of the items included in the decor bundle.

Neutral colors bring calmness to anyone, and this classroom theme design makes neutrals timeless and modern. My Modern Neutral Classroom Decor Bundle consists of muted tunes, boho rainbows, potted plants, and smiley faces to add a perfect modern neutral touch to your room. This color scheme palette will freshen up your space and make you and your student love walking into your classroom every morning. If you’d like to see this bundle in action, checkout this classroom makeover.

Modern neutral birthday display board. A fun cake and little birthday month cupcakes will look great in your classroom!

If you are like me, I love celebrating birthdays in my classroom! I love to make my students feel special and know that I care. One great way to share my birthday spirit with my students is with a birthday board! My Modern Neutral Classroom Birthday Board perfectly blends a neutral color aesthetic with cute cupcakes and cake clipart. Pair it with my Modern Neutral Bulletin Board Borders to make it pop! It will be a joyous and delightful space in your room! 

Neutral tone name tags from the Modern Neutrals decor bundle.

One of my favorite ways to add pops of color and keep my classroom theme cohesive is by matching my nametags to my decor. These Modern Neutral Desk Nametags will help create a calm classroom by sticking with the neural color palette. Put your mind at ease decorating with options for what you want the nametags to look like!


Everyone has their own definition of calm and what makes them feel at ease and peaceful, so having a variety of calm classroom themes can help you create your serene space. Teaching is hard, but having cohesive classroom decor that’s beautiful can put your mind at ease.

 I’m always looking for ways to help teachers create a classroom they love walking into every day! Whether you want to escape to the relaxing ocean or discover a dreamy, muted pastel theme, I’ve got what you need! I always find nature my way to escape stress, so I love using a nature classroom theme! It will help me feel at peace whenever I walk into my classroom. If you like keeping up with trends, the modern farmhouse or neutral might be more of your aesthetic.

How do you like to relax? What are ways you bring calmness to the classroom? I would love to hear from you and your ideas on creating a calm classroom vibe – let me know in the comments below!