Pastel Classroom Decor Reveal (With a Freebie)

This is the Pastel Classroom Decor you’ve been looking for! Ah, pastels… soft colors, with dashes of gold accents, to give your classroom a breath of fresh air! If you want to give your classroom a touch of color, but not overstimulate the senses of your students, look no further. This is the perfect balance between colorful and calming. My pastel classroom décor will deliver just enough softness to your classroom, while allowing your colorful personality to shine through!

Pastel Classroom Decor Inspiration

Pastel Classroom Decor Mood Board

Let me introduce you to the mood board for my Pastel Classroom Decor. I wanted to give your classroom the light, airiness of springtime all year long! These simple and pure colors are accented with a touch of gold sprinkles and polka dots!

This 6-color combo palette grants the feeling of serenity with a touch of sophistication and class. It is certain to inspire the mood of a positive classroom environment for you and your students, while creating a sense of excitement and joy for learning.

Pastel Classroom Tour

Pastel Classroom Alphabet Posters

Pastel Classroom Decor Alphabet Line

Nestled within my pastel classroom bundle is this lovely set of alphabet posters in gorgeous light hues and shades of your favorite colors. Alphabet posters are a staple inside our classrooms, but why are they such an important visual?

Letter recognition is an integral part of learning to read and write. Displaying your classroom alphabet in these charming pastel colors will draw the attention of your students to this foundational learning visual.

Pastel Classroom Affirmation Station

Pastel Classroom Decor Affirmation Station

Teaching students how to use positive self-talk has an opportunity to start with YOU, my friend! Whether your students start their day at the affirmation station or visit the station on a needs-to basis, students can feel a sense of calmness and comfortability in this perfect classroom space.

Did you peep the skip counting numbers in the corner of the picture? These beautiful numbers will help your students master skip counting quick!

When you purchase the pastel classroom bundle, you get access to quality positive affirmations and skip counting numbers that are ready to print and attach in your calming space. Who does not love beautiful décor that serves as a multifunctional tool for your students?

Pastel Classroom Calendar Pack

Pastel Classroom Decor Calendar Pack

Teacher: “Name and date on your paper, please?”

Student 1: “What’s the date?”

Teacher: “Today is Wednesday, August 31st.”

Student 2: “What did she say the date is?”

Teacher: “Today is Wednesday, August 31st.”

Student 3: “What comes after Wednesday?”

Student 4: “August 31st, but do you know if we get to go outside for recess today? My mom said it is going to rain!”

Teacher: (sighs) “We need a classroom calendar WITH weather cards!”

Can you relate to this all too familiar scenario? Let me help you create a splendid and functional space for you and your students! With my pastel decor calendar pack and weather cards, teaching your students how to utilize a calendar is a breeze!

The calming pastel classroom decor with polka dot accents will invite you to gather around your morning calendar space to frontload the questions of the day. Start your day off in a bright, sunshiny way with this soft-colored daily calendar and weather pack.

Pastel Classroom Decor

Pastel Classroom Decor Welcome Banner

We, as teachers, know that creating routine and identifying patterns in your classroom is so important. Utilizing a visual classroom schedule can be beneficial for the teacher that needs the reminder to get her students to specials on time, the administrator that wants to see you rock a particular subject, or your student that asks if it is lunchtime too many times before first recess!

Visual scheduling is made simple using my editable scheduling cards in these delicate, yet vibrant pastel colors.

Also featured in this bundle is a pastel word wall. The lightly colored word wall is sure to bring focus on letters and patterns within your classroom. As you discuss your new sounds to letters, sight words, or spelling patterns, use this cohesive design to create structure and uniformity within your classroom.

Pastel Classroom Teacher Toolbox Labels

Pastel Classroom Decor Teacher Toolbox

This teacher toolbox with my editable pastel and gold accented labels has everything you need to organize your most needed items for the day! Your time in the classroom is highly valuable!

To get the most of your time, let me help you start and maintain organization with my teacher toolbox labels found within my pastel classroom décor bundle! Edit the labels to create your teacher toolbox to be EXACTLY what you need it to be!

If you need help setting up the teacher toolbox, check out my blog 5 Simple Steps to Settting up a Teacher Toolbox

Pastel Classroom Birthday Display

Pastel Classroom Decor Birthday Board

Celebrate good times, come on! Celebrating your students has never been cuter! My pastel décor birthday display comes complete with a polka dot cake and golden accent stars. Everyone loves having their special day, and this beautiful display will make it even more special! Teacher tip: put your own name on the board, and your students will love seeing your birthday!

Pastel Classroom Inspirational Quote Posters

Pastel Classroom Decor Quote Posters

Creating a cohesive and positive environment inspires excitement and eases apprehension among students, parents, and teachers from the moment they step into your classroom for the very first time. My motivational posters with delicate coloring and bold sayings are perfect additions to your classroom!

Using the hand signal posters provided in the in the pastel color palette, you can begin introducing procedures from your first meeting with students. Turn your classroom into a home away from home that will be inviting, engaging, and beautiful with this easy to print and use Pastel Classroom Decor bundle!

Pastel Classroom Decor Freebie

Pastel Classroom Decor Freebie

Thank you for looking at some of my favorite parts of the pastel classroom decor bundle! Be sure to download my Pastel Freebie today! This poster represents everything I hope your classroom is – a happy place full of learning and joy. A happy place for your students, a happy place for you, and a happy place for your parents and administration.

Pastel Classroom Decor Bundle

Pastel Classroom Decor Preview

If you liked what you saw, be sure to check out my entire Pastel Classroom Decor Bundle! Check out the link to get a full list of everything that comes in the bundle! I promise you you’ll get so much value and will love welcoming your students into your beautiful classroom! Let me know in the comments below – what classroom theme are you planning on using this year?