Bright Classroom Decor – Vintage Vibes Classroom Theme Reveal

Are you looking for a bright classroom decor that will give you all the vintage vibes? There’s something timeless about apples, chalkboards, and pencils. Inspired by the classics, Vintage Vibes has all the pops of primary colors while toning it down with playful black and white modern prints.  Below are some of my favorite items in this classroom decor mega bundle that includes everything imaginable to turn your classroom into a home away from home!

Editable Classroom Calendar

Calendar for a bright classroom decor

Keep your class up to date with this editable calendar pack that features composition notebooks and a primary color scheme. This colorful classroom essential will brighten any classroom!

Editable Binder Covers

These editable binder covers are inspired by all the things that make a teacher’s heart flutter – chalkboards, bright flair pens, notebook paper, and cute apples. If you’re going to do a data binder you might as well rock it with style. 18 binder editable binder cover options lets the teacher mix and match to make every binder fresh and exciting!

Welcome Banner

A Welcome Banner with apples and pencils

This welcome banner brings a smile to my face every time I see it! This editable banner will make all the kiddos feel welcomed and at home. The doodle apple bookend brings this entire banner together to give you all the vintage vibes.

Alphabet Poster and Alphabet Banner

The choices for alphabet options are endless!  Whether you want a smaller alphabet banner, or a large alphabet line you’ve got options for every need!  The best part is that all these files are editable which lets you change up the order or colors, add cursive font, or teach another language!

Growth Mindset Posters

These growth mindset posters were my starting point for this packet. I believe that the foundation for students thriving in the classroom is feeling loved and overflowing with confidence. These playful posters will grab the attention of any student and drive home the positive message they need to hear! I think classroom decor should do more than just look pretty – it should make an impact!

Teacher Toolbox

Colorful Teacher Toolbox for Bright Classroom Decor

Stay organized with this chalkboard and no. 2 pencil inspired teacher toolbox. This also comes with an option for bright labels. Every teacher knows that the kid with the boo boo isn’t going to wait for you to take your time finding the right band-aid. Get organized and find all your tools fast!

Editable Name Plates

Editable Colorful Nameplates for a Student Desk

These classic name plates will stick around forever because they will pair with any classroom decor set. Apples, pencils, and black and white patterns will always be in style!


Free Growth Mindset Posters

Another timeless thing in the classroom is the need for encouragement! Download these two freebie growth mindset posters that are great reminders – even for teachers! We could all use a little more grit and grace in our lives!

Vintage Vibes Classroom Decor Bundle

Check out the Vintage Vibes Classroom Decor Bundle! The Mega Bundle has EVERYTHING you need to fill your classroom with beauty and create an environment for students to thrive!

The bundle includes over 1,150 printable pages, and 53 files (30 of which are editable) to give you 1 unforgettable classroom that will be proud of! How will you turn your classroom into a home away from home?