Boho Neutral Classroom Reveal (With a Freebie)

Setting up my Neutral Classroom Decor

I had so much fun creating and setting this Boho Neutral Classroom Decor and wanted to bring you along for the ride! It is the perfect blend of neutral tones with pops of leopard. Join me for a tour of a lot of the products that come in this bundle.

The bundle has over 2,500 pages so I couldn’t feature everything – to see everything that’s in the bundle check out the Boho Neutral Classroom Decor Page in my store. Also, be sure to keep reading to the end for a Freebie 🙂

Boho Neutral Classroom Mood Board

Boho Neutral Classroom Mood Board full of inspiration

The Boho Neutrals Classroom gives you all of the leopard feels you have been looking for in decor for your classroom. The soothing neutrals tied together with the fierceness of the leopard print brings the purrfect combination to your home away from home. Let this pack get you wild about transforming your classroom into an oasis that your students and you deserve for the new school year!

Boho Neutral Classroom Tour

Boho Neutral Desk Nameplates

Boho Neutral Nametags that add beauty to any classroom and every desk

Every student needs the perfect Desk Nameplate and the Boho Neutrals Classroom Decor Bundle does not disappoint. This editable feature with multiple options allows you to make this amazing feature work for any classroom. Your students will be beaming with pride when they get to have this beautiful piece display their names for all to see.

Boho Neutral Binder Covers

Beautiful, editable Boho Neutral Classroom Binders

Binders, Binders and more binders, that is the fiercest staple in a teachers pridelands. The Boho Neutrals Binder Covers allow you to become the organizational queen you have always dreamed of. From Data, to student info and so much more this pack has got all of your organizational needs in mind. From its editable options to premade designs you will start your year off on the right paw.

Boho Neutral Affirmation Station

Boho Neutral Classroom Affirmation Station

I am confident that this is the missing piece to your Boho Neutral Classroom transformation. Allow your students to start every day with a grateful heart. This feature allows you to build the fiercest classroom culture around all while keeping your mind at ease with its editable options to further personalize your oasis of learning.

Boho Neutral Calendar Pack

Boho Neutral Classroom Calendar Pack

This calendar will make the Sunday Scaries run for the hills with this perfect combination of neutrals and hints of leopard print. The Boho Neutral Classroom Calendar pack will make your school year fly by. This gorgeous feature has two different versions so you can find the perfect match for your classroom.

Boho Neutral Inspirational Quote Posters

Boho Neutral Classroom Motivational Posters

The Boho Neutral Classroom Decor Bundle will keep you and your students inspired and motivated all 180 days. The feature roars good vibes only with its whimsical display of neutral colors and its pops of leopard print. This pack will inspire your students to always believe in the greatness within them.

Boho Neutral Classroom Freebie

Boho Neutral Classroom Motivational Poster FREEBIE!

The Boho Neutral Classroom has everything you need to transform your very first classroom or breathe life into your classroom of many years. The decor back gets even better with this FREE motivational Kind is Cool Poster. Download yours today and remind your students that Leopards can not choose their spots but you can choose to be kind each and every day.

Boho Neutral Classroom Full Bundle

I hope that this classroom decor bundle brings you as much joy as it brings me! I love creating every part of this bundle and wanted to give teachers a cohesive design that feautred neutral colors without being too bland.

The pops of leopard takes this neutral palette to the next level, and I know that you will love walking into your classroom every day! More importantly, your students will love having a safe and cozy environment where their learning can thrive!

If you’ve been thinking about taking your classroom to the next level and making it a Boho Neutral Dream, purchase the Boho Neutral Classroom Decor Bundle today!