Nature Classroom Theme Reveal (With a Freebie)

Nature Classroom Picture - Whole Room

This is the Nature Classroom you’ve been waiting for! When was the last time you took a relaxing stroll in nature? Did you notice yourself exhaling a sigh of relief? Maybe you realized it had been a little while since you took in the sights and sounds of nature, and I don’t know, maybe you thought to yourself, “ I should really take more time to stop and smell the roses!”

With this perfectly perfected nature decor, you and your students can immerse yourself in nature each time you walk into your classroom. If you’re looking to create your own Nature Classroom oasis, be sure to checkout everything that comes in the Nature Classroom Decor bundle!

Nature Classroom Inspiration

Nature Classroom Mood Board

The colors throughout this bundle create a dual sense of calmness, mixed with both excitement and exploration. If you have a window in your classroom, you may notice your students longingly looking outside.

With this nature inspired decor bundle, you will be bringing the beauty and adventure of the outside into your classroom. You will be setting your students up with the mindset to wonder, discover, and explore, all within a relaxing, natural environment!

Nature Classroom Tour

Nature Classroom Teacher Toolbox

Teacher Toolbox from Nature Classroom Decor Bundle

Teacher friend, do you find yourself wishing you could be more organized? Starting your day in a more organized manner is proven to reduce stress. Adding the colors and images of nature to your organized teacher toolbox, well… that can only enhance that stress reduction.

Utilizing this teacher toolbox with the addition of my nature decor bundle can help keep your work area neatly organized and your top needed teaching materials at your fingertips!

Nature Classroom Affirmation Station

Affirmation Station from Nature Classroom Decor

I am courageous, I am enough, I am strong. These are just a few of the positive affirmations nestled within this nature classroom bundle. We, as educators, know that several students across the nation are entering our classrooms, lacking self confidence.

Emotions may run high, tasks may seem unbearable, and behavior may appear less than desirable. Creating a calming and relaxing affirmation station allows students to take a moment to speak truths to themselves, and affirm that they have a place in your classroom.

You can’t control what your students experience or hear at home, but you CAN control the message and environment they experience in your classroom!

Nature Classroom Alphabet Posters

Nature Classroom Alphabet Posters

Seeing, saying, hearing, feeling, and…tasting the alphabet? Well, my nature inspired alphabet posters use 4 of out 5 of the senses that together create a multisensory learning experience!

The included alphabet posters are not only visually appealing above the whiteboard in your classroom, but they can also double as a hands-on tool in your phonics instruction. Use modeling clay to form the letters of the alphabet on top of a laminated copy of our posters, or have students locate 3-D objects with the letter sound to layer around the represented letter for phonological awareness.

There are unlimited possibilities of ways you and your students can incorporate these beautifully designed alphabet posters into your daily instruction!

Nature Classroom Inspirational Quote Posters

Beautiful Nature Classroom Quotes

When your heart desires to be on the outside, but your day requires you to be on the inside, could there be a more beautiful sight than this motivational quotes bulletin board? Create the perfect Nature classroom with these beautiful motivational quote posters!

Not only will the words inspire both you and your students, but the cohesiveness of the natural colors within this nature classroom bundle create a tranquil environment where minds are calmed and adventurous learning can take place!

Nature Classroom Welcome Banner

Nature Classroom Welcome Banner

Have you found yourself in a doctor’s office, anxiously awaiting answers to all of your questions and concerns, but the doctor is tied up with another patient next door? What do you find yourself doing while you wait?

If you’re abiding by the “No Cell Phones Beyond This Point” suggestion, then you are probably reading all of the educational posters on the wall, and in turn, gathering new information that you didn’t even know you needed! 

Visuals within a classroom can be very valuable if they are appealing and accessible to students. In my nature classroom bundle, you get a word wall, daily schedule, and calendar, that are all beneficial to the learning needs of your students.

So, when your teacher bestie steps into your classroom to ask you to summarize the major points of that staff meeting she missed yesterday, allow your students to continue learning from their seats with the exploration of your classroom word wall, calendar of important events, and seeing the importance of time management with your daily schedule!

Nature Classroom Ten Drawer Cart Labels

Nature 10 Drawer Cart

It’s finally Friday, and the weekend is upon you! But.. when you grab your keys, you feel a sudden sense of dread. Your papers are scattered all about on your desk and you see the stack of papers that you didn’t copy for Monday’s bell ringer, nor did you grade the math quizzes from yesterday that had to go into the gradebook today. 

While all of your teacher friends are leaving the parking lot like they are competing in the Indianapolis 500, you are taking the lonely walk to the copy machine and having a very uneventful date with the online grading system.

Today is when you get your weekends back! Use this 10 drawer cart equipped with your nature classroom decor to help you organize all of the paperwork that goes into your highly effective classroom! Free up your desk of unnecessary clutter, and prepare for the week ahead, with these beautiful 10 drawer cart organizational labels.

Nature Classroom Birthday Board

Nature Classroom Birthday Board

Whether you are 2 or 102, feeling celebrated fills your cup! With my nature classroom bundle, you get the opportunity to celebrate each student in your classroom by honoring his/her special day on the classroom birthday board.

Each child can visually see that they are valued and loved by you and their classmates with the acknowledgment of their special day on your charming, nature classroom birthday board!

Teacher tip: Add YOUR birthday on the birthday bulletin board as well! There will be a year when a student in your classroom cannot wait to bring you a prized gift of your favorite candy bar and drink!

Nature Classroom Freebie


Start off your adventure to creating your own nature classroom with these beautiful pencil label freebies! Check them out in my store and get your FREE copy today!

Nature Classroom Decor Bundle

Nature Classroom Bundle Preview

Create a classroom that is down-to-earth for you and your students. My nature classroom bundle is a cohesive collection of everything you need for your classroom when you’re looking to create an educational, eye appeasing, and comfortable environment.

The nature inspired colors and imagery of our nature classroom bundle allows you to set a tone of natural experiences, exciting adventures and organized learning for the wonders of the world within your classroom!

Grab your very own Nature Classroom Decor Bundle today, and turn your classroom into a calming place on campus where learning and adventure thrive!