Tropical Classroom Theme Amazon Finds

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Looking for a shopping list to go with your Tropical Classroom Theme? Look no further! I’ve rounded up all of my favorite Tropical Classroom goodies to go along with my Tropical Classroom Decor Bundle.

If you want to see all these items in one spot check out the entire list on my Amazon Storefront. If you’re in a rush to decorate, remember all of these items come from Amazon and can be at your doorstep in two days or less ๐Ÿ™‚

Tropical Classroom Theme Bulletin Board

If you’re lost on where to start decorating your room, always start with the bulletin board. It is such a large part of your wall. More than likely, whatever background and border you choose will be up all year long so you need to make sure it’s something you love and is versatile enough to go with anything.

Better Than Paper bulletin board paper is the best that I have found anywhere on the market! It comes in 4 ft. x 12 ft. rolls meaning you might have enough for a second or third bulletin board, and the paper is incredibly durable!

Choose if you want a colorful background or a simple background that you can dress up with accents. If you want a colorful background I would suggest the light green or dark green backgrounds that will combine nicely with the greens in the bundle.

If you decorate for each holiday and are worried about the green clashing with Halloween or Valentine’s Day decor, I would suggest picking the white shiplap or weathered wood backgrounds. Each one adds texture to the background without being distracting.

Once you have your background you’re ready to put on your borders. You can never go wrong with a polka dotted scalloped border! The simple black and white version is reliable and versatile while the white and gold version taps into the beautiful gold accents of the bundle.

If you’re not feeling polka dots for your tropical classroom theme, I have two more great options! This chic black and white border is one that you will use for years to come, and this wicker border will give you tropical vibes all year long!

Tropical Classroom Theme Teacher Desk Accessories

Teacher desk accessories for a tropical classroom theme

If you’re going to invest money in decorating your classroom, money spent on your teacher desk will make you the happiest! The teacher desk is your sanctuary. A place where you grade, plan, and put your feet up to catch your breath at the end of the day. Why not make it a place you love being?

If you want to upgrade your chair, this green chair is soft and brings together the bold green and gold accents in the bundle perfectly. This is the type of chair you’ll want to bring home during the summer ๐Ÿ™‚

If you love the chair you already have, you might need to look into ways to dress up the top of your desk. This white and gold stapler turns a mundane thing into a statement piece! Be warned, if you get this stapler you might become obsessed and not want to lend it out to your teaching neighbors.

Another way to bring in gold accents from the tropical classroom theme is to try this gold organization tool kit. It includes 182 gold pieces which include 12 binder clips, 70 paper clips, and 100 push pins. The push pins would work great putting up student work on the walls, and is an effortless way to add gold to your room!

Last but not least, this stylish pencil and pen holder helps you display your flair pens in style! Grading isn’t really fun, but at least you can store your grading pens in a fun way ๐Ÿ™‚

Tropical Classroom Theme Greenery and Banner

Greenery and pops of color for a tropical classroom theme

The cheapest way to add decor to your tropical classroom theme is to buy greenery that you can spread all over the room. My favorite choice for tropical greenery is this Monstera Palm Leaf Pack. The package comes with 66 pieces and gives you maximum versatility with small, medium, and large sized palm leaves that can dress up any area of the room.

If you need more pieces, consider this 90 piece Monstera Palm Leaf Pack from the same company! Another great option for greenery is this 6 piece faux palm frond set that will make a statement wherever you place it!

If you aren’t looking for faux plants to add to your classroom, a great option for a pop of color might be this green and gold banner. It has touches of light green, dark green, and pops of gold! This banner will dress up any area of your room and gives you smiles all day long!

Tropical Classroom Theme Hospitality

Pillows and soap dispenser for a tropical classroom theme

If you’ve hung around the blog for a while you know that I am obsessed with giving classroom touches of hospitality. Making the class feel like a family begins with making the classroom feel like a home!

If you’re looking to give your classroom a homey touch, a great place to start is your reading area! Use stylish pillows that are so comfortable that your students will fight over who gets to go read. This 4-pack green and white tropical leaf pillow pack provides a great mix of variety and style!

If you are looking to add a little more flair to your reading area, these gold and white throw pillows are just what you need! The golden pineapple is SO cute!

If you’re looking for a bigger pillow for a kid to lay on, check out this queen sized tropical print pillow. These large pillows are great for younger primary students who will cuddle with them and get comfortable like they’re at home.

Lastly, adding this golden pineapple soap dispenser makes your mundane classroom sink into a stylish area. After 2020, hygiene and cleanliness is at the top of all of our lists – how about doing it in style?

Tropical Classroom Theme Organization

Organization options for a tropical classroom theme

Every teacher knows that if you want to survive the year you have to be organized! These options all help you stay organized in style, while staying on theme! “I have too much storage”…said no teacher ever! You can always use more boxes so while not use these cute green cube boxes?

Each box is collapsible so it will be easy to transport if you change rooms! (Note: The green boxes sell out quickly, so if they’re sold out on Amazon the black boxes are a great option!)

For smaller storage options, these copper mini-baskets will keep you on trend while keeping your smaller options organized. You can order just one basket, or it comes in a 6 pack so you can easily keep your storage unified.

Lastly, you know that you’re going to have plenty of binders. Student data, parent communications, lesson plans, and worksheets all need a home. Store those binders in these beautiful 4-pack gold magazine holders. If you already have a home for your binders, another great option might be using these to hold your books.

Tropical Classroom Lanyards

Lanyards for a tropical classroom theme

If you love your tropical classroom so much, why not use a lanyard to take the style with you all over campus? Lanyards give you peace of mind for knowing where your keys are always at (Anyone else ever have nightmares about being locked out of their room?).

You could choose a light green tropical lanyard, or a dark green tropical lanyard. Another fun way to wear your tropical flair is to use a neutral lanyard with a tropical ID holder like this option.

Tropical Classroom Theme

One of my favorite parts of my job is seeing all the creative ways you turn your classroom into a home away from home. If you’re looking for a complete tropical classroom theme decor set for your classroom, check out my Tropical Classroom Decor Bundle!

It has over 1,000 pages, and 30 editable files to make your classroom exactly what you want! I can’t wait to see how you transform your classroom into a Tropical Paradise! Be sure to tag me on Instagram @ConfettiandCreativity so I can see all the beautiful work you’re doing ๐Ÿ™‚