Amazing Groovy Retro Classroom Decor You Can Find on Amazon

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Hey there all you teachers looking for some grooooovy Retro Classroom Decor! Whether you purchased my Retro Classroom Decor Bundle, or just want to add to your already fabulous retro classroom I’ve got you covered! I’ve founded up 28 items of my favorite groovy items that will help you create all things peace, love, and happy spaces!

All 28 of these items come straight from Amazon, which means you can order them while hanging at home and listening to favorite track! If you’re an Amazon Prime member, 2-day delivery to your classroom OR your front step is an option! Think about it: a classroom makeover with my Retro Classroom Bundle AND Retro Decor inspired from Amazon in as little as 48 hours!

This bundle and decor takes you back to the good ol’ days with flower power, smiley faces for days, and happy thoughts of peace and love! Adding items to your room from my Retro Classroom Decor Finds will add those special touches that let your kiddos know that you’ve gone the extra mile for them, and will continue to do so! If you want to save time you can see all my Retro Classroom finds in one place on my Amazon Storefront!


Retro Classroom Decor for the Bulletin Board

Make your room a funky fresh space with a far out bulletin board! Bulletin boards serve so many purposes in your classroom. You can use them for educational support, birthday shout-outs, motivational posters, and so much more so make them beautiful!

However you utilize this wall real estate, it’s easy to do it in style with the Fadeless Bulletin Board Paper. Teacher, crafters, and decorators are going bananas over this thick, high quality paper, designed to last for an entire school year! If you like to change out your bulletin board paper, Better Than Paper is my go-to, tried and true purchase that comes with enough paper to do replace the look 2-3 times! Pull in natural textures using the Shiplap and Wood Bulletin Board Paper. A love a simple beautiful background because it allows the pinks, oranges, greens, and blues of this Retro Bundle to take center stage.

Give your kiddos a chance to see the original emojis with this smiley face bulletin board border! Your classroom will radiate a bright and cheerful feel with these beautiful strips that fit together seamlessly. Add in a mixture of the bright yellow gingham or toned down black and white polka dots or loop de loop doodle border. Mix and match these for a groovy looking bulletin board, or purchase more than one set to give yourself the gift of change whenever you’re ready!


Retro Classroom Decor Classroom Essentials

The path to your dream groovy classroom starts with these Gerber Daisies! Flower power will run deep among your students with these “no water required” plants! Picture them on your bookshelf, teacher table, or in your morning meeting space!

Who wouldn’t smile at a luminous neon sign in the classroom? It radiates “I’m a cool teacher, and you’re a cool kid!” This fun piece will light up the space, literally, and tie in the smiles all throughout the room! Another option is to hang up this vibrant colored tassel garland in any corner of your classroom, arranging the colors in any sequence that you’d like, to spruce up the space with little to no effort!

Do you have a designated “cool down” space or “affirmation station” for students? Adding this flower power pillow and lava lamp will be cute and useful at the same time! The 20″ x 20″ flower pillow can be great for comfort or a huggable texture for your students! The fabric is soft but resilient! Let your students hug it and love it, then take it home and throw it in the wash!

Consider the beautiful lava lamp as a tool for calming a student that is overstimulated, or just needs a quick breather. The relaxing bubbles and ambiance of this totally tubular lava lamp can be just what your students need to refocus and recharge their minds for learning!


Retro Classroom Storage Options - whites and burlap

One can NEVER have enough storage and organizational tools, right? I have found that the more organized my classroom is, the smoother my day goes! Creating an organized space that is both functional and enjoyable will encourage your students to follow your organized lead!

Check out these white organizational bins! Consider using them for interactive notebooks, technology, student folders, books, and so much more! The white bins can mingle with so many bundle options listed in my store! These white storage options are so versatile they can pair with any classroom theme you choose in the future. Consider them an investment for future you 🙂

I might have actually done a happy dance when I found these gorgeous burlap pieces from Teacher Created Resources for my Retro Bundle. If you’re on a budget, consider adding this neutral, trendy, and practical pocket chart and file folder holder to your cart and your classroom! Not only are they a timeless, in-style piece, that are purposeful for you and your classroom organization. Burlap designs can tie-in with so many classroom decor bundles!


Teacher Essential Retro Decor

Teachers GIVE so much of their time, money, and resources on a daily basis. Every now and then, treat yourself! Here are a few fun flower power and groovy finds just for you!

Could you love this leather messenger bag any more? I don’t think I could! Its large capacity allows you to easily travel from home to school with your school issued laptop and Daisy Pencil Case containing all of your favorite pens and highlighters. Don’t forget to grab your Lined Notebook Journal, in a gorgeous retro look of course, with all of your notes from that very important staff meeting from last week!

Is it really treating yourself if you NEED this Classic Pencil Lanyard? Keep track of your school keys and ID with this cute lanyard! Not only is this lanyard charming as a button, it is comfortable to wear! The lanyard cord is thick and the beads are silicone, meaning you won’t even feel it all day long!


Student incentives for a retro classroom!

Some of your students thrive on verbal praise, and some of your students work extra hard for tangible items! Maybe you want to kick off Open House with a fun, welcome to class gift! Either way, I have you covered with these student incentive gifts, to see them all checkout my Amazon Finds Decor List!

Give your students something to look forward to with these Retro Stickers and Groovy Glasses! These fun incentives are great for a treasure box, student reward, or a class celebration. Get 108 Peace, Love, and Flower Power themed stickers sent from Amazon to you! These stickers are great for water bottles, notebooks, or desk decoration! The Groovy Glasses bundle has a little something for everyone. This set comes with 6 glasses, 6 headbands, and 6 tattoos! What kiddo wouldn’t love one of these groovy gifts?

Celebrate the hard work of both you and your student with this classic Snow Cone Maker. This gorgeous aqua colored shaved ice machine is the perfect size for your classroom, but efficient in quickly turning ice cubes into delicious, fluffy snow cones! Seeing this sitting in your classroom will delight your students, and motivate them toward getting one of the sweet, delicious snow cone treats!

Pro Tip: Take the snow cone machine home over the weekend or on summer break and enjoy it all year long!

Check out these featured items and so many more in my Amazon Inspired Retro Decor storefront to take your classroom “to the max!” ! Stay groovy my friend, and keep those digs a happening place with my Retro Classroom Decor and Essentials!

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