Plant Themed Classroom Reveal

My beautiful plant themed classroom decor bundle is the perfect way to root for your students and watch them blossom and grow into beautiful little learners! This bundle is full of green, succulents, and calming nature tones!

Teachers plant seeds of knowledge that will forever grow. My Plant Themed Classroom Bundle will plant seeds of happiness that will bloom from season to season.

This bundle will be your one stop shop for all things succulents, cacti and tranquility. This pack will set your year up for success and will allow you to “beleaf” anything is possible. The cohesiveness of the bundle will truly put your mind at ease, from the beautiful succulent calendar to the motivational posters filled with love, everything blooms to perfection. Your students will know for sure that kindness and learning grows within the four walls of your home away from home.

Plant Themed Classroom Decor Overview

An airy, rustic, and fresh take on classroom decor! My plant bundle does the perfect job blending the bright greens and calming white tones.

You can find joy anywhere if you look close enough, but let me tell you! You can find joy everywhere in the Plant Theme Classroom. From its light and airy feeling to the accents of the fresh greenery you can’t go wrong when choosing this decor pack. The Plant Classroom Theme has the perfect balance of tranquility and boldness. The simplicity of polka dots and stripes are the finishing touches that allow the plant clipart to take center stage and shine. I had so much fun creating this bundle because plant give a place so much life and beauty!

The Plant Classroom Theme Calendar lets you grow positive thoughts throughout each and every month. The adorable succulents are front and center in this Calendar Pack and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Don’t even get me started with the shiplap background – it is the perfect addition to add to the light and airy feeling that is this bundle. This feature of the pack has everything you need including the most precious calendar accents. The calendar in this bundle is also editable so you can change the font or even add your own language.

These motivational growth mindset posters are the perfect way to let kindness bloom in your classroom!

These inspirational and motivational posters will have you and your students rooting for each other all 180 days of the school year. These posters will truly grow the classroom culture within your four walls and will have students using their Growth Mindset! These posters effortlessly flow together and will make a beautiful addition to your plant themed classroom. From the clean and crisp contrast of the black and white to the perfect pops of color! You can transform your space in the blink of an eye and your students will know that they can dream big. Where in your room would these posters be a great fit?

Keep your plant themed classroom cohesive with this adorable alphabet and number line!

The Alphabet is the root of a child’s education so why shouldn’t your alphabet be beautiful? The Alphabet has the perfect balance of contrast and color. From the gorgeous shiplap to the whimsical watercolor variety of plants. This feature will sure breathe life into your plant themed classroom.

Now let’s talk about the most adorable number line you will ever see. From the boldness of the plant and white to the precious polka dots your students will love using and looking at this number line. Every 10th number has a plant behind the number to help students recognize place value. This product comes with an editable option that allows you to use your own font/language or add negative numbers. You and your students will love using this all year long!

Your walls will thank you when you decide to cover them with these beautiful plant designed ten frames. Not only will they help your kiddos visualize sets of ten, they will also add pops of green and beauty to your plant themed classroom! This feature only further enhances the vibes of succulents, cacti and tranquility. This feature has multiple designs so that all plant lovers will find the one that is the perfect fit!

These plant circle numbers are the perfect tool for labeling book bins, students' cubbies, table numbers, or anything and everything that needs a number! The possibilities are endless!

These numbers truly speak for themselves, I never knew that numbers could look so good! These numbers have many different uses in the classroom. They can be used as bold and bright table numbers. They could be used in a pocket chart for student grouping. These would be the perfect accent for labeling students book bins or cubbies. The options are only limited by your imagination, these labels will help you implement nearly any system for your plant themed classroom!

Hello! My name is desk name plates for your classroom! These are the perfect way to make your students desk feel more homey! The kite succulent accents adds a great pop of greenery!

Plants make me happy, but these Hello My Name is desk plates make me even happier!

Make your student desks feel a little more at home with these warm and gorgeous desk name plates! These name plates are perfect for any grade, and have plenty of options to make everyone feel unique! Your students will surely remember that you have to be unique and different to shine in your own way. This bundle also includes options for Primary desk name plates which comes with a number line and alphabet, as well standard simplified name plates. They are the perfect fit for your plant themed classroom!


If you are looking for ways to blossom your classroom into your beautiful home away from home, check out my Plant Themed Classroom Decor Bundle! It has everything you need to transform you space into a beautiful, rustic, green oasis!

Transform your classroom to be a home away from home with this on-trend Plant Classroom Decor Bundle! If you are looking for a serene decor line with touches of farmhouse this is the perfect product for your classroom. The light and airiness of the decor pack allows it to be versatile to pair with the decor you already have. But it is also bold and strong enough to stand on its own two leaves. Teachers truly plant seeds of knowledge and allow children to grow each and every day. This bundle will be sure to keep the good vibes growing all year long.