Watercolor Classroom Decor Reveal (With a Freebie)

Watercolor Clsasroom Decor Overview

Well we finally figured out what was at the end of a rainbow and it isn’t a pot of gold. But you have struck gold with the Watercolor Classroom Decor Pack! From its joyous rainbow explosion to the contrast of the black and white polka dots this pack will be sure to put a smile on your face for all year long!

This whimsical color is sure to brighten up the four walls of your home away from home. The Watercolor Classroom Decor Bundle truly has everything you need to set your space up for success. From its gorgeous calendar to its inspiring motivation posters you will have everything at the touch of your fingertips and it will make your classroom transformation happen with ease.. Did I mention this bundle has numerous text editable options!?

This decor pack will have all of your students looking for the endless possibilities at the end of their own rainbow.

Watercolor Classroom Decor Inspiration

Watercolor Classroom Decor Mood Board

I wanted to show you my mood board and let you in on what inspired this bundle! I started with a 7 color bright color palette. The colors throughout this bundle create this sense of endless possibilities and it can’t help but radiate positivity. You will find yourself constantly smiling every time you enter your classroom – how could you not with all of the gorgeous colors around you?

I chose to balance out the beautiful colors with black and white polka dots. The beauty of colors can only be fully appreciated with simple black and white backgrounds.

I chose to use watercolor textures because I believe it represents the reality of all classrooms – beautiful but not perfect. In the clipart you can see the brushstrokes, and like all art it is beautiful because you can see the work that goes into it. The same is true of your classroom – it’s a piece of art guided by a masterful artist – you!

Everyday your kiddos will be transformed into a world of exploration and creativity. The Watercolor Classroom Decor Bundle is the epitome of positivity and happiness. This bundle will remind your kids and you that when you are looking for rainbows and you can’t find them, to be the light that creates them.

Watercolor Classroom Decor Tour

Watercolor Classroom Welcome Banner

Watercolor Classroom Decor Welcome Banner

Are you looking for the most inviting Welcome Banner Ever? Well the Watercolor Rainbow Decor Bundle has just that and so much more! The whimsical palette of rainbow delight which features bold and empowering lettering further adds that inviting touch to your home away from home.

Don’t even get me started with those watercolor apples! They truly tie the whole banner together and will add that wow Factor to any of your bulletin boards or even your teacher desk. This banner can be used anywhere in your room to let your students know it’s their room too – they have a space where they are safe and loved! Keep reading to see a full picture of my quote posters 🙂

Watercolor Alphabet Posters and Number Line

Watercolor Classroom Decor Alphabet

ABC really is easy as 123 when you have the Watercolor Classroom Decor Pack at your side! When you see all of the colors flow like they do with this Decor Pack it will make your decorating come with ease. The greatest accent to your Alphabet is tying in your number line as its neighbor, these two couldn’t be a more perfect match!

From the beautiful arrangements  of colors to the perfect pop of polka dots how much more good vibes can you get? Kids all of ages will have an appreciation of this piece of work from your Kindergarten littles all the way to your 5th graders!

Watercolor Calendar Pack and Hand Signals

Watercolor Classroom Decor Classroom items

Well they do say that you should follow a rainbow till you find your dreams, and I would not mind dreaming of this Watercolor Classroom Decor Bundle at all! From the adorable calendar with those precious apples to the bright and beautiful hand signal posters I don’t know which one I love more.

Every detail has been thought off in this bundle. This decor set shows how easy it is to have a cohesive classroom with little effort. From the color posters, to the calendar pack, to the weather cards in the bottom of the picture – everything just makes sense! This pack is your one stop shop for all that is colorful and chic.

Watercolor Teacher Toolbox Labels

Watercolor Classroom Decor Teacher Toolbox

The perfect organizational accessory for any classroom is a teacher toolbox. Now what you didn’t know was that the Best Friend of the teacher toolbox is the Watercolor Classroom Decor Bundle.  The Watercolor palette perfectly accents the black features of the toolbox and the adorable polka dotted pencils adds the perfect amount of flair!

Who says that functionality and style can’t go together!? The teacher toolbox labels can also be edited on Powerpoint to create exactly what you need! The Watercolor Classroom Decor bundle makes it possible to have your organization and your decor on point!

Watercolor Binder Covers

Watercolor Classroom Decor Editable Binders

Be honest – how many binders do you have in your room? The only correct answer is too many to count! You need a Student Information Binder, a Substitute Binder and a binder for this subject and that! The list is never ending and always changing!

Well the Watercolor Classroom Decor Bundle helps put your mind at ease when it comes to organizing your plethora of binders and of course all while doing it in style! I have 16 binder cover designs and multiple options for binder spines as well so you can easily find your binder when it’s on the shelf! Both the binder cover and spines are editable so you can make your classroom your own 🙂

Watercolor Classroom Decor Freebie

Watercolor Classroom Decor Freebies

Thank you for touring my Watercolor Classroom Decor bundle. Whether or not this is the right fit for you, I wanted to bring a little bit of color and positivity to your room! Download the Watercolor Quote Posters Freebie today!

The Watercolor Classroom Decor Bundle is all for spreading positivity and of course our love of all things rainbow. This decor pack will have your classroom truly turn into your home away from home and will show your students that they can create their own rainbows each and everyday!

Watercolor Classroom Decor Bundle

I don’t have space to show you everything that comes in this bundle because it contains over 53+ files with tons of editable options! If you want to see more pictures or make your own classroom a colorful watercolor dream, check out my Watercolor Classroom Decor Bundle today!