5 May Bulletin Board Ideas Perfect For Celebrating Summer!

Summer is the season that is always fresh and shimmers with sunshine – why not look for May bulletin board ideas that brought that same feeling into your classroom? Don’t limp into summer – sprint into summer full of vitality! Adding a new summer bulletin board with some bright colors and an encouraging quote can transform your space and keep your students engaged and excited to come to school at the end of the year. 

I know you are tired and are counting down the days to summer, but adding a new summer bulletin board is the one thing that could recharge your batteries and give you the last bit of motivation to keep pushing and give your students your best each day! 

So, if you are ready to bring those summer vibes into your classroom, check out my bright, fun, and festive Summer Decor! It will help you transform your classroom into a tropical paradise and reminisce about the warm, sunny, easygoing days ahead! Without further ado, if you’re looking for May bulletin board ideas look no further – I’ve got 5 amazing ideas right here!

May Bulletin Board Idea #1: Summer Bulletin Board

"We Had The Berry Best Year" summer bulletin board. My favorite May Bulletin Board Idea for every classroom!

Is there anything sweeter than summertime?! Adding this cheerful Strawberry Summer Bulletin board will brighten your classroom and put a big smile on your student’s faces! 

These bright, red, juicy berries will add color to your classroom! The berries are editable so that you can add your student’s names to make them feel valued and included in the classroom family.

Sometimes it is hard to find sunshine moments at the end of the year, so let me make the sunshine for you! Adding these little sun accents will go great with this summer bulletin board!

Bulletin board borders to match the "We Had A Berry Sweet Year!"

My favorite way to make bulletin boards look complete is by adding a border that brings the entire look together! I love using the rectangle borders and adding the scalloped border trims for even more color! Layering borders is the perfect way to create a unique look! 

The retro checkered borders are so trendy right now! Imagine pairing the pink and red checkered border with the scalloped red or pink border!? It would be the perfect duo! 

 Which border would you use to spruce up your Summer bulletin board?

May Bulletin Board Idea#2: Summer Posters

Summer Posters cover photo. Bright colors, fun quotes, and a perfect way to add sunshine to your classroom!

Now, let’s be honest… as the school year is ending, the last thing you probably want to do is change your classroom decor. But what if I told you I created a resource that is so easy, and all you have to do is print, cut, and hang?! 

My Summer Posters are simple to set up and will bring the bright sunshine to your classroom!

Step 1: Download the resource.

Step 2: Decide which posters are your favorite.

Step 3: Click print. Cut around the outside border. Use staples or tacks to hang to your bulletin board. Boom, you are done!!

In less than 10 minutes, you have created a fresh new bulletin board that looks incredibly cute! My favorite part is that you can buy these with another bulletin board and just put the posters up around your room. Teacher desk, front door, walls, wherever! You’ll love how they brighten up your space and put a smile on your face!

Another bonus about the printable posters is that you can use them again year after year! Now, let the sun shine bright on your happy summer classroom!

May Bulletin Board Idea #3: Summer Vibes Board

Image what the summer vibes bulletin board looks like when all set up. It is the perfect blend of summer: vibrant colors, fresh fruit, and a whole lot of fun!

Summer means happy times and good sunshine! Nothing screams summer like vibrant colors and fresh fruit! This adorable Pineapple Summer Bulletin will bring tropical vibes into your classroom! It is the perfect change of scenery to burst your room with summer dreams and sunshine! 

One of my favorite ways to customize this summer bulletin board is by adding accents! The circle pieces would be cute strung on a ribbon or placed straight across the top or bottom of the board to add more pops of color! The big, vibrant hearts are another great way to brighten the board!

Editable pineapple accents for students names for the summer vibes bulletin.

When I can add personal touches to my classroom, like photos of my students, artwork they have created, or showcasing their work, they often take more pride in their space! 

I love adding my student’s names or photos to bulletin boards! With this summer bulletin board kit, I have created customizable pineapples where you can type your student’s names into them! You could even add their photo inside of it, too! 

May Bulletin Board Idea #4: Hello Summer Board

A summer bulletin board cover photo for the hello summer board.

Hello summer, goodbye winter!! Each day, you keep getting closer and closer to summer break! Why not celebrate all your hard work this year with a new bulletin board?

Transform your classroom into a tropical oasis with this Summer Bulletin Board kit! The vibrant colors and tropical leaves will make you feel like you want to grab your flip-flops and head to the beach! 

Lettering for the summer bulletin board. It comes in bright colors or black and white. Add accents to your board with the beautiful clipart.

Juicy watermelon, ice-cold lemonade, and delicious popsicles excite me for the summer! The tropical leaves make me dream of a sunny, warm, beautiful, island paradise! Those items also make the most adorable clipart in this Summer Bulletin Board kit! Another great benefit is that you can use the black and white version of the letters to print them on Astropaper and choose any color you want!All you have to do is print, cut, and place these vibrant accent pieces anywhere you want! 

May Bulletin Board Idea #5: Summer Posters

Just like the other summer posters shown above, these adorable Summer Posters can remind your students that you love them berry much and that they are berry special! These posters are the best of both worlds – they will brighten you mood and take very little time to set up!

If you want, you can print these posters and put them all over your classroom. If you’re looking just to redo your summer bulletin board – use the included borders and accent banners! You’ll love how cohesive these products fit together to give your classroom a beautiful look!


So, who is ready to dive into summer by refreshing their classroom decor?! Adding a new summer bulletin board will excite you and your students and motivate you to push through the last stretch of school! Plus, you all worked so hard during the year, so why not celebrate a little bit?! You can find all my summer decor items here

If decorating for the different seasons or holidays is something you like to do in your classroom, I suggest you check out my holiday bundles! I have something for everyone! Embrace the time of the year, refresh your classroom, and make your space feel like a home away from home! 

Do you have other bulletin board ideas for the month of May, or any other summer bulletin boards you’ve used before? Let me know in the comments below!