40+ Amazing Space Classroom Decor Amazon Finds To Take Your Classroom Out of This World!

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Nothing makes your classroom decor out of this world like Space Classroom Decor! Choosing to decorate your classroom with a space theme can take student’s imagination to the moon, and help expand their horizons of what is possible! Capture your students attention with an imaginative theme that’s totally out of this world!

If you’re choosing to use space for your classroom theme, you might want to start with my Space Classroom Decor Bundle to decorate your room! The bundle brings space into your classroom without the overwhelming dark colors that can bring down the classroom vibe. Instead, the bundle features 6 bright colors and the cutest clipart in the entire milky way!

Space Classroom Decor Bundle Photo

This blog is devoted to finding space classroom decor to match the Space Classroom Decor Bundle, but you’ll find that everything on this list can fit in with a lot of different space classroom themes! If you’re looking to decorate a specific area of your classroom (or your outfit), use the Table of Contents to go directly to that part of the blog! This blog features 40 of my favorite items, but my Amazon Store has more items that didn’t make the cute for the blog.

Alright, let’s launch right into my favorite items – and the best part is they all come from Amazon!

Space Classroom Decor Bulletin Boards

Space Classroom Decor Bulletin Board Paper and Border Options

1. Wood Accent Bulletin Board Paper: I know you don’t typically think of wood and space going to together, but I promise using a wooden background gives a very interesting texture to let the rest of the bulletin board shine!

2. Night Sky Bulletin Board Paper: This is probably the prototypical space bulletin board paper you’d expect. I love the darker colors as a contrast to the bright colors of the Space Decor Bundle. At the time of writing, this paper was also half price of the wooden background paper.

3. Space Bulletin Board Borders: These printable borders come inside of the bundle itself and will be available for individual sale soon! No need to buy borders that will rip, tear, and cause you buy new ones next year. These adorable borders are guaranteed to match the rest of the decor, and make it easy to reprint if anything tears.

Checkout how the bulletin board turned out with the wooden accent background, and the printable borders and quote posters from the bundle.

Space Classroom Decor Posters

Space Classroom Decorations (Part 1)

Space Classroom Decorations Teachers will love!

1. Golden Moon with Astronaut Pencil Holder: This adorable pencil holder adds a nice touch of gold to the classroom and can take your teacher desk decor game to the moon! Checkout the picture below to see how cute this pencil holder is in person!

2. Rocket Ship Play Tent: I love the idea of using this play tent for a cozy reading corner! Use it as an incentive, and every student will be on their best behavior!

3. Star Neon Sign: This bright light up neon star sign is as bright as your students! I love the cozy glow it can add to your classroom. My favorite part is that you can put it anywhere and it’ll fit perfectly! Checkout the picture below for an example of what it looked like on top of my short bookshelf!

4. Star Galaxy Projector: This projector casts a picture of the galaxy on the ceiling and is sure to keep your students captivated! I love that it comes with a remote to make it easy to control. Every classroom ceiling is different so it may not project well on your ceiling – but the best part is that it’s from Amazon so you can easily return it if it doesn’t work in your room 🙂

5. Stuffed Space Shuttle: Imagine how much your students would love to read if they had a stuffed space shuttle they could hold onto. Or imagine how cool it would be to have a classroom discussion and “fly” the space shuttle to whoever’s turn it is to talk by throwing it to them. This has so much potential in a classroom!

6. Faux Potted Plants: Okay, okay – I know these things don’t grow on the moon. But I am just a sucker for a good deal on fake plants. The green color can spruce up any area, and they’ll be with you for years and years regardless of what your classroom theme becomes.

7. Glow in the Dark Stars: Anyone else have these on their bedroom ceiling as a kid? I am OBSESSED with how cute it would be to put these on the ceiling and have the lights low for cool down time after recess. Or maybe you could use them just above a specific area of your room? If you ever turn down your lights for a Powerpoint presentation, then these stars can truly shine and bring some cuteness to your room.

Space Classroom Decor Pencil Holder
Space Classroom Decor Star Neon Sign

Space Classroom Decorations (Part 2)

Space Classroom Decorations Teachers will be obsessed with!

1. Neon Planet Sign: I love how this neon sign has multiple colors that are so cute and will go perfectly with the bright colors of the Space Bundle.

2. Space Classroom Rug: This 5′ x 7′ rug is a perfect minimalistic rug made mostly of dark and white colors. 5′ x 7′ will be to small if you’re planning on using this rug for your entire classroom, but Amazon has options all the way up to 10′ x 14′. Your students will be mesmerized with this rug!

3. Astronaut Plush Pillow: This plus throw pillow is another way to add something cute and cuddly to your classroom! Your students will love hugging this little guy!

4. Space Book Ends: These book ends are not cheap, but they would look so cute holding books on your teacher desk!! I love the gold accent and how it fits with the pencil holder I already linked.

5. Star Window Curtains: Okay, honestly – how cute are these? These window curtains are perfect for any space classroom decor themed room, and would be so easy to set up. Multiple curtain sizes are available so be sure to measure your windows before measuring!

6. Glitter Star Banner: This banner is perfect for anyone trying to decorate a small are of the room. Perfect for hanging above the classroom door, placing on the ceiling above student desks, or above a reading corner.

7. Star Lights: This 10′ string set of lights are battery powered and can be used all over your classroom. Checkout how cute it turned out at the top of my bulletin board!

Star Lights for a Classroom Theme

Space Classroom Decor Organization

Organization for a Space Classroom Theme

1. Teacher Toolbox: This is a staple for every classroom if you want to be a star classroom organizer! I love that it comes in black to fit the space theme. If you want to change it up, spray it blue – checkout my teacher toolbox below!

2. Space Fabric Storage Basket: Storage is always essential, cute storage is even better! I love the minimalistic black and white pattern on this basket!

3. White Storage Baskets: I love these baskets because they’re reliable and flexible. You’ll use these far beyond just your space classroom decor – the white color will go any classroom theme you use in the future!

Space Classroom Teacher Toolbox

Space Classroom Decor For Students

Student Items for a Space Classroom

1. Planet Balls: This set of planets comes with cards with information about each planet. This would be an interesting enrichment item in your classroom for students to explore!

2. Space Stickers: These cute stickers are perfect if you use a treasure box, or to put on a test before you give it back to the student. Your students will go crazy for these cute stickers!

3. Star Pencils: Perfect in a treasure box, as an incentive where you let students use the special pencils for a day, or even to use for yourself if you’re truly obsessed with the space vibe!

4. Space Puzzle: This adorable Melissa and Doug puzzle has 48 pieces is one your students will LOVE to do over and over again!

5. Star Erasers: When I saw these, I knew I had to include them – so cute!!

6. Planet Display: This display is perfect if your curriculum includes teaching about the planets, or might be a cute display that leads to a lot of great discussions with students!

Space Classroom Decor Shoes

Shoes perfect for a space theme vibe

1. Holographic Platform Sneakers: Walk around like you’re walking on clouds in these statement shoes!

2. Glitter Platform Shoes: These sparkly shoes make me smile every time I see them!

3. Glitter Sneakers: You be the Star you know you are girl – love these sneakers!

4. Steve Madden Star Sneaker: I was drawn to the simplicity of these shoes and that they’ll go with so many different outfits. You’ll love wearing these inside the classroom and on your weekend adventures!

5. Glitter (Lace Up) Sneakers: Shiny, bold, perfect fit with the rest of your space classroom decor. Rock these like the star you are!

Space Classroom Decor Outfits and More (Part 1)

My favorite Space Classroom Outfits

1. Holographic Zip Up Jacket: I love how light this jacket is, every time I see it I feel like I’m seeing an astronaut. Blast your fashion to out of this world with this cute jacket!

2. NASA T-Shirt: You can’t think about space without thinking about NASA! I love this t-shirt as a simple shirt to go with any outfit! This might be your new Friday shirt!

3. Holographic Pants: Want to take a picture in front of your space classroom decor on day 1? These pants would be perfect!

4. Space Skirt: Seriously, how cute?! This skirt makes me feel like a cute Miss Frizzle!

5. Body Glitter: This would be so cute for a special Friday, or some other special event!

6. NASA Hat: This hate comes in pink, white, or gray!

Space Classroom Decor Outfits and More (Part 2)

More of my favorite space classroom theme outfits

1. Astronaut Flight Suit: So cute, this is for the committed ones! You would be your student’s hero if you rocked this one day!

2. White and Black Star Sweater: This sweater is perfect to wear with your space theme, or for a simple date night! I love the simplicity of this black and white outfit!

3. Space Dress: Cute dress!!

4. Sparkly Jacket: Once I saw this jacket, I had to add it to this list!!

5. Space Lanyard: This cute lanyard’s black and white pattern means it’ll match every outfit you wear all year long!

6. NASA Long Sleeve T-Shirt: This cute long sleeve will work with any wardrobe!


Creating a Space Classroom Theme doesn’t need to be hard, and the results can launch you into success for the rest of the year! There were quite a few items that didn’t make it into the blog – checkout the full list on my Amazon Store.

If you’re looking to get a classroom theme to go with this cute space classroom decor, be sure to checkout my Space Classroom Decor Bundle! This bundle will be my largest bundle I’ve ever created and will set you up with everything you’ll need to make your classroom look better than the milky way! Click the button below to get the bundle for 10% off!

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Let me know in the comments below if I missed any of your favorite Space Classroom Decor items, or if you bought anything you’re excited to use!!