Fabulous Fall Decorations for a Classroom Found on Etsy

If you know me, Fall decorations for a classroom are my jam. You also might know that Etsy is one of my favorite places to shop! I love that I can find literally anything I’m looking for on the website, and each piece is so unique. I’ve used Etsy for Christmas gifts and decorating my house.

This year for the first time I’m looking for unique things to decorate the classroom, and I’m sharing all of my favorite things with you! I don’t get any benefit from sharing any of these stores, I genuinely just love how cute these items are and I had to share them!

If you’re looking for more options to decorate your classroom be sure to checkout my Amazon Fall Finds Blog! That blog has tons of items that can be at your doorstep in 2 days and have you falling in love with how cute your classroom is!

*As a note, Etsy shops are constantly evolving so some products may not be in stock or may have change in colors, etc. Here is a list of my favorite things as available on the day this blog is written. Even if the items listed aren’t on sale, each of the stores I’ve selected have tons of cute things, so be sure to look around!*

1. Fall Garlands

Rule #1 of fall decor – look for cute pumpkins! Once I saw this cute Pumkpin Garland I knew that I had to include it into the blog! Each garland is handmade with 100% wool felt and the garland is roughly 5 feet long. You also have the option to choose white or orange pumpkins on the garland. I love the white pumpkins to complete a Farmhouse look! If you’ve followed any of my classroom decor blogs you know that I love how a garland can dress up an area with little effort!

Another great option also comes from the Etsy store NivasCollection. The Fall Colored Pom Pom Garland has a beautiful color palette, and will fit nearly anywhere in your classroom. This garland is also 5 feet long and includes 49 pom poms. My favorite part is that both garlands come with free shipping πŸ™‚

Even if you don’t need a fall garland, I would favorite this shop because they have garlands for nearly any season! They also have their own online store here.

2. Fall Door Decor

Okay, okay, okay when I saw these signs I HAD to include them! These handmade signs are so adorable and the store has SO many options I had trouble deciding which pictures to include. I am obsessed with the ribbons and the cute designs!

If you’re the type of person who wants to do minimal set up for seasonal decor, hanging a sign on your classroom door can be a great option! You’ll love walking into your classroom in the morning every time you see one of these signs. Oh, and did I mention that they ship for free?

There are so many options that I’m not going to individually link the signs, instead here’s a link to the SweetSignCompany front page. The store has been around since 2013, and at the time of writing this blog has nearly 50,000 sales. Checkout the front page, they have at the time of writing they have 315 sign options. Click on Fall Door Signs if you just want to see the Fall door sign options – you’ll love what you see πŸ™‚

3. Fall Tiered Tray Decor

Tiered tray decor is definitely in right now, so if you’re looking to create one, here are some of my favorite items to use. Fall is a time to put on your sweater and enjoy a cup of hot coccoa, so when I saw these cute Fall Cups, I knew I had to include them! They are on the small side (3.3″x2.5″) which is why I recommend them for a tiered cart instead of your teacher desk. However I love the combination of whip cream, cinnamon stick, and cute fall leaves. You can also customize the color of the mug to fit the color scheme of the tiered cart!

A second option for a tiered cart (that can also be hung on your wall) is these cute Pumpkin Signs. You can purchase the pumpkin pictures individually, or order both. I love the art style, and like I said I love pumpkins πŸ™‚ The owner of this shop also has a background in education and understands what teachers want! These signs are so cute you’re going to want to bring them home on fall break for your own house!

4. Fall Door Mats

Earlier I showed my favorite door signs, and here are some of my favorite doormats to complete the look. The “Hey There Pumpkin” Doormat is so simple with a cute font. The simplicity is perfect because you can dress it up with different colored rugs underneath to match the rest of your decor! There are also different options for the “pumpkin font”, and an option to add actual pumpkins in the background.

Another option that comes from the same store is the Orange Pumpkin Doormat. Trust me, you can never go wrong with pumpkins πŸ™‚ I love this doormat because it also comes in a simple black pumpkin design. You can use these doormats year after year for your classroom, or even for your home!

Each of these doormats comes from the HamlinRowShop, and can be purchased in mini, small, medium, large, or extra large sizes. Give the store a follow and check out all of their cute designs!

Fall Decor Conclusion

I hope you found some inspiration to complete your own Fall look! If you’re looking for more Fall Classroom Decor on Etsy, be sure to checkout my Etsy Shop Fall Selection. I have plenty of bulletin boards, fall posters, and fall bulletin board borders.

Be sure to checkout my Fall Amazon Storefront for recommended Fall items as well. I know some people prefer Amazon over Etsy. The page has 49 items to turn your classroom into a fall dream πŸ™‚

Fall really is a special season and one that I always look forward to, I hope this blog helps you take one step closer to making your classroom cozy and inviting to represent the Fall season. Let me know below what your favorite items from the blog are.