Space Classroom Decor Reveal For A Classroom That’s Out of This World!

If you’re looking for a classroom that is out of this world and will take your classroom decor game to the moon, the Space Classroom Decor Bundle is for you! At the time of writing this blog, the bundle is still a growing bundle – which means you get an incredible deal if you buy early and you’ll get all future updates added for free!

The Space Classroom Decor Bundle is perfect for any teacher that wants to spark their classroom’s curiosity and give their classroom a bright makeover without the overwhelm. Unlike many space classroom themes, this theme isn’t overly dark and doesn’t rely on a lot of black colors – instead it’s bright, optimistic, and cheery with unique colors that you and your students will love all year long!

Without further ado, let me introduce you to this space classroom theme! I’ll show you some of my favorite products, but remember this is a growing bundle! By the time you’ve read this I’ll probably already have added a ton of new products, so be sure to check the Space Classroom Decor Product Page for a list of everything that’s in the bundle!

Space Classroom Decor Bundle Alphabet Posters

Whether you want to have the letters on the top or the bottom of the page, I’ve got options! All together I’ve included 6 different design options! And that doesn’t even include the fact that I’m soon going to be adding dotted-line fonts for the little ones and cursive letters for older students. Regardless of what your classroom needs for it’s alphabet you’re all set!

Here’s what one of the designs looks like on the wall altogether – I’m so happy with the way the colors seamlessly go together and make the black background with stars really pop!

If you teach the tinies who need pictures to help with the sounds, I’ve also got alphabet posters that come with pictures. Here there’s only one design, but I have multiple designs that come with both colored and black and white clipart!

Space Classroom Decor Teacher Toolbox

This teacher toolbox will help you stay so organized your teacher peers will think you’re an alien from another planet! To complete the look I spray painted the toolbox a cute blue with spray paint from Home Depot, and I’m so happy with the result! With an organization tool that’s this cute, it’s easy to stay organized and find everything you need when you need it!

If you’ve never set up a teacher toolbox, checkout this guide on How to Set up a Teacher Toolbox. The blog has a guide on how to choose the right teacher toolbox size along with links to purchase the toolboxes from Amazon!

Space Classroom Decor Birthday Board

This birthday board will make your students feel like a star on their special day! Every month comes with a super cute planet along. The birthday board also includes a text editable set of stars that let you put student names on them and attach to the planet. No more writing student names with a Sharpie, just type and print!

Teacher Tip: It never fails, every year students love seeing their name on the board and looking for their friend’s name! I also like to put my own birthday up on the board. I’ve found the students feel even more special when being on the board when the teacher’s name is also on the board!

Space Classroom Decor Classroom Setup

Here’s a quick picture of how different pieces in the bundle fit together. Featured in this picture is the welcome banner (Which comes in multiple designs). I love putting the welcome banner on the teacher desk or the front door to make students feel like the classroom is their home. When this bundle is finished it will also include larger sized pennants so you have more options!

This picture also includes the text editable schedule that I love putting on the white board to keep the day running smoothly. I like putting magnets on the back of these schedule cards so I can easily switch out the schedule from day to day.

Lastly, in this picture you can also see the 10 drawer cart labels and the voice level posters. These are some of my favorite tools to help me keep my sanity! Nothing beats staying organized and having good systems for classroom management. The voice level posters and perfect for adding a push button light so students know which sound level to aim for!

Space Classroom Decor Desk Nameplates

I love having options for decorating and making my students feel like they are seen and valued! These text edtiable desk nameplates accomplish both goals at the same time! The best part is every nameplate can be edited in Powerpoint to add student names so you no longer have to bust out the Sharpie pen and stress over having perfect hand writing!

Every year (at least) one of my students rip and tear their nameplates. Having a printable version that you don’t have to rewrite the name on makes it so easy to replace the nametag with a new version. This also helps you when you get a new student mid-year – being able to print new desk nametags is so invaluable for your sanity. Having them this cute is just an added bonus!

Space Classroom Decor Calendar

This classroom calendar has a cute cascading color pattern to make it pop! I’ve also added a lot of Holiday Cards that you can use to spice up the board. I’ve included special holidays along with special days like Spring Break, Birthdays, Teacher Works Days and so much more! You’ll love using this calendar to stay organized (and count down the days until the weekend)!

Space Classroom Decor Bulletin Board Borders

These printable borders will put you over the moon with excitement when you set up your bulletin boards! I’ve included more options than are planets in our solar system so you can make the boards exactly what you want!

These are perfect for a birthday board, classroom jobs board, or anything else you might use a board for. Framing your bulletin board with a cute border like this makes the entire classroom look put together! Straight edge and scalloped edges are included!

Space Classroom Decor Binder Covers

Nothing beats having your papers organized. An organized paper system means a calm mind and less overwhelm for a job that already comes with tons of overwhelm! These text editable binder covers come with plenty of options! Binder Spines are also included so you can make the binder covers and spines matchy matchy!


There’s way too much in this bundle (and even more coming) to include in a blog, but I wanted to give you a sneak peek of some of my favorite things! I hope that this bundle transforms your classroom into being a home away from home! If you prefer to buy this bundle on TPT, checkout my store or go directly to the Space Classroom Decor Bundle by clicking this link here.

If you’re not quite sure how the colors will print, or you’re considering using this bundle and you don’t know where to begin on buying things to go with it download this Free Shopping Guide!

The shopping guide comes with hex colors, some clipart examples, and is great for you to take with you to the store to see if what you’re considering buying matches! It’s also great to download and print out to see how the colors come out with the printer you’re going to use!

Let me know in the comments below what you think about the Space Classroom Decor Bundle and if it’s a perfect match to decorate your classroom!