Bright Classroom Amazon Finds

Life is too short to be dull; make it bright! I love bright and colorful things, and it makes a perfect classroom theme! Your students will walk into your room and feel inspired, happy, and uplifted just by looking at your bright color scheme.

 I am so glad you found my Bright Vintage Vibes Classroom Decor Bundle! It is a perfect place to start when decorating your bright classroom, but if you want more ideas, have no fear; Amazon and I are here! Adding the right decor pieces can make your classroom feel happy, bright, and like your home away from home!

I have searched Amazon to find the perfect items to match your bright classroom! These accent pieces can make your Bright Vintage Vibes decor pop! It is time to make your classroom shine bright!

Bright Classroom Bulletin Board Kit

To me, borders are like shoes! Shoes are the perfect accessory to make your outfit pop while letting your clothes be the actual statement! That is just like borders! They accentuate your wall decor and let your quotes, posters, and other items be the real show-stopper! 

 Finding the perfect border for your bright classroom was not a challenging task! There were so many options, but I picked my favorites for you! 

Nothing screams teacher like a bright, colorful box of crayons! Why not add an adorable, bright, Colorful Crayon Border to your classroom? Use this fun and colorful border to liven up your bright classroom decor! You can also pair this border with the Crayon Scribble Border and Colorful Stripe Border. All three are vibrant, durable, and of excellent quality! You will love how they look and how they are the perfect accents to your bulletin boards! 

When picking a bright and colorful outfit, sometimes it’s nice to pair it with a simpler pair of shoes. Some white or black Converse are always the perfect choice! Like your bright outfit, a beautiful wall display with a simple black and white border can look classy and lovely. I love the look of the Loop de Loop Border and Black and White Scalloped Border! They will help make your bright classroom decor pop and add a subtle statement! The Polka Dot Border is a simple and stylish look that pairs perfectly with your bright classroom decor! 

Now that you have your bright classroom decor picked out, you need to decide what background color you want on your bulletin boards! Again, your options are endless, with a bright and colorful theme.

I always suggest using the Better Than Paper brand because it is thicker, easy to hang, and you will not struggle with paper that tears and wrinkles! It lasts long and will not fade like typical paper. 

I love using black as my bulletin board paper because it makes my decor items pop! I love the chalkboard paper because it has a vintage vibe and will make the bright decor shine!! Another classy option is the shiplap paper! It is also a simple background that will make your bright decor items pop, and you can choose a fun colored border to make it even more vibrant! 

If you want to make your classroom explode with colors and truly bring your bright classroom theme alive, use bulletin board paper with color! I think this teal or green bulletin board paper would pair nicely with my Bright Vintage Vibes Classroom Decor Bundle! They fit the color scheme and will make the decor items in the bundle stand out! 

When choosing a bright classroom theme, finding accent pieces that match the color scheme is fun! I love this colorful felt garland! It can add a pop of color around your bulletin board or the front of your teacher desk! It also could be cute on your classroom door and will help your bright classroom theme start when your students walk through the door! 

I always think of ways to make my classroom feel more special and unique. One great way to do that is by adding little accent pieces like the pompoms, tassel garland, and circle garland in this party kit! Your options on how to use these fun, bright items are endless! 

You could hang the colorful pompoms above a group of desks or tables and call that group of students the “blue team” or “purple team.” In my classroom, I have lights made of metal hanging from the ceiling. I used these magnetic hooks and then hung a pompom on each corner. It is a great way to add pops of color to your room while adding some dazzle! 

The tassel and circle garlands are perfect accents to your bright classroom! String them across your bulletin boards, door, teacher desk, or Smart Board! It will make your classroom bright and even more vibrant! I also have strung it across my bookshelf for a cute accent piece!


Storage Option for Classroom

Organization is a teacher’s best friend! I am always looking for ways to improve my organizational skills! One thing I found that helped was tote boxes. I love placing them on my shelves because they hide much of my clutter, yet my room looks terrific! I found these Alphabet Totes, which would pair perfectly with your bright classroom. The black-and-white alphabet is simple but will make a bold statement in your room.  

Colorful Bins for a Colorful Bright Classroom Decor

A classroom staple is these Colorful Book Bins! Use them to brighten up your classroom library! They are designed to last and are easy to clean. This set is great because they have a spot where you can put labels. I like to group my books by genre, and the little area on the front makes it easy to do that! 

I also have used these for my small groups. I could place the items I needed for the day in each bin, knowing each colored container represented a different group! 

I also have used them for my students when they switch classrooms. If they went to another teacher for math, they could place all their math items in the bin and then carry it with them to that switch class. 


Bright Yellow Rug for the Classroom

A rug is a must for your classroom! It is the perfect place to call your students for morning meetings, small group lessons, and when you want them to gather together! 

 This yellow Classroom Rug pairs perfectly with your bright classroom decor! Yellow is a great way to add some sunshine to your room! If you are not a fan of yellow, don’t worry! This rug has many different color options. You just need to pick your favorite! 

When decorating my classroom, I always aim to make it my home away from home! Adding some accent pieces is an easy way to make your classroom feel more homey. I love these Blue Modern Chairs to pair with your bright classroom! Every year, I find doodles on my chairs; we all have artists in our classrooms. I have learned I need furniture that I can clean easily, and these chairs are perfect! Grab a magic eraser, dish soap, or your other favorite cleaning product, and it comes right off! 

These chairs are also durable and make a great statement piece in your classroom! Use them at your small group table, in the front as a teacher chair, or if you have flexible seating, these would be a great addition! You could even use them for a cute reading nook in the corner of your room!

I love the mid-century modern look of these chairs and the blue color that fits perfectly with the bright classroom vibe! 

Nothing makes a classroom feel more cozy and homey than some pillows! Pillows are a fantastic way to add pops of color to your classroom. I love these bright yellow Sun PillowPencil Pillowand Square Pencil Pillow! They would match perfectly with the yellow Classroom Rug I mentioned earlier! 

If you want a more classic teacher pillow, check out this adorable lined Paper Pillow! It would look so cute on your teacher chair or in a book nook area! 

Small Group Time/Teacher Table

Colorful Dry Erase Circles

I am always looking for different items in my classroom that are not only cute but functional! One noteworthy item is this set of Dry Erase Circles! I am big on small group work, and instead of students hauling their whiteboards over, they can use these dots! They are perfect for math problems, sentence writing, and even more. The dots allow you to see all students’ work. 

So, not only are they functional and have a purpose in your classroom, but they are so cute! I love how bright these dots are! They can change any dull table into something vibrant and spectacular! 

Apple Sticky Note Holder

I should count how many reminders pop into my head while teaching! There is no way I could make it throughout the day without sticky notes! They are a life savior! 

If you are a sticky note queen like me, why not make your sticky notes have a cute tiny home on your desk!? I love this Apple Sticky Note Dispenser! Nothing screams teacher like an apple, but how cute and fun would this be on your desk? It adds a bright pop of color while being functional! 

Small Chalkboard

With your bright vintage classroom decor, why not add a classic piece like this Chalkboard Sign! You could use it for table numbers, a quote of the week, a riddle of the day, to write down what your students need at the teacher’s table, and so many other options! I love how it gives a rustic vibe that will add some zest to your bright classroom! 

Mr. Sketch Scented Markers for the Classroom

Why is something so simple like Mr. Sketch Markers one of the most amazing things ever invented?! Teachers LOVE them, your students LOVE them; they are just the perfect writing tool! The colors are vibrant; the scent is even more delightful! 

The bright colors look fantastic on anchor charts. They make your words pop and make the paper smell delicious! The markers are also long-lasting and will not dry out quickly! 

If you want to engage or motivate your students, try using Mr. Sketch Markers! The students find them so fun to use! Pass them out for students to use when practicing spelling or sight words, math facts, or finding the errors in a sentence! The students instantly buy into whatever you do using such a magical utensil! 

You could even use these markers for a morning meeting game! “Guess That Scent!” Have your students close their eyes and guess the scent. Some markers are better smelling than others, but you and your students will have so much fun playing this activity! Imagine the laughing memories you will make! 

Bright and Colorful Classroom Decor

If you are now dreaming of a bright classroom theme, check out my Bright Vintage Vibes Bundle to see the awesome, colorful decor items included in this bundle! When creating this bundle, I thought about everything you will need throughout the year to have a successful year of teaching and a beautifully bright classroom. Everything is designed, organized, and ready to use! All you have to do is print and go! 

If you want a little preview of this bundle, check out this link! Enjoy two free growth mindset posters from the Vintage Vibes collection. You will love the bright pop of primary colors with subtle black and white touches!

I hope this Bright Vintage Vibes classroom decor will inspire you to dream big, sparkle more, and shine bright!!