Boho Farmhouse Classroom Decor Amazon Finds

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Looking for the best Boho Farmhouse Classroom Decor? I have been OBSESSED with the Boho Farmhouse theme. The combination of tribal patterns and hexagons with the warmth of eucalyptus plants gives me all the ?

I get a lot of questions from customers who have bought the Boho Farmhouse Classroom Decor Bundle wondering what they can pair with the bundle to make their classroom look cohesive. This entire blog is dedicated to giving you the confidence to buy things that turn your classroom into a home away from home in no time!

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Boho Farmhouse Classroom Decor – Bulletin Board Kit

The beauty of Boho Farmhoues Classroom Decor is the feeling of home. That’s why I love starting with a bulletin board background that screams comfort! Choose between the classic shiplap bulletin board paper or the brick bulletin board paper. You can’t go wrong with either choice!

Once you have your background bulletin board paper it will be easier to select your border. ALWAYS choose a versatile border so you don’t feel like you need to change it when the bulletin board content changes for holidays, etc.

If you are looking for a classic farmhouse border check out this wooden border. You can choose a simple black and white swiss cross pattern, or a simplistic black and white border. Lastly, if you like monochromatic styles you can choose this black scalloped border.

Boho Farmhouse Classroom Decor – Hospitality

If you’re going for a classroom that uses Boho Farmhouse Classroom Decor, then I know you want to have a room full of hospitality!

I once heard a speaker point out that hospital and hospitality have the same root word. The power and focus of hospitality is to show the healing power of love. I am obsessed with farmhouse because the focus is hospitality.

I always want my class to be a place where students are loved regardless of what is going on at home. These three items instantly increase the hospitality feel of your classroom.

Start with a simple welcome sign that speaks volumes without you ever saying a word – your students are loved and always welcome! This welcome sign is a beautiful addition to any room. Another great option is something as simple as this farmhouse “Hello” sign.

My favorite sign is this hexagon letter board. The board can be mounted on a wall, comes with an easel and has over 360 letters, numbers, and characters. Change it up for a daily or monthly motivational quote.

Lastly, make your reading area the best place in the room to instill a lifelong love for reading. Add pillows to give the perfect comfy cozy feeling that you get when you crack open your favorite book with a cup of warm coffee.

This 4-pack of throw pillows offers a great amount of variety and fits perfectly with any Boho Farmhouse theme. Another great option that is a little cheaper is this 4 pack of throw pillows that only includes black and white patterns. Give your students a reading nook that they are always asking to go to!

Boho Farmhouse Classroom Decor Greenery

Boho Farmhouse Greenery for the Classroom

Greenery is the best way to brighten up a farmhouse classroom and give life to specific areas of the classroom. If you’re looking to dress an entire wall in greenery, this ivy garland is perfect for you! It is a cheap option that instantly transforms a corner of your room. Check out the Amazon pictures for more ideas of how you can use these in your classroom!

When I think of Boho Farmhouse I repeatedly think of hanging plants. I can’t over this 3 pack of macrame plant hangers. (Please note that the link only includes the macrame hangers, but will fit with a variety of planters. I like the variety you can get by switching out which plants you hang.)

If you wanted a hanging plant that drapes over the hanging pots I love the beautiful hanging string of pearls which will give you all the boho farmhouse feels!

Pro Tip: The macrame hangers come in a 3 pack and the succulents come in a 4 pack so if you pair them together you will also have an extra succulent string to hang over your door 🙂

Boho Farmhouse Teacher Desk

Boho farmhouse Teacher Desk

How cute is this boho mirror?! Fill your heart every morning with Boho goodness and give yourself a pep talk before the kids come rummaging into the classroom. Or…maybe a more realistic application, check your smile to make sure your teeth won’t be showing off that you ate a salad allllll day long.

If you want a new way to store your flair pens, highlighters, and pencils, consider the three glass bottles. It’s currently going under 10 dollars and instantly adds immense value in the cute department.

Lastly, if you need to store more than just your writing utensils try the rustic desk organizer. The distressed wood look can pull together any teacher desk, and you have more than enough storage for all your essentials!

Boho Farmhouse Rug

What’s my secret to keeping my classroom rug so clean? An outdoor rug! I love how durable outdoor rugs are and this one is just too cute! If you are looking for a boho farmhouse rug I highly suggest you check this out.

Boho Farmhouse Classroom Decor Bonuses

Okay, so for this last section I wanted to give you some last bonus materials that didn’t quite fit in any category but are absolutely adorable! My top bonus item are the rustic farmhouse night lights that will give specific spaces an incredible ambiance!

I know night lights?! Yes! Imagine using these for necessary low light situations – like after recess with the lights off – to give your kids time to cool down. Or what about when you’re showing a movie or a Powerpoint and need just a little bit of light and want to do it in style!? These lights may just be my favorite item on this entire list!

Need storage in style? I’ve got two great options! You can go with this cute geometric black and white basket or you can check out the two tone basket with a boho tassel flair. Both are versatile in the ways that you can use them and will be helpful for years to come!

Another storage option for smaller items are the magnetic storage boxes. The boxes come in a set of three so you can easily group them together in one area of the room. I can easily see these being used to hold thank you letters, expo markers, or sets of manipulatives for a student group.


I hope you found inspiration in turning your classroom into a home away from home. If imagining these things in your classroom gave you all the Boho Farmhouse feels, be sure to check out my Boho Farmhouse Classroom Decor Bundle. It’s got everything you need for your classroom and plenty of editable items to make your room exactly what you want!