Spring Classroom Decor That Will Bring Life to Your Classroom

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Spring is by far my favorite time of the year, and Spring classroom decorations don’t need to be hard! To me, Spring represents new life. Plants are coming back to life with beautiful flowers, the temperature is perfect, and the air is full of singing birds. While nature is showing off during Spring, as a teacher you may be running out of gas and just trying to make it to Spring Break!

That’s why I’ve rounded up my favorite Spring classroom décor! Decorating for Spring can breathe new life into your classroom and give you the all important reminder – SPRING BREAK IS COMING!! All of the items listed in this blog are from Amazon, and can be in your classroom in two days or less!

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Spring Classroom Decor – Bulletin Boards

The classroom bulletin board is one of the easiest places to start for Spring classroom decorations. For Spring I love soft colors and muted tones – they allow you to add bright colored flowers or other bright life-giving Spring decor.

Start your bulletin board canvas with this blush bulletin board paper – it’ll pair nicely with any pink printed flowers, or other bright colors. For a touch of warmth add this wood border. The brown color will be a great balance with the muted pink background.

If you want more of a nature feel to your bulletin board, try out this green bulletin board paper. This will also pair nicely with the wood border. If you’re looking for another way to add a texture, this burlap border would be super cute (especially if you’re a farmhouse girl like me!). If you like simply black and whites in your classroom, this black and white stripped border is fantastic with the green background. For other black and white border options, check out my Amazon Spring Storefront!

Lastly, for all my farmhouse lovers – you gotta go with vertical white weathered wood bulletin board paper. To add a touch of Spring flavor, add this pink border.

Once you’ve got your bulletin board background and border set up, you might need help with spring display board ideas! Check out my Spring Bulletin boards as a way to breathe life and inspiration in your entire classroom.

Both bulletin boards are themed with bright spring colors, beautiful flowers, of course the cutest bees you can find!

The first Spring bulletin board represents why I went into teaching – to “Plant Kindness” into the hearts of my students. The beauty of the message is reflected in the blooming flowers that burst with hope. This bulletin board is pictured with a shiplap bulletin board paper and a black and white polka dotted border.

The second Spring bulletin board welcomes Spring in all it’s beauty with the simple message “Hello Spring”! You’ll love taping on the bright oversized flowers, and the buzzing bee. If you’re here looking for spring board ideas for preschool, I promise your kiddos will be obsessed with the bee!! This bulletin board is pictured with a weathered wood background and black and white scalloped border.

Spring Classroom Decor

Spring Classroom decorations to give your class a breeze

You would be amazed how even a small touch of Spring classroom decor can make such a big difference. If you’re looking for spring door decorations, I would recommend staring with this beautiful welcome wreath! It is bursting with greenery and is such a great way to add life to your front door!

Another great way to add faux greenery are these cute pink hydrangeas that I’m just obsessed with! Flowers make everything more beautiful, but why should you go through the work of watering, pruning, and caring for flowers on top of the million of things you have to do as a teacher? These cute flowers will add instant beauty and can be stored away and look just as good next Spring without adding any extra burden on you!

If you’re a farmhouse fan, this rustic mint pitcher SCREAMS spring with “Flowers & Garden” printed on the side. Who knows, maybe even hide a little lemonade in it for grading after school!? This farmhouse felt letter board is not just a spring decoration, but can be used year round! Use it in spring to remind yourself everyday what you’re going to do when Spring Break finally hits!

Lastly, add a touch of Spring with colorful garlands! This colorful tassel garland would go great at the top of your doorway, on top of your board, or on the front of your teacher desk. Spring could always use a little more shimmer, and the pops of gold add just that 🙂

The pink and white ball garland is a great way to add muted colors if you like more of a boho neutral vibe in your room.

Extra Pro Tip: By the time you hit Spring, you’re ready to pull out your hair. I always loved buying my own set of pastel colored pencils as a way to relax. Trust me, you never outgrow coloring!

Spring Classroom Decor – Student Gifts

Student gifts to give away at Spring

Maybe Spring decorations aren’t your thing but you’d like to still add some Spring flavor. A quick (and cheap) way to do that is to do colorful student gifts that don’t break the bank.

I like these cute pastel inspired slinkies. As a kid I still remember playing with slinkies and all the happiness they brought me. Or maybe you could give them a fun way to drink their favorite juice with these flower fun straws! Either way you can’t go wrong 🙂

Spring Classroom Decor – Parent Gifts

Spring Classroom decorations  - parent gifts

If you’re looking to give a gift to both your students and their entire families, I’ve got some gifts ideas for you. If you have time in your classroom for an art activity, these are my favorite activities for students to do so they can bring home the Spring fun!

First, because I love flowers so much, I really recommend these flower seeds. They come in a 12-pack with a terracotta pot that can be painted by students with cute Spring sayings. Or maybe an even better saying coming from the student is just a simple “I love you” for their parents. You’ll love your students returning to class with updates on how their flowers are growing. This is truly a gift that keeps on giving!

Another quick activity would be these easter egg sun catchers. They’re so colorful and will get your students excited for Easter. Each pack comes with 24 eggs, and will make your students so proud to take them home or even hang in the classroom window.


Spring is such a fun season and it becomes even more fun when you have beautiful decor to get you in the spirit. If you’re looking for other Spring options to take your Spring classroom decor game to the next level, consider my Spring Posters or my Spring Powerpoint Slides.

The printable posters come with 9 designs that can be used as Spring classroom door decorations, or that can be separated and put up all over the classroom. The PowerPoint slides are a great way to bring Spring into your classroom every day for every subject.

Let me know if you use any of these options in your class, or feel free to add options in the comments section below!