Beautiful Bold Brights & Black and Whites Amazon Finds

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If you’re looking for a Bold and Bright classroom, look no further than my Bold Bright & Black and White Collection. The bundle features over 3,500 pages and strikes the perfect balance between colorful and playful black and white patterns.

Sometimes you want to take it up a notch and add more classroom decor to make the classroom really pop! I’ve curated this list of all my favorite Amazon finds that go perfectly with the bundle! My favorite part about using Amazon is that all these items can be on your doorstep in two days or less- doesn’t get any better than that!

I am obsessed with the Bold Bright collection because of the uniqueness of the colors. I loved it so much I made the color palette my branding colors! While the beauty of the colors is definitely there, the uniqueness of the colors makes it difficult to match with physical classroom decor.

This blog is devoted to adding great black and white accents that will really make the boldness of the color palette pop! When I did add color, I focused on versatile colors that were easier to match like soft pinks and blues!

A lot of items are listed here, so if you want to see all the items in one place be sure to check out my Bold Bright Amazon Storefront page! If you want to see suggestions for other items related to classroom set up, bulletin boards, or other lifestyle things, check out my Amazon Storefront page with links to all my favorite Amazon finds 🙂

Bright Classroom Bulletin Boards

What’s black and white and bold all over?

You guessed it, its a Bold Bright & Black and Whites Bulletin Board.

Every classroom whether its brightly bold or classically black and white can use a Bold Bright’s & Black and Whites classroom bulletin board to bring that WOW factor into your home away from home.

There are options on options when it comes to any color of bulletin board paper for your bright classroom. If you are yearning for that classic black and white look the White Shiplap Better Than Paper® is calling your name. This option is sure to keep your classroom bright but timeless. The Shiplap background is the perfect accessory for any display.

To up the ante with your bright classroom look you can add in none other than a black and white border or two! Adding the Twinkle Twinkle You’re A STAR border is sure to make your board POP, if you pair that with the Stylish Black and White Scalloped border you are sure to have that clean, bold and bright look that makes your home away from shine.

If you are wanting to have a colorful bright classroom you are going to need those amazing pops of color. The Fadeless Bulletin Board Paper is the one for you to really make a statement piece in your classroom. Fadeless bulletin board paper comes in that gorgeous pink and 20 colors so I am sure you will find the perfect match!

The colors continue with the Light Turquoise Better Than Paper Bulletin Board this option packs a bold punch! Both of these beautifully bold options would pair amazing with of course a black and white border.

A fun scalloped print would be the perfect accent but still let the color of the paper shine and of course we have the Kind Vibes Scalloped Bulletin Board Border. Now if stripes make your teacher heart happy we have the Bold & Bright Bold Stripes Border that is sure to add a punch to your Bold Bright’s & Black and Whites Bulletin Board!

Creating your bulletin boards is one of the most fun aspects of the classroom makeover, so many choices and options for your home away from home!

If you want to see how I set up a bold/bright bulletin board check out this Bold Bright Classroom Makeover!

Bright Classroom Decor

Of course every Bright Classroom needs the staples of Bold Bright & Black and Whites decor to truly transform your home away from home.

The perfect way to kick off your Bright Classroom is a statement piece rug and welcome mat and I have your covered with two timeless options. First is the Scallop Area Rug that is that classic black and white sleek look. Then we have the 2 Pieces Welcome Doormat, this two pack allows your to layer the mats or use them as two separate entities.

The bright classroom theme continues with the perfect black and white accents that make your classroom bold and beautiful! The Succulent Plants in Pots-Set of 3 would be the perfect bold accessory for your teacher desk or even to brighten up a shelf or window pane. Another way to bright up your desk or even a bulletin board would be the Sparkling Star Garland, those gold stars are perfection!

Every classroom library or cozy corner needs fun and cozy pillows and its the easiest way to tie in your Bright Classroom theme, the Square Toss Pillow Case Pack of 2 has that classic look down pat. Another way to add to your bright classroom is Black and White Tassel Curtains to truly tie your whole classroom together.

Last but not least the perfect accessory for your whiteboard or filing cabinet is the Black and White Fashion Magnets. The perfect way to hang important papers for you to find with ease or to display your craft for the day.

There are so many ways to truly bring your bright classroom to life. I can’t wait to see how you bring your own personal touches to your own Bold Bright & Black and Whites classroom.

Bright Classroom Teacher Desk

The Bright Classroom accessories continue and now we tackle one of the most important spaces in your room the famous teacher desk.

Lets kick it off with the Gold Desk Accessories. This will set your desk up for success! This bundle contains so many teacher essentials I can’t handle it. From the adorable clear components to the gold accents you can’t go wrong with having this adorn your desk all year long. There isn’t a supply you won’t have with this pack.

When it comes to your desk you need items that are going to up the anti on organization and storage but bring that unique Bright Classroom look to your own desk. To get the biggest bang for your buck on your storage options you will love the Kate Spade Black Decorative Storage Boxes.

With your three options on sizes you are bound to find the right fit for you. These boxes are perfect for your treasure box, sticker collection and even your personal stash of snacks. ( We all have them :))

To add even more storage to your Bold Brights & Black and Whites teacher desk you can throw in the Kate Spade Black and White Desk Organizer. This is an amazing option to store those important papers you need all year long and even those lesson plans! This option allows you to easily find things at your desk!

Speaking of desk accessories, don’t forget to check out my blog on How to Set Up Your Teacher Toolbox to store all of your desk accessories!

Now that we have touched on the Bold Brights & Black and Whites teacher desk storage, now we need to get all things organization and my amazon storefront has got you covered. We usually have everything and the kitchen sink on our desk so we need organization that is functional and practical.

The Desk File Sorter Organizer is the perfect element to keep all those binders, clipboards, notebooks and teacher planner at the ready. We of course also need a way to organize all those Kate Spade Pens and all the teacher things and of course we have to have a gorgeous Gold Pencil Cup!

Storage and organization are important to any teacher and there is no reason that those elements in your room can’t be beautifully bold!

Bright Classroom Storage

Give me all the pretty storage pretty please!

I have gathered some of my favorite storage options so that you do not have to worry!

Of course I can’t start off with anything but the infamous book bins! They have every use under the sun. They are perfect for storing books for your classroom library or your individual student book buckets!

They also work wonders as cubbies for student supplies or journals and they are great if you need to organize centers or curriculum into units. The white option is perfect for your Bold Brights & Black and Whites Classroom-the crisp white truly makes them pop!

Next up on storage list we have all things Storage Cubes and there’s even options! Those perfect pops of pink storage cubes are a great option for storing clipboards or book buddies. These storage cubes can store so much that the possibilities are endless, and we can’t forget the label option that is built in with these beauties! Next we have the calming blue storage cubes. These are a great way to store student headphones and so much more.

Storage cubes and book bins can be used in so many ways. They are an amazing staple to have in your Bold Brights & Black and Whites Classroom. I can’t wait to see how all of you add your own personal touches to your bold, bright and beautiful home away from home!


I hope you found what you were looking for to make your Bold Bright Classroom even bolder and more beautiful! If you haven’t decided on a theme yet, be sure to checkout the entire Bold Bright Classroom Decor Bundle. The bundle is affordable and gives you countless options to spice up your classroom and is something that you can use year after year!

Let me know in the comments below if I missed something, or if there’s something that you used in your Bold Brights Classroom that you think would be a great addition to this list 🙂