Thanksgiving Bulletin Boards You’ll Be Thankful For

Does your Thanksgiving bulletin board represent everything that’s great about the season? Make Thanksgiving a time in your classroom where students reflect on blessings rather than problems.

What you and your students will find is that true joy is waiting on the other side of a thankful heart. Classroom dynamics are always different each year, but I love Thanksgiving because it’s a great time to teach my students one of the most important lessons they’ll receive all year. Joy and thankfulness go hand in hand!

Thanksgiving Bulletin Board

Starting the design process I knew that I wanted to highlight all the warm colors of fall. Rich browns, reds, and oranges warm up my heart and make me feel like I can already smell pumpkin pie. Or maybe that’s my pumpkin candle? Or my pumpkin spice latte? Who knows – pumpkins are everywhere this time of year.

Once I had my color scheme in place, I wanted to give teachers two options – but each time I wanted thankfulness to take center stage. This gives you the option to change your bulletin board from year to the next – saving you money but still letting you feel like the board is fresh year after year.

Another small tweak that you can make is switching out the black and white polka dot banner. I like to keep my banners simple so they don’t distract from the main message of the board. In my Holiday Bulletin Board Bundle, I have 10 bulletin boards and many of those banners can be switched to keep this board fresh.

If your kiddos are anything like mine their minds like to wander, why not use a board that will constantly push their minds to become better human beings? I’ve heard it said that a heart full of thanks never has room to fit anger or bitterness. Wouldn’t it be a dream to describe our classes that way?

Thanksgiving Bulletin Board Posters

If a full bulletin board isn’t available in your classroom or your distance learning setup, a better option might be Holiday posters. Each of these 9 8″ x 8″ posters spread Thanksgiving cheer.

My favorite thing about using the Holiday posters is the versatility you have to cover the entire room with Thanksgiving bliss! These are also perfect for a distance learning setup – with 9 options you can use 2 per day and have enough to rotate for almost an entire week!

If you’re looking to blow up one of these posters, check out the easy steps in my How to Print Classroom Posters blog.

I don’t know if anything screams Thanksgiving like family, turkey, and pumpkin pie. I wanted these posters to bring back memories of family gatherings from your childhood. Each poster is outlined with a warm rustic wood that would make Joanna proud!

More Bulletin Board Material

As I mentioned earlier, there’s a Holiday Bulletin Board Bundle that will make things simple for you all year long. The bundle includes 9 other bulletin boards in addition to the Thanksgiving bulletin board shown above. When you hit the motivation wall in November you’ll be thankful that you already have your bulletin board crossed off your list for the entire year!

Holiday Bulletin Board Bundle

If you prefer the idea of decorating with posters you need to check out my Holiday Poster Bundle which also includes 10 sets of holiday posters. Each holiday has 9 posters for a total of 90 posters to keep your classroom fresh all year long!

Holiday Poster Bundle

I clearly love Thanksgiving – who doesn’t love feasting with family and reflecting on blessings? Let me know in the comments below, how do you decorate for Thanksgiving? More than just decorating, let me know how you set a culture of thankfulness in your classroom!