Fall Bulletin Board Ideas You’ll Fall in Love with

Looking for fall bulletin board ideas? Fall is one of the best times of the year – the temperature begins to drop, you have an excuse to go to Starbucks and get a warm pumpkin spice latte, and it’s the perfect time to whip out that fresh apple pie candle that’s been sitting on your shelf. Why not give your classroom the same magic feeling that you and your students can enjoy the entire fall season?

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Fall Bulletin Board

Fall Bulletin Board from Confetti and Creativity

I started this process with a lot of fall bulletin board ideas. But I settled on the fact that fall is all about the pumpkin. Pumpkins in my coffee, pumpkin candles, and pumpkins on my bulletin board!

I instantly knew that my design process would start with a cute new take on pumpkins with a farmhouse boxy shape and cute green bows. As I looked at the rest of the board I wanted to incorporate a mixture of browns, reds, oranges, and yellows.

I wanted this board to give you feelings of wanting to go take pictures in a pumpkin patch, or take your family to get lost in a corn maze. This board will want to make you light a pumpkin candle in your classroom and call it a day!

This bulletin board backdrop is also great for distance learning if you’re looking to keep your background fresh and changing with the seasons!

Fall Bulletin Board Posters

Fall Bulletin Board Ideas For the Classroom

If you’re in a small classroom, or your classroom is your living room it can be difficult to find enough space for an entire bulletin board lay out. A good option for anyone in this situation is to decorate using holiday themed posters.

These posters are small enough to be flexible in where you hang them up, but are capable of making a big impact! I’ve seen teachers use them on their classroom door as well for an inviting welcome!

Each poster is outline with a wood frame and designed to incorporate seamlessly into a farmhouse classroom, but will work perfectly in any classroom that needs a taste of Fall!

If you have enough space you can make these 8″ x 8″ posters into full-sized posters by following the directions in my How to Print Classroom Posters blog.

More Bulletin Board Material

If you’re looking to make your classroom fresh for every season of the school year check out my Holiday Bulletin Board Bundle. The bundle includes 9 other bulletin boards in addition to the fall bulletin board shown above.

There’s no more need of trying searching Pinterest to try and find new bulletin board ideas for every single season! Instead, this bundle sets you up to keep your board fresh all year long!

Holiday Bulletin Board Bundle

Update: Since I first published this blog, I have added two more Holiday Bulletin Board Bundles! Each bundle is incredibly easy to use and something that you’ll use year after year!

If you prefer the idea of decorating with posters you need to check out my Holiday Poster Bundle which also includes 10 sets of holiday posters. Each holiday has 9 posters for a total of 90 posters to keep your classroom fresh all year long!

Holiday Poster Bundle

What is your favorite part of the fall season? Tell me in the comments below if you have any great fall bulletin board ideas that you’re going to use this year! OR Are there any boots or outfits that you’re excited to dust off for the fall season? Let me know below!