2 Fresh Back to School Bulletin Board Ideas

If you’re wondering why a back to school bulletin board is important just think back to your first day of school. Students walk in nervous about friendships and the newness of another year. (Maybe you still get it as a teacher). Give your students a sense of home and security on their first day in your classroom with an easy to set up bulletin board!

Back to School Bulletin Board

Back to School Bulletin Board

I began the design process with the message “We’re Ready to Grow” in mind. First impressions are important! A positive growth mindset that is established on day one can have a lasting impact on how a student approaches his work for the rest of the year. I think every teacher hopes to see incredible growth over the course of the year and the beautiful plants featured in this product are a great talking point with students – young or old.

This back to school bulletin board even serves as a great backdrop for distance learning. Wouldn’t it be great to add visual messages to support all the encouragement you already give your students?

Back to School Bulletin Board Posters

Another option to prepare for back to school is to use Holiday Posters. Smaller posters may work for a different environment where a bulletin board isn’t as accessible. These 9 easy to print and set up. Each poster prints as an 8″ by 8″ square. Posters can easily be adapted to a larger poster format by following the steps on my How to Print Poster Size blog.

If you are doing distance learning this year, these farmhouse posters are very versatile to meet any backdrop decor need.

Back to School Posters

Check out the video below to see how easy it is to set up this back to school display!

More Bulletin Board Ideas

If you want a beautiful classroom but don’t have time to piece together decor for every season, check out my Holiday Bulletin Board Bundle. The bundle includes the back to school bulletin board shown above along with 9 other bulletin board layouts. This keeps your board fresh all year long but doesn’t add a lot of work to your to do list.

Holiday Bulletin Board Bundle

You can also check out my Farmhouse Holiday Poster Bundle which includes the back to school holiday posters. It also includes 9 other holiday poster sets (A total of 90 posters) to keep your classroom fresh all year long!

Holiday Poster Bundle

Tell me in the comments below, what are you most excited for with the new school year? How will you welcome your students back to school and create a warm environment for learners to thrive?