Amazing Amazon Boho Classroom Decor

Boho Classroom Decor Overview with Amazon Finds

You just purchased my Boho Classroom Decor and you are looking for ways to have your classroom roaring with Creativity and Confetti. I got your back! I have rounded up almost 30 of my favorite items to help you transform your current space into your oasis of learning and it’s all at the touch of your fingertips.

Every item comes from Amazon so it can be in your classroom faster than your students can count the spots on a leopard. If you want to see all of the items in one location and see other phenomenal shopping lists, check out my Amazon Storefront! If you’re looking for additional Boho Classroom Decor that’s not listed in this blog, check out my Boho Classroom Amazon List.

What you will notice about the Boho Classroom Decor List is that it calls for Good Vibes Only! There is something about the Boho Neutral design that puts your mind, body and soul at ease. The neutral and calming color palette will bring the perfect amount of balance to your classroom, while the fierce pops of leopard print will bring your classroom to the next level.

There could not be a more perfect balance between comfort and chic. This combo is sure to make your pride lands the place for cats big and small to make their mark on the year!

Boho Classroom Decor – Bulletin Boards

Boho Classroom Bulletin Board borders and backgrounds

Turning your classroom into the perfect oasis for learning starts with none other than a Boho Classroom Decor Bulletin Board. The best way to pounce on this vital part of your classroom is choosing your bulletin board background using the queen of bulletin board paper, Better than Paper!

You can’t go wrong with Better than Paper. It’s got  luxurious quality and it comes in every color of the rainbow, any of these beauties can be found on my Amazon Storefront.

From the subtle and clean look of the maplewood and shiplap to the gorgeous and warm tones of the blush and mauve you are sure to be head over heels with your boards. All of these options make fantastic backgrounds for your board! Find the option that makes your heart roar with happiness for the next 180 days!

Once you have tackled the job of your bulletin board backdrop now it’s time to pull it all together with borders and again, you have an endless amount of options to transform your space. If you decide to run with a neutral backdrop you will want to add the fierceness of  polka dots or even tie in a black and white scalloped accent.

Don’t be afraid to have fun with your borders, there is no such thing as too many borders! Layering your borders with fun patterns or a pop of color will only further beautify your board and add your personalized touch.

But if you aren’t a fan of print you can always layer scalloped colors and further dive into the neutral color palette. The boards will definitely have your kids saying that amazing things happen here all year long!

Boho Classroom Decor – Classroom Essentials

The Boho Classroom Decor not only calms your mind and makes your heart soar, this pack also allows you to shoot for the stars. Every classroom has their essentials and the Boho Classroom does not disappoint with its focus on being cool, calm and collected. 

The good vibes will start bright and early everyday in your classroom with the addition of the neutral rainbow welcome mat. Its sheer perfection will make sure that each and every student knows they are welcome in your classroom as they arrive each day.

Your students will admire the fun textures and details that can be added on a bulletin board or teacher desk with the Tissue Tassels or my favorite the Pom Pom Garland. These small features pack a punch and can brighten up any part of your home away from home.

The Boho Classroom Decor pack has that ethereal glow that puts you at ease and that is amplified with the gorgeous Pampas Grass. The grass comes in a variety of options that only further play into the neutral features of the pack. (I also have other options for Pampas grass in my Amazon Storefront). Adding these features will have your students dreaming of the endless possibilities of the school year.

The last essential to top off your Boho Classroom Decor is greenery and I have added various options to tailor to your classroom. The hanging ivy greenery can be the perfect focus point on a wall and it will continue to add that light and airy feeling that will ease your students’ nerves on the first day of school.

Another great option would be these hanging potted plants which can be the perfect centerpiece for Meet the Teacher. These plamnts are to help set the tone for the rest of the school year. The possibilities are endless with the Boho Classroom…Keep the good vibes flowing and happy decorating!

Boho Classroom Decor – Storage

Boho Classroom storage options

If you are going to survive 180 days of craziness you will need to have topnotch organizational skills. The Boho Neutral Classroom has so many great options for your cool, calm and collected classroom. The Burlap Pocket Charts come in an array of dimensions and will keep up the calm vibes in your classroom. The fact they come in a plethora of sizes means that you will be sure to find what works for you.

The 14 pocket Burlap organizer is a unique shape but gives you so much to work with! This would easily organize your classroom jobs or vocab words for any subject you teach!

The 7 pocket Burlap organize gives you the best bang for your buck! This feature could have your Reading or Math centers be the chicest in the grade. The key to success whether you are new to the profession or a veteran is organization! 

The biggest complimentary color to the Boho Classroom Decor is white! It will easily create a clean and effortless look and make that leopard print POP! It will also add to the angelic touches of the neural palette. If you are going to keep being an organization Rockstar you will need durable and practical storage options.

I’ve got you covered with the Humble Crew Plastic Storage Bins this will be a classroom must have with its versatile uses. These can easily store and organize your millions of math manipulatives and you can even add the Boho Classroom Editable Labels to further add that special touch. These could also make your classroom library look fierce! Your students will be on the prowl for a new book each and everyday!  

Boho Classroom Decor – Teacher Essentials

Boho Classroom Teacher Essentials to give you the boho and leopard vibes all year long!

I don’t know about you but when I find myself a cute new teacher lanyard I know that it’s going to be a good year! Your set of classroom keys will look fierce and fabulous on this Leopard print accessory!

If you are going to be wearing that thing all day everyday it better be cute! You can even dress up or dress down your new leopard lanyard with some neutral accessories such as the rainbow and pom pom tassels, they are seriously giving me all the feels. 

Now if you don’t rock a teacher lanyard, no worries I still have something for you that will make you beam with pride and make you feel like you can conquer the day. The retractable Rainbow Id Badge with an alligator clip will make sure you never lose your school ID and let’s be honest we have all been there and done that!

It is said that a teacher makes more minute by minute decisions than any other profession and boy do I believe it. Sometimes I feel like I have 60 different tabs open in my brain. Even with all those tabs open there is something well rather someone that needs to be prioritized and that is YOU!

The way that I take care of myself on a daily basis is hydration, hydration and more hydration which usually is followed up with someone having to watch my class. What better way to stay hydrated than by having a water bottle that matches your Boho Classroom aesthetic. This 28 oz glass tumbler will help you reach your water intake goals all while looking fabulous.


The Boho Neutral Classroom Decor Bundle gives you all of the leopard feels you have been looking for in the essentials for your classroom from storage to cute accessories for you. The soothing neutrals tied together with the fierceness of the leopard print brings the purrfect combination to your home away from home.

This pack will surely get your students and you wild about learning. My Amazon Storefront makes all of this possible with the touch of a button and remember these are just some of the amazing products out there for the Boho Neutral Classroom. Make sure to check out my Boho Neutral Bundle today and get started on the transformation of a lifetime!