28 Amazing Amazon Fall Classroom Decorations and Goodies

Fall Classroom Decorations

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Oh hey there fall! So glad you’ve arrived. And that means we can all have fun with all the fall classroom decorations ?

I always know fall is about to start when Starbucks launches their pumpkin coffee drinks! Speaking of coffee, are you team PSL or pumpkin cream cold brew? I am personally loving their pumpkin cream cold brew this season!

I’ve created a list to help you create all the fall vibes in your classroom. Enjoy the season everyday in your classroom with these Amazon finds!

Pro Tip: While decorating seasonally, think of activating the 5 senses. Ask yourself, what can I rotate out that will activate my sense of smell, touch, taste, sight, and hearing. This makes decorating so fun and easy with a simple list! For example, switch out a fun candle every season with a new one to activate the sense of smell.

Fall Classroom Decorations – Bulletin Board

Fall Classroom Bulletin Board Items

If you’re somebody that loves updating your bulletin board to match the sesasons, I have the perfect things for you 🙂 Some things are just SO cute that you have to find any excuse to use it in the classroom. This fall colored pom pom garland is one of those things! It’s great for bulletin boards but is even versatile enough to be hung in other places to spruce them up!

When you do your bulletin board, be sure to start with your background. I always recommend shiplap bulletin paper. You have two option you can go with – a warm brown shiplap or a cool tone white shiplap. Both will serve as a great background to highlight your fun fall decor 🙂

Once you have the background set up, you’re ready to add a border. Here are some of my favorite borders depending on whether you want a classic fall look or one that brings a little more texture like the autumn leaf border.

Plaid Bulletin Board Border

Autumn Leaf Bulletin Board Border

Polka Dot Board Border

Brown Wood Board Border

General Fall Classroom Decorations

Fall Classroom Decorations

My favorite aspect of fall decor is that is screams hominess and lines up perfectly with my lifelong mission of transforming classrooms into homes away from home. I am obsessed with this plaid burlap banner as a nice way to add a touch of fall/farmhouse flair to the classroom.

This would be great above your door, in front of your teacher desk, or even on a bulletin board. You can even match the plaid in the banner with the plaid in the “Hey there pumpkin” door mat. The link I included also includes the buffalo plaid mat underneath which matches perfectly with the burlap banner!

One of the easiest ways to decorate seasonally is to switch out florals/stems in a vase. If you don’t already have one, it would be worth investing in some galvanized vases. Keep the vase the same every season and just switch out the stems! Pro Tip: Bring it home to make your home warm and inviting over the summer and Christmas Holidays. Specifically for fall I like to add texture by using these wheat stems.

Another fun way to have your students get excited about fall is to add window stickers! This is an inexpensive and easy way to bring all the beautiful fall colors to your classroom. Even at home, my little one is obsessed with window stickers!

If you’re looking to step up the ceiling of your room, check out the tissue paper pumpkin! Hang them from the ceiling or add them to different corners of the room. You will hate to put them away once winter rolls around! The best part is that the tissue pumpkins come in a pack of 5 and also come with beautiful maple leaves.

Does anyone else like to break the budget for pumpkins, or is it just me? I collect them every year! These orange velvet pumpkins come in a pack of 12 and can be used all around your room. Last but not least, is this beautiful fall wreath. How can you look at all that cuteness without having all the fall feels?!

Fall Classroom Decorations – Children’s Literature

Fall Classroom Books

Do you have a spot in your classroom to display your books of the week? I would recommend repurposing these magnetic spice racks to display books. They’re white which will go with every classroom décor and will stay fresh as you change out the books you display. Here are some of my favorite fall books:

Apples By Gail Gibbons

It’s Pumpkin Day, Mouse By Laura Numeroff

Pete the Cat Falling for Autumn By Kimberly and James Dean

There was an old lady who swallowed some leaves By Lucille Colandro

Fall Classroom Treats

Fall Classroom Decoartion tasty snacks

Okay, so does anyone else love having an afternoon coffee treat? I’m glad it’s just not me! Enjoy every sip with these delicious pumpkin spice kcups. And why not enjoy your delicious coffee in the cutest fall mug! That pom pom makes it amazing and oh so cute!

By the way, since you already have your pumpkin spice coffee nice and hot, let’s go ahead and start grading some papers with these adorable seasonal Scratch ‘n Sniff stickers. Nothing is analyzed and appreciated like a sticker on a student’s returned work. I still have flashbacks of getting stickers as a kid!

Want to add fall flair to your student’s desk area? Give them an adorable fall pencil to write with all season. The pencils could also fit perfectly in the “happy fall” treat box! I love the design on it! You can use it to fill treasure box items or have a fun popcorn treat in it. The options are endless!

Fall Scents

Fall Classroom Decorations - Scents

So I just found out that Bath and Body works is on Amazon!! I have never personally tried the pumpkin cupcake foaming hand soap, but the reviews are amazing on it. One person even said it smells good enough to eat. Make hand washing something your students and yourself look forward to!

Last but not least is the pumpkin spice sprays! Have your room smelling like a pumpkin coffee in seconds. Be warned, that spray will make you insta-crave a Starbucks PSL 🙂

Easy Fall Classroom Bulletin Board

Fall Classroom Decorations - Bulletin Board

I hope you enjoyed these fall classroom amazon finds. Let me know what some of your favorite items are below. Want to add some more fall flair to your classroom? Check out my Fall Bulletin Board for an easy way to give your classroom some instant fall flair!