Watercolor Classroom Decor

This watercolor collection is one of my favorite bundles!! If you’re looking to create a bright and cheerful classroom environment filled with your classroom essentials, just scroll down below! (Don’t forget to grab your FREE watercolor posters!)

I always want my students to know that I care for them and having these reminders on the wall will do just that. I wish you could see the vibrant colors in person! The watercolor quotes print so beautifully and bring life to the classroom. The best part is that there are 30 motivational quotes to choose from, so your walls will stay fresh with inspiration!

Staying organized is so important when running a classroom! The teacher toolbox is from amazon.

The black calendar pocket chart is from amazon. It’s so easy to change out the months with this chart!

These alphabet posters and number line add so much life and brightness to the classroom!

I love the simplicity of the welcome banner. It comes in an editable version so it can be customized for your classroom!

Don’t you just love the polka dot and watercolor combo?! There are over 20 desk name plate designs to choose from!


I have 2 FREE motivational quote posters to use in your classroom! I hope they bring happiness to your little corner of the classroom.

Watercolor Classroom Decor Bundle

This Watercolor Classroom Decor Bundle comes with so many resources to complete your classroom. Be sure to check out everything that comes inside. Happy decorating!!

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