Floral Classroom Decor Amazon Finds

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Congratulations, you did it; you picked out a Floral Classroom theme! You may have just purchased the Farmhouse Floral Classroom Decor Bundle, which gives you an incredible start in creating your cozy farmhouse aesthetic with unique and bright pops of floral accents. Now, you are left with empty spaces and wondering how to make your classroom pop with a floral and farmhouse decor theme.

Don’t worry; I’ve got you covered! I have found some of my favorite Amazon items that perfectly fit your floral classroom decor theme! All the items come from Amazon, so sit back on the couch, turn on a binge-worthy tv show, open your Amazon app, and browse away! 

Modern farmhouse style is known for its warmth and simplicity, and the Farmhouse Florals Classroom Decor Bundle will make that vision come to life. You and your students spend much of your time in your classroom, so why not make it feel like a home away from home? The Farmhouse Florals Bundle will inspire your students with positive quotes and encourage them to add more color to their life with all the bright floral accents. 

If you want to save some time reading this blog, hop over to my Amazon Floral Farmhouse Classroom storefront to see all of the items at one time.

Floral Classroom Decor Bulletin Boards

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What truly makes your classroom come to life is your bulletin boards! How you decorate your bulletin boards will make your floral classroom decor theme come to life! I love that bulletin boards can be used for so many different purposes! Inspiring posters, a birthday board, social-emotional support, and more! Every bulletin board is like a snowflake; all different in their own ways but uniquely beautiful! 

After determining what you will put on your bulletin board, your first step is picking out a background! Many educators, aka interior classroom decor designers, have found that The Fadeless Bulletin Board Paper is SUPERIOR! Teachers love The Fadeless Bulletin Board Paper because it is lightweight and easy to hang, and you will not be struggling with paper that tears and wrinkles!

When envisioning a modern farmhouse, nothing screams “farmhouse” like wood or shiplap! Better Than Paper has created two beautiful shiplap and weathered wood bulletin board papers. I love how realistic the paper looks; it almost tricks you and your students into thinking it is real! These bulletin board papers make a simple background allowing the bright pinks, oranges, and greens from the Farmhouse Florals Classroom Decor Bundle to take center stage!

A new trend amongst teachers, wedding planners, and Instagramers is Boxwood backdrops! Boxwood is a beautiful accent piece, but it can get pricey to add to your classroom. Have no fear; The Fadeless Bulletin Baord Paper company has created a beautiful Boxwood Bulletin Board Roll! This greenery would look great on your wall while helping your floral classroom decor stand out! 

After you have placed your bulletin board paper, now comes the fun; time to accessorize! Attach border trim, accents, posters, and your student’s work to the paper! With such warmth and simplicity from the bulletin board paper, why not add a mixture of colors with the blush scalloped border, eucalyptus green scalloped border, or calming blue scalloped border?

If you want a more rustic farmhouse vibe, add the burlap scalloped border or the woodland whimsy border to create that look! Are you feeling more bold or more daring? Adding pops of black and white with the scalloped border or straight border will do a fantastic job framing your bulletin board paper.

Floral Classroom Decor

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Now that your bulletin boards are all set up, it is time to make your floral farmhouse classroom come to life by adding some bright, fun, and unique items! A great place to start is with your teacher’s desk. Instead of having a boring desk, add some floral flair by stringing these shiny tassel garlands or draping the eucalyptus flower garland! If you have a classroom door with a window, it would be cute to string these garlands across them as well!

If you want more farmhouse accessories for your desk, add this wooden perpetual block calendar! It will add a great rustic touch, and you will always know what day it is. One of my favorite ways to add a pop of color to the room is with a chair! This bright and adorable slope pink chair would be perfect for your desk! You could also use it at the back table for small groups or in the front of the classroom for morning meetings, read-aloud, or other whole-group sessions.

Another way to make your classroom decor come to life is by adding flowers! These adorable lifelike flowers create a gorgeous charm to your classroom! Put a white pot on your back table and add these flowers, and you will have a long-lasting beauty without worrying about watering or other maintenance!

If you are like me, I love positive quotes and finding ways to motivate my students with inspiring words. A quick and easy way to do that is with a letterboard. This adorable rustic wood frame felt letter board is a great way to quickly change your quotes without spending time cutting, laminating, or gluing. It also would be an excellent prop for taking photos with your students! On the board, you can say, “First Day of School!” and take a picture of your students holding it.

Speaking of photos, as teachers, we constantly take photos of our students throughout the year. Why not make it unique with a fun backdrop? This gold portable photo background frame would make a perfect setup for classroom photoshoots! You could also hang some of the floral or tassel garlands to have your floral classroom decor a part of the photos!

Floral and Rustic Classroom Decor Items from Amazon Cover Photo

One of my favorite ways to make a classroom feel warm, cozy, and homey is with lights. These string lights add a great rustic ambiance to the classroom. The lights brighten your classroom and allow you to shut off the big lights, creating a more calm and peaceful environment.

Students love gathering together on the rug! Why not add some rustic flair with this hardwood faux wood rug? It is a 6′ by 8’4″ rectangle with ample space for students to sit, read, and learn. The rug has stain protection, which means it will last long!

I always look for unique ways to display students’ work, nametags, or table numbers. These wood place card holders would be the perfect addition for your classroom! You can easily slip whatever items you would like to display into the wood holder, and when you want a change, you just quickly remove and add something new!

As stated earlier, boxwood panels are all the rage right now! You can see them at weddings, coffee shops, stores, and even classrooms! They add beautiful natural greenery to the walls, which helps accentuates the florals in your classroom! Adding florals (or lights) can really make these pop! You could use them as an accent wall, place them above your classroom library, or use them as a bulletin board background! The options are endless; let’s see where your creativity takes you!

Floral Classroom Organization

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Classroom storage… Is there ever enough space for all the items teachers have accumulated over the years?! Staying organized and finding systems that work best for you will only help with your sanity! The organization doesn’t have to be dull!

I love how bright these pastel six-packs of foldable storage boxes are! They are great because they add color to your classroom while hiding items on your shelf, making your room look more neat! The colors fit perfectly with my floral classroom decor bundle!

Try one of these white storage containers if you want a simpler look. They are so versatile because they work with any classroom theme! I love the six-pack of storage baskets because of their cute weave pattern. Another option is these plain four-pack of white storage bins. Both items are sturdy and will do a great job storing your classroom supplies!

As I’ve learned over the years, having a place for students to turn in work is crucial for your organization! Instead of using baskets, try this adorable rustic burlap pocket chart! You can create labels for different classes and keep your sanity since you can find all your students’ work in one place! You could also use this pocket chart to store your week’s handouts for absent students. You could use it as an absent folder, and students can collect the handouts they missed from the day they were gone.

Floral Classroom Decor Makeover

Floral Farmhouse Makeover Blog Cover Photo

If you want inspiration to create your dream floral classroom, read about Gabriela, who I helped transform her classroom using the Farmhouse Floral Classroom Decor Bundle! Watch how we took Gabriela’ takes her ‘s dreary gray-walled classroom and transformed it into a beautiful home away from home!

We created a warm and inviting space by using the floral decor bundle and adding accessories from my Amazon Storefront. Gabriela’s classroom radiates positivity with the Farmhouse Floral Growth Mindset Posters and the other bright floral decor items included in the bundle. Gabriela’s classroom was a space that students loved coming to everyday – and I want the same thing for you! The floral decor reflects the beauty, brightness, and joy that Gabriela shares with her students each day!

Floral Farmhouse Classroom Decor Bundle

Confetti and Creativity Floral Decor Bundle Cover Photo

Now that you have had a chance to envision your dream floral classroom, look at the Farmhouse Floral Classroom Decor Bundle to see what is all included in this mega bundle! My goal is to make your decorating job as easy as possible. I thought about all the options you want to have in your room! Like a birthday board, alphabet banner, calendar pack, table numbers, name tags, and many more! 

As stated earlier, organization is always a struggle for teachers, but I created numerous resources to help you stay organized throughout the year. I have editable drawer cart labels, binder covers, numbers, and more bright-color organization items that fit your floral classroom decor! To see what is all included in this bundle, click this link! If you want to preview my work, download this free floral farmhouse quote poster! It will give you an idea of what the decor items in this bundle will look like!

Are you feeling inspired and ready to decorate?! Well, these are some of my favorite Amazon finds for your floral classroom decor! I hope you feel inspired to create a beautiful space where your students will thrive!

I cannot wait to see how you make your classroom bloom with the Farmhouse Floral Classroom Decor Bundle and my favorite Floral Amazon finds!