Beautiful Thanksgiving Decorations for the Classroom

An overview of my favorite Thanksgiving Decorations for the Classroom

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Having a hard time finding the best Thanksgiving decorations for the classroom? Check out these decorations I’ve gathered up that are more than just décor – they focus on thankfulness which I want to cultivate year round.

Thanksgiving is a time to slow down and reflect on all the reasons we should be thankful in our lives. For a teacher, Thanksgiving comes just about the time a teacher feels burnt out and is counting down the days until Christmas Break.

Trust me, as teachers we. need. reminders. For the good days, and the bad days there are reasons to be thankful.

I always love decorating for Thanksgiving because it represents everything I wanted to cultivate in my classroom – a family with thankful hearts. I’ve gathered up my favorite Thanksgiving decorations for the classroom, and the best part is they all come from Amazon! You can have Thanksgiving bliss delivered to your door in 2 days or less and transform your classroom into a cozy home for all of your students with very little effort!

Pro Tip: You’ll love some of these items so much you’ll probably take them home on the weekends and for Thanksgiving Break 🙂

1. Bulletin Board

Best bulletin board thanksgiving decorations for the classroom. Includes borders and backgrounds.

If you’re going to consider thanksgiving decorations for the classroom, you’ll need to think about your bulletin board. If you’re someone who likes to set up a Thanksgiving bulletin board, then you might want to change out the background and borders to get in the holiday spirit. Always start with your bulletin board background because that will make your border decision for you.

If you go with a bright orange background you’ll want to make sure that you pair with a toned down bulletin board design. The orange background gives me all the Thanksgiving vibes, but if you go this route make sure you use a simple border. I would recommend a wood border, the black and white Gingham border, or a black and white polka dot border.

If you’re looking for more a textured look for bulletin board I would recommend the white shiplap background or red brick background. The best part of each of these background is that they are timeless. You can simply switch out the borders and never change the background all year long. For example, this orange scalloped border on the white shiplap background provides a nice pop of color without over powering the board with too much orange.

This can help your Thanksgiving bulletin board decor stand out and make it easier to switch out only the border when Christmas rolls around. The same is true for the green scalloped border, and you might even be able to leave that border on until New Years 🙂

2. Thanksgiving Decorations for the Classroom

My favorite Thanksgiving decorations for the classroom complete with signs and door decor.

Okay, let me start with my favorite item in this entire blog – the adorable Rettel Roller! Cultivate thankfulness in your students (and cuteness in your classroom) by letting the students write down each day what they’re thankful for. The best part is that this can be reused as a way to engage students for lessons year round, or for a quote of the week. You won’t regret buying this and using it all year long!

The easiest way to decorate for Thanksgiving is dressing up your classroom door. The best parts are that you and anyone who visits your classroom (or even walks by in the hallway) will get to enjoy the cuteness.

If you’re looking for Thanksgiving decorations for your door I would start with this Thanksgiving wreath. Pinecones, fall leaves, and pumpkins – does it get any more fall than that? If you want more options, I have another door sign in my Thanksgiving Amazon Storefront.

If you’re in a situation where hanging a wreath isn’t possible, you might want to hang Thanksgiving banners on each side of the door. At the time of writing this blog they were under $10. When I saw these and how cute they were I knew I had to share them with you guys!

If you want to add a pop of color anywhere in your room, this beautiful tassel banner is for you! It goes great over a doorway, at the top of a white board, or on a bulletin board!

As I was searching for Thanksgiving decorations for the classroom, I couldn’t help but share this grateful sign that makes my heart flutter. The sign is part of a 3 pack that also include farmhouse signs that say “Blessed” and “Thankful”.

This is an investment you’ll use every year in your classroom (and home!). If you’re looking for a more flexible way to add signage to your room, this rustic farmhouse gray and white felt letter board would be perfect for Thanksgiving and every other season!

If you’re going to invest in Thanksgiving decorations for the classroom make sure you treat yourself by adding cuteness to your teacher desk. I am obsessed with these Thanksgiving faux flowers. At home I change out faux flowers for each season and it’s been the easiest way to stay festive without doing too much work!

Fun stickers to include in thanksgiving decorations for the classroom

If you’re like me and you want to be festive but you also want to save time, then I would consider getting some pumpkins and calling it a day! (Plus they might even inspire you to get a pumpkin spice latte on the way home – treat yo’ self girl!).

If that sounds like you, consider this 3D pumpkin and fall leaf set. The set comes with 5 pumpkins you can hang or place on any table, and 200 autumn leaves that will spruce up your entire room in no time! Everyone knows Thanksgiving decorations for the classroom start and end with pumpkins!

If you’d like more pumpkins consider this set of 20 paper pumpkins that each comes with a fun texture on it. You and your kids will love them!

If you’re looking to cover your windows or white board with Thanksgiving cuteness, then these Thanksgiving window clings are perfect for you! The set comes with 80 pieces and will stick to white boards and windows with no problem. Your students will love seeing pumpkins and turkeys on the board during their math lesson!

Lastly, if you’re looking to transform your classroom into a home away from home you can add this “Thankful” door mat set. The set also includes the black and white mat underneath. You will love seeing this reminder every morning when you walk into your classrom!

3. Kid’s Activities

Fun students activities as thanksgiving decorations for the classroom

Listen, I’m a decor girl and I could talk all day about decor. But let’s have the kids have some fun too! Your kids will love seeing these Thanksgiving stickers in the treasure chest, or when you return their graded work. We know students love stickers (secretly I think teachers like stickers more). This is one of the best ways to step up your Thanksgiving game without breaking the bank!

If you’re allowed to have a Thanksgiving party, I would highly recommend these build your own Turkey Thanksgiving sticker sets. Each student will get a turkey and can add their eyes, hats, and other fun additions. You’ll love seeing the smiles on your students faces, and will love not thinking about tests for a change.

Fun ways to include mad libs and coloring when you're thinking about thanksgiving decorations for the classroom.

Have some fun with your kids with these Thanksgiving Mad Libs. Kids love being on the class carpet and taking turns adding words to create their own story. On a side note, this is a fun way to practice parts of speech like nouns, verbs, etc. with your students. My favorite days teaching are when the students are having fun and not even aware that they’re learning.

Lastly, I came across these super cute Thanksgiving coloring tablecloths and HAD to let you guys know they exist! They come with a ton of games like tic tac toe, word searches, mazes, and coloring opportunities. Give your kids (and yourself) a brain break and have some fun 🙂

There you have my favorite Thanksgiving decorations for the classroom! If you’d like to see more ideas, be sure to check out my Amazon Thanksgiving Shopping List for the Classroom. Did I miss any? How do you decorate your classroom for Thanksgiving? Let me know in the comments below!