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Bright and Simple Classroom Decor Bundle

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Are you looking for a classroom décor theme that will brighten your classroom without the overwhelm? Then this is the perfect bundle for you teacher friend! This bundle features bright colors that will brighten any classroom but is perfectly balanced with white space to create an amazing classroom environment.


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Special Features of This Bundle:

“Start Here” File: I’ve created a PDF that includes plenty of helpful information to get you started and to answer FAQs.

Organization: This bundle is organized into alphabetical folders for each type of product so you can easily find what you’re looking for. The Organization of the folders will match what’s listed in the description below.

Editable Files: Nearly every PDF has a matching Powerpoint text-editable file so that you can create products with the exact wording you’re looking for. There’s no need to add text boxes, I’ve already given you templates you change the font on. Use these files to change the text, or insert your own font/language.

Embedded Fonts: Each text-editable file includes embedded fonts, so there’s no need to search for the matching font online. Embedded fonts allow you to use the same font that is in the PDF so your newly created editable files can have the same look as the PDFs.


This product is packed with value with 3,784 pages. Many of the files in this bundle have multiple designs so that you can use this bundle year after year while switching up classroom themes. The only trouble you’ll have is choosing between the beautiful designs ❤️


Checkout the “What’s Included Section” for more information on all the value packed inside of this MEGA BUNDLE!

What's Included

Here’s a list of everything included in this MEGA bundle:

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1. 10 Drawer Cart Labels:  Get organized with this editable set of 10 drawer cart labels that comes in two adorable designs. To save you time, this product comes with a PDF containing preset labels as well as the editable option where you can change the text. (2 files, 20 pages)


2. 12 Drawer Cart Labels: Get organized with this editable set of 12 drawer cart labels that comes in two designs you’re sure to fall in love with. To save you time, this product comes with a PDF with preset labels as well as a Powerpoint file that is text editable allowing you to the change the text, or insert your own font/text. (2 files, 24 pages)


3. Accent Banners (Bundle Exclusive): These incredible banners can be hung over a door, white board, bulletin board or just about anywhere to add a splash of color and beauty! Two banner shapes are included. Each shape has 10 different designs including the 6 colors of the color palette, Swiss Cross , Smiley Faces, Rainbow Stripes, and Rainbow Checker Board (1 file, 30 pages)


4. Agenda Calendar (Bundle Exclusive): This calendar is designed to help keep your life on track! Each month prints as a two page set. With this text-editable file you can move around the dates, add a to-do list for each day, and add reminders for each month. (2 files, 48 pages)


5. Affirmation Station: Give yourself and your students a boost of positivity with this affirmation station that’s impossible to walk away from without a smile. You have plenty of flexibility with 48 different positive affirmations that come in both “I Am” and “You Are” Statements. Each set of statements come in two different designs. A text editable file allows you to add any affirmation you’d like! (2 files, 208 pages)


6. Alphabet Banner: Display the alphabet in style with these adorable banners. Four different designs are included, and give you the option to print 1 or 2 letters to a page. Use the text editable Powerpoint file to change the font/language. (4 files, 312 pages)


7. Alphabet Posters (Normal Font): Each letter prints as a full 8.5” x 11” page so you can see each letter from anywhere in the classroom. Five different designs are included so you can change the look of your room year after year. Each letter includes the capital and lower case letter. Add your own font/language using the text-editable Powerpoint file (2 files, 260 pages)


8. Alphabet Posters (Cursive Font): Includes the same 5 designs as the standard font alphabet posters, but includes cursive font for the older elementary grades. (2 files, 260 pages)


9. Alphabet Posters (Dotted-Line Font): Same 5 beautiful designs as the standard font alphabet posters, but all letters include a dotted line to help the younger primary grades master their handwriting. (2 files, 260 pages).


10. Behavior Chart (Bundle Exclusive): Write student names on clothespins and have them take ownership of their behavior in the classroom by having them move their clothespin up or down for good and bad decisions. (2 files, 18 pages)


11. Binder Covers and Spines: Store your important lesson plans and paperwork by transforming your binders into pure cuteness. Each binder cover is text-editable allowing you to add your own subject or title. The binder spines can be edited to match the covers and are designed to fit 1”, 1.5” and 2” binders. In total there are 32 binder cover designs and 15 different binder spine designs (2 files, 42 pages)


12. Birthday Board Display: Display your student’s special day in style with this adorable birthday display! This product comes with an adorable birthday cake, and a cupcake display for each month. Using the text editable Student Name file you can add student names underneath each month. Students will love seeing their name on the board and finding out which classmates share their birth month! (2 files, 43 pages)


13. Bulletin Board Borders: Printable bulletin board borders that will allow you give your entire classroom cohesive. Straight edge and scalloped designs are included along with colorful and black and white options. (1 file, 21 pages)


14. Calendar Pack: Never forget what day it is by utilizing this calendar pack that will make you smile every day. This product’s beautiful colors will pop with a black hanging pocket chart. Days of the week, calendar numbers, months, and calendar accent design pieces are all included. In addition to those pieces which go into a pocket chart, this product also includes “Yesterday Was”, “Today Is”, and Tomorrow Is” labels along with days of the week. (2 files, 44 pages)


15. Calendar Holiday Cards: Spice up your Calendar using these cards for special days. Major holidays are included as well as special days such as a half days, picture day, and birthdays among many others. Some Australian and Canadian Holidays are included as well. A PowerPoint with blank cards is included so that you can add your own clipart for any Holidays you’d like to add. (3 files, 119 pages)


16. CHAMPS Posters: Remind students of the expectations you have for them with these beautifully designed CHAMPS posters. Change or alter the wording to fit your system with the included text-editable Powerpoint file. (2 files, 18 pages)


17. Circle Numbers 1-40 (Bundle Exclusive): These circle numbers are great for labeling items, stations, storage, or anything else. These adorable circle numbers print 4 to a page and have a lot of versatility to fit your classroom needs. (2 files, 20 pages)


18. Clock Labels: Help your students learn to tell time using clock labels that can be placed at each 5 minute interval. These helpful teaching tools are so easy to print, cut, and put up. Use any font with the text editable version included. (2 files, 6 pages).


19. Color Posters: Simple color posters designed to help students learn their colors. 11 colors are included along with alternate spellings of gray/grey. (2 files, 24 pages).


20. Copy, File, Grade Labels (Bundle Exclusive): Use these labels to help you stay on top of student’s papers. These labels are so easy to print, cut, and use so organization becomes fun again! 2 different designs are included. Create your own organizational system using the text-editable Powerpoint file. (2 files, 4 pages)


21. Days in School Counters: Use this fun tracking system to count how many days you’ve been in school. This product includes 6 differently designed headers and 4 different counter designs. You can laminate this product and use a dry erase marker to use it year after year. Each day you mark off means you’re one day closer to summer! Use the text-editable Powerpoint file to change the font/language (2 files, 46 pages)


22. Desk Nameplates: Give your students a desk name tag that you’ll love seeing every day! You can use the font included to type each student’s name, or you can delete the text and print it blank to use your own Sharpie marker. 9 different name plate designs are included. (1 file, 18 pages).


23. Desk Nameplates (“Hello My Name Is”): These desk nameplates are just as cute as the standard desk nameplates but include “Hello My Name Is” at the top of the nameplate. 8 different designs included. (1 file, 16 pages).


24. Desk Nameplates (Primary Version): These desk nameplates are intended for primary students and includes an Alphabet at the top of the name plate and a number line at the bottom of the nameplate. If you choose to type the student’s name a dotted line font is included as well as blank dotted line so you can print the nameplate and write the student’s name. (1 file, 27 pages)


25. Flip Calendar: This simple flip calendar is full of beautiful colors and allows you to easily track the Day, Month, Date, and Year. Edit using Powerpoint. (2 files, 46 pages).


26. Hand Signals: Use hand signals in your classroom to let your students communicate with you without interrupting instruction. A total of 9 different hand signals are included along with a Powerpoint file that has blank cards for you to add new hand signals using clipart. Options with only the hand signal and hand signal plus pictures are included for younger grades. In total 7 different designs are included. (5 files, 422 pages).


27. How We Get Home Signs: Help keep track of how students go home at the end of the days using these beautiful cards! This product includes options such as car, bus, walkers, daycare, bike riders, and after school program. Clipart comes in both color and black and white to maximize your options. (2 files, 30 pages).


28. Job Cards and Banner: Allow your students to help out in the classroom by assigning each one a job. A total of 37 different jobs are provided. There are 3 design choices for the job cards along with a “JOBS” banner. An editable file is provided with a place for student names as well as a black and white or rainbow colored job system to rotate jobs throughout the year. You can add your own font/language with the editable file provided. (3 files, 134 pages)


29. Labels: Stay organized with these colorful and classic labels. Small, Medium, and Large labels are provided. Shapes such as hexagons, squares, and rectangles are included, and all labels are text editable so that you can make organization your own! (1 file, 66 pages).


30. Landscape Posters: These posters are text editable using Powerpoint and print as a full sized landscape piece of paper. These are perfect for writing classroom rules, labeling large items, or creating anything you need for your classroom. A total of 9 designs are included. (1 file, 9 pages)


31. Math Labels: These labels are specifically designed for math manipulatives. Each label comes with adorable clipart, and each label comes in three sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. A total of 97 different math manipulatives are included and cover categories such as counting, money, measurement, games, fractions, shapes, and base ten. (1 file, 133 pages).


32. Meet the Teacher Template: Introduce yourself to your students in style with this adorable Meet the Teacher Template! The template gives you space to insert your own picture, and share who you are. This can be used in an email, mailed to students over the summer, or given out during Open House. (1 file, 2 pages).


33. Number Line 0-200: This file provides a massive number line to make your walls beautiful and help your students count. To help with understanding place value, a special design is placed on every 10th number. An editable version is included so you can add your own negative numbers. (2 files, 68 pages)


34. Pencil Signs (Bundle Exclusive): These adorable pencil signs are designed to be used on a container for sharp and dull pencils. Help students put all dull pencils in one location to be sharpened for the next day. (2 files, 2 pages)


35. Primary 2D and 3D Shapes: Help your students learn their shapes in style! This product includes a total of 20 shapes ranging from 2D and 3D Shapes. Each shape poster prints as a full 8.5” x 11” sheet of paper which can be seen from all over the room. Dotted Line font is given as an option for the younger grades. A text editable version is included so you can add your own font/language (3 files, 60 pages)


36. Primary Alphabet Posters: Alphabet posters with pictures that phonetically matches each letter. These posters are designed to help students master their alphabet quicker. Designs including Black and White clipart is provided as well as colorful clipart. A Powerpoint file with a blank background is provided in case you want to add your own clipart. (3 files, 114 pages)


37. Portrait Posters: These text editable posters print as full 8.5” x 11” portrait pages, and come in the same designs as the landscape posters. Perfect for classroom rules, or anything else you need on your walls (1 file, 9 pages)


38. Quote Posters: Inspire your students with these beautiful posters that share message that are just as beautiful. This product is not editable. (1 file, 26 pages)


39. Schedule Cards: Text-editable schedule cards to help you stay on track and let your students know what’s next. 2 different designs are provided. (1 file, 8 pages).


40. Schedule Cards with images: Schedule cards designed with pictures to help younger students follow what’s next. Three options are given for representing time, you can include the time on the schedule card, or next to the schedule card with provided clocks or with standard time formatting. A total of 65 different schedule events are given with clipart, along with blank options so you can create your own cards. (1 file, 78 pages).


41. Skip Counting Numbers: Help your students master their multiplication facts with these skip counting numbers. Numbers 1-12 are included, and each number has numbers on them representing multiplication facts up to 12. For example, the number 2 has 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, and 24 on it. Each page prints as a full page of paper. Editable versions are included to add your own font. (2 files, 30 pages)


42. Skip Counting Numbers (Blanks): Same design as the Skip Counting Numbers but without the multiplication facts. Use these numbers to label tables, areas of the room, or to help younger grades count. Numbers 1-12 are included, which means you have digits 0-9 and can create any number. (2 files, 30 pages)


43. Table and Group Numbers: Full page pieces of paper that contain labels for group or table numbers.  Numbers 1-10 are included, along with a text editable version which allows you to add more numbers. (2 files, 120 pages)


44. Teacher Toolbox Labels: Stay organized with these teacher toolbox labels! Each label comes with clipart, and is designed for maximum cuteness! A link to a blog I wrote is included that will help you find the perfect teacher toolbox on Amazon and set it up. A text editable version is included along with blank labels so you can add your own products. A total of 42+ items are included. (2 files, 22 pages)


45. Ten Frames 0-20: Help your students count with these ten frame posters! The numbers go from 0-20, and a total of 3 different designs are included. Each page prints as a full 8.5” x 11” piece of paper, and comes with counters on the bottom of the page to help students visualize the number. An text editable version as well a dotted line version is included. (3 files, 189 pages)


46. Voice Level Posters: Give your students a noise level target with these adorable voice level posters. The voice levels run level 0 to level 4 and are designed to place a light next to each one. Turn on the light for the voice level you’d like your students to use! Each level comes with clipart to show students what that voice level looks like. Circle and Rectangle Labels are provided along with an editable version. (2 files, 46 pages)


47. Weather Cards: This product includes a card for “Today’s Weather” and “Today’s Temperature”. Each card has 6 different options, a text editable version is included as well. (2 files, 36 pages)


48. Welcome Banner: Welcome your students with a welcome banner on the front of your teacher desk, the front of the room, or on your classroom door. The welcome banner comes with smiley face or star accent clipart. 6 different designs are included along with an Powerpoint text-editable version. Full Size versions are also available allowing you to print 1 or 2 pendants to a page depending on how large you’d like the banner to be. (4 files, 186 pages)


49. Word Wall Letters and Words: Help students with sight words by using a Word Wall! This product comes with a heading for each letter as well as Word Wall Labels. Text editable versions are included as well to add your own words. (3 files, 48 pages).


50. Word Wall Dolch Words: Designed to be used in conjunction with the Word Wall Letters. These preset labels mean you don’t need to type up any Dolch Words for your classroom. Words are organized in one file by grade level and the 95 common words. Another file includes all of the Dolch Words in alphabetical order. (2 files, 114 Words)


51. Word Wall Frye Words: Designed to be used in conjunction with the Word Wall Letters. The first 300 Frye Words are included and organized in sets of 100. (1 file, 54 pages).

Additional Details

Commonly Asked Question

1. What programs do I need to open and use this product?

To avoid capability issues I recommend using Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF files and Powerpoint for all editable files. Using a program like Google Slides will limit features like embedded fonts. Adobe Acrobat Reader is a free download and can be downloaded here. Powerpoint offers a free 1 month trial which can be accessed here.


2. What does it mean if a file is editable?

An editable file requires Powerpoint and is only text-editable. Due to copyright restrictions you cannot move or alter the clipart or colors of the backgrounds. Text-editable files allow you to use the embedded font to change the text, or to add a different font/language altogether. Included in the “Start Here” file you will find helpful instructions with editing tips to maximize this product.


3. Where can I find more classroom inspiration?

I would love to connect and see all the ways that you’re transforming your classroom to be a home away from home! I’m always blown away by the creativity of teachers and the great classroom environments you create. Be sure to follow me on the following social medias for classroom inspiration, updates, and to tag me with your beautiful classrooms.




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4. What are your Terms of Use?

Purchasing this product gives your lifetime access to a single classroom license. This means you can use it for your own classroom and print it out as many times as you’d like. You cannot share this file with a colleague in part or in whole without purchasing an additional license. In addition, you may not use any of the editable files to create files to sell as your own. You may only use this product on a personal level and may not sell or resell this product in part or in whole passing it off as if it were your own work.


5. What do I do if I’m experiencing technical difficulties?

You can email me at with any issues you are having and we can walk through any technical difficulties together. If there are any typos I’d love to know so I can correct them and improve the product for all other teachers!



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Emily Heller
Extremely Satisfied

I cannot wait to use this next year in my classroom! It has everything that I need to help set my students up for success and to have a fun year!

Kristine W
Extremely Satisfied

I love this bundle so much! It has everything I need for my classroom and labeling needs.

Kaci J
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I absolutely love this decor bundle! It is so pretty and calming for my kindergarten classroom! So many awesome pieces included!

Misty Poggenpohl
Extremely Satisfied

This is beautiful!!! Its exactly what I have been looking for! I cant wait to get everything printed and ready for next school year!!!

Angela P
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Love this bundle. Beautiful colors! Everything you need and more!

Shannon M
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These are precious, and I am excited to use them all over my classroom!