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Holiday Newsletter Templates

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Keep communication with parents fresh with this holiday newsletter bundle! Each set of the season/holiday will include 4 layouts so that you can create exactly what you are looking for! The templates are designed to be edited in Powerpoint and have all fonts embedded to maximize flexibility and cuteness 🙂


Newsletters are such a great way to build strong relationships with parents. Keeping parents up to date enables them to take more ownership of their child’s education and support what you’re giving their children in the classroom. You will not regret sending out newsletters. Bonus tip: It keeps you sharp on what you’re going over for the week.


To get the new updates you will need to login to your account and redownload the file. Please check back here to see the last time the product was updated.


Last Update: 04/15/2023


***Please note, these templates are designed to be edited in PowerPoint where I have embedded the fonts that are pictured. You can use Google Slides to edit and save these templates, but Google fonts does not recognize the same fonts so the fonts that are pictured will not be accessible to you through Google Slides***


This Newsletter Bundle includes:

4 Newsletter Layouts for each holiday

What's Included
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What does it mean if a file is editable?

All editable files allow you to change the text so you can make it exactly what you want to fit your classroom. I included embedded fonts, meaning you can use the fonts I have provided to edit the files, or you can use your own font/language. To edit files you will need an up to date version of Powerpoint. The link to get a 1 month trial of Powerpoint is above.


What are your terms of use?

Purchasing this product gives you access to a single classroom license. This means you can use it in your classroom, and print it out as many times as you would like. If you would like to use this product in another classroom you will need to purchase an additional license.


Do you take custom requests?

Unfortunately, I’m not able to take custom requests at this time.


If you have other questions please refer to the FAQ Page. If you have any other questions please reach out to me at ?


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Customer Reviews

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Laura Bizjak
Extremely satisfied

Very cute newsletters. Easy to type in what I need. A variety of templates for each month. My only complaint is that most of the November templates had a Thanksgiving theme which doesn't help the Canadians.

Emily R.
Extremely satisfied

Such a cute and efficient way to get information and dates out to my parents! It motivates me to do newsletters and is easy for my parents to read and locate info.

Paige Hering
Extremely satisfied

I love these! I love having them in google slides to easily edit anywhere.

Kali T.
Extremely satisfied

This is a great resource that I use in my classroom all the time!

Bria W.
Extremely satisfied

I love using this resource! The designs are amazing and extremely visually appealing. My families look forward to receiving their beautiful newsletters each week!

Jessica B.
Extremely satisfied

Parents love receiving weekly newsletters. It helps them see what we are doing each week in Kinder.

Shayla M.
Extremely satisfied

These are absolutely adorable, they have helped me send out weekly newsletters and has helped the communication with the families so much!

Maggie V.
Extremely satisfied

I absolutely love this resource! It is a great way to keep the parents in the loop with what is going on in the classroom!

Kayla U.
Extremely satisfied

I LOVE sending out my newsletter every week because of these adorable templates!

Nicole S.
Extremely satisfied

I love these templates for my parent newsletters. They are adorable. I can't wait to see what all of them will look like!