Frequently Asked Questions

What is your return policy?

This website only sells digital downloads and does not include any physical items. As a result, it is not possible to provide a return for good purchased because it is not possible to return the digital download. The one exception to this is if you purchase duplicate items. If you have any questions please contact

How do I get rid of the black box when I print?

The black box issue can be solved in a few ways and is a printer problem. The problem is usually fixed once you upload the newest version of adobe to your computer. Try these solutions and keep me updated! 🙂

Solution #1: Open the PDF with Adobe, Select “Print.”, Click “Advanced.”, Click “Print as Image.”, Click “OK.” Now print!

Solution #2: Clear your recycle bin and delete as many extra files as possible. Your computer may not have enough memory. Repeat step number one and do one page at a time. Delete the file from your computer and re download. Then open the file with the latest version of Adobe (restart your computer after you install).

What do I do if I can't open the .zip file?

Most of my products are sold as .zip files which makes the file smaller and easier to download. Here are some tips for opening .zip files:

  1. Make sure you are attempting to download the file on a laptop or desktop. Most mobile devices cannot open a .zip file
  2. If the .zip file isn’t opening on your desktop/laptop drag it to your desktop, right click and select “Extract all”
  3. If you’ve followed steps 1 and 2 and the .zip folder still isn’t opening, check your hard drive to make sure you have enough space to extract the contents

If steps 1-3 don’t solve your problem, please email me at with a screenshot of the error you’re having and I’ll do everything I can to walk you through it 🙂

Why does my PDF say I need a password to print?

This issue sometimes happens when secured PDFs are opened in the default Mac PDF viewer (Preview) instead of in Adobe Reader. To resolve the problem, you will need to open this file with the latest Adobe Reader which is a free download and can be downloaded here:

It’s important to note that you should open Adobe Reader first and then select the resource you wish to view from within Adobe Reader. To do this, please open Adobe Reader and click File–> Open to select the resource from your computer. Just clicking on the PDF alone may still open the PDF in the default Preview.

Do you recommend printing at home or at a shop like Staples?

Printing at home is almost always a cheaper option if you have a color printer. I highly recommend an HP printer and getting HP Instant Ink to make the cost of printing at home much cheaper!


If that’s not an option, you can print at a store like Staples. I would also checkout a local print shop to see if they have better deals. To protect my intellectual property, all of my PDF files are password protected to limit editing the files. The password does not limit the printing of products. If you’re printing at a print shop, most will treat the password limiting editing as also limiting printing. If that is the case, please email me at and I’ll send you a form immediately to aid you in printing. If they cannot print, please email me and I can send you JPEGs for all of the PDFs that they can print directly from.

What are some tips when printing your classroom decor?

I recommend printing on a bright white card stock and laminate for durability. I’ve noticed a HUGE difference in quality and color when I print with this card stock from Amazon. I also love my HP InkJet printer! To see more, check out my blog post on printing quality classroom decor

What software program(s) do I need to access your decor?

You will need to have access to PowerPoint for the editable items and Adobe Acrobat Reader so you can view the pdf files. If you don’t have these programs, you can download them using the following links. Adobe Acrobat Reader is a free download. Microsoft Office also offers a free 1 month trial of Powerpoint.

What are your terms of use?

Purchasing a product from the website gives you permission for a single classroom use. You may not share, distribute, or print copies for any teacher other than the original purchaser. This includes placing the files on a public server, or giving away copies to other teachers. In addition you may not under any circumstances use the editable files to create your own products to sell or distribute as your own. Please respect my work by purchasing additional licenses if the product(s) will be used beyond your classroom.

Are the bundles editable?

The majority of bundles and many of the individual items are editable! This means that the text can be edited, but the clipart and design elements are fixed. Be sure to read the description on each item closely to determine if the product is editable or not.

Do you have any tips on editing my product?

Yes! I wrote a blog with 5 of my favorite tips to help editing editable products a faster process. You can access the blog here.

Do you do custom requests?

Sometimes! It depends on how busy the season is. Always feel free to reach out and ask 🙂

How do I print something bigger or poster size?

Check out my blog that gives plenty of tips on how to print your products as posters!

What is your privacy policy?

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What is your cookie policy?

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What are your terms and conditions?
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If you ever have any more questions feel free to reach out using my e-mail address below:

Have more questions?

Have more questions?

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