Space Quote Posters


Space Quote Posters

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Brighten up the aesthetic and the mood of your classroom with these gorgeous Space themed inspirational quote posters! Each poster prints as a full 8.5” x 11” portrait piece of paper, but can also be printed larger using the instructions in my How to Print Poster Size blog.


A total of 18 different posters are included, and each one is sure to brighten your day. These work great spread out throughout the room, or on a bulletin board!


What’s Included

-18 different inspirational quote posters

-Accent Banner

-Stars Bulletin Board Border


I designed these quote posters as a part of the Space Classroom Theme. This collection brings space into your classroom without the overwhelming dark colors that can bring down the classroom vibe. Instead, this bundle features 6 bright colors and the cutest clipart in the entire milky way!


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What programs do I need to open and use this product?

I recommend using Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF files. Adobe Acrobat Reader is a free program and caan be downloaded here


2. Where can I find more classroom inspiration?

I would love to connect and see all the ways that you’re transforming your classroom to be a home away from home! I’m always blown away by the creativity of teachers and the great classroom environments you create. Be sure to follow me on the following social media platforms for classroom inspiration, updates, and to tag me with your beautiful classrooms.




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3. What are your terms of use?

Purchasing this product gives you lifetime access to a single classroom license. This means you can use it for your own classroom and print it out as many times as you’d like for your own personal use. You cannot share this file with a colleague in part or in whole without purchasing an additional license. In addition, you may not use any of the editable files to create files to sell as your own work. You may only use this product on a personal level and may not sell or resell this product in part or in whole as your own work.


4. What do I do if I’m experiencing technical difficulties?

Email me at and I’ll respond as quickly as possible 🙂