Bright and Simple Math Labels


Bright and Simple Math Labels

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Use these bright and simple math labels to keep your math manipulatives organized. You’ll save so much time when you can easily find what you need for your lesson plan, and you’ll love how beautiful your storage looks!


In total 103 different labels are provided in small (2.8” x 4.4.”), medium (3.45” x 4.85”), and large (4.95” x 4.95”) sizes to fit your classroom needs. All labels include a text editable version as well as editable blanks so you can add clipart to add more labels.


List of Math Labels Included

Counting Labels: 100 charts, 120 charts, abacus, base plates, beans, building blocks, buttons, counters, counting bears, counting chips, cuisenarie rods, links, marbles, numbers, number lines, number magnets, popsicle sticks 5s, popsicle sticks 10s, rekenreks, snap cubes, sorting cups, square tiles, ten frames, tongs, unifix cubes

Shape Labels: 2D shapes, 3D shapes, geoblocks (x2), geoboards, magna tiles (x2), nets, pattern blocks, pentominoes, rubber bands

Base Ten: Base ten blocks, hundred flats, ones cubes, ten rods, thousands blocks

Fractions: Fraction bars, fraction circles, fraction number lines, fraction polygons, fraction rectangles, fraction squares, fraction tiles, fraction triangles, fraction wedges, place value discs

Money: $1 dollar bills, $2 dollar bills, $5 dollar bills, $10 dollar bills, $20 dollar bills, $50 dollar bills, $100 dollar bills, coins, dimes, dollar bills, half dollars, money sacks, nickels, pennies, price tags, price tents, piggy banks, quarters

Measurement and Data: Balances (x2), bar graphs, clocks, digital clocks, graduated cylinders, graph paper, measuring spoons, measuring cups, measuring tape, pie charts, protractors, rulers, thermometers, triangle rulers, weights

Supplies and Games: Beads, board games, calculators, card decks, clipboards daubers, dice, dominoes, dry erase markers, flash cards, game pieces, hour glasses, index cards, play-doh, puzzle pieces, spinners, timers, white boards,


*Can’t find the labels you need? Use the editable blank cards provided to add clipart and create exactly what you need*



What’s Included

-103 small math manipulative labels (2.8” x 4.4”)

-103 medium math manipulative labels (3.45” x 4.85”)

-103 large math manipulatives labels (4.95” x 4.95”)

-Editable file with embedded fonts so you can add your own text/font/language

-Editable blank math manipulative cards to create your own labels


I designed these labels to match my Bright and Simple Classroom Décor Bundle. The collection was inspired by using bright colors without the overwhelm. This product perfectly balances beautiful colors with the simplicity of white space to give your classroom a beautiful aesthetic.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does it mean if a file is editable?

A file that is editable is a Powerpoint file that allows you to change the text/font. It does not allow you to change the clipart, colors, or resize the product due to copyright restrictions.


2. What is an embedded font?

An embedded font is a specialized font that can be used as soon as you open the program in Powerpoint. An embedded font cannot be transferred to any external file, but allows you to create your own labels while keeping the look cohesive. Using the embedded font you can create the exact same look as in the preview picture without downloading any extra fonts.


3. What programs do I need to open and use this product?

I recommend using Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF files. Adobe Acrobat Reader is a free program and can be downloaded here. The editable files can be edited in Google Slides, but I highly recommend Powerpoint to ensure compatibility – many of the embedded fonts do not transfer to Google Slides. If you don’t have Powerpoint, here is a link toa free one month trial of the program.


4. Where can I find more classroom inspiration?

I would love to connect and see all the ways that you’re transforming your classroom to be a home away from home! I’m always blown away by the creativity of teachers and the great classroom environments you create. Be sure to follow me on the following social media platforms for classroom inspiration, updates, and to tag me with your beautiful classrooms.




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5. What are your terms of use?

Purchasing this product gives you lifetime access to a single classroom license. This means you can use it for your own classroom and print it out as many times as you’d like for your own personal use. You cannot share this file with a colleague in part or in whole without purchasing an additional license. In addition, you may not use any of the editable files to create files to sell as your own work. You many only use this product on a personal level and may not sell or resell this product in part or in whole as your own work.


6. What do I do if I’m experiencing technical difficulties?

If you have any issues with this product or any questions please email me at and I’ll respond as quickly as possible 🙂