Watercolor Classroom Feature Teacher: Deonna Perez

Welcome to my first Feature Teacher blog! I get so many questions from teachers asking how to best use the classroom decor bundles to transform their classroom into a home away from home. I also get to meet so many incredible teachers that are making a difference in their classrooms everyday! The Feature Teacher blogs will be devoted to these excellent teachers and will show off how beautiful they’ve made their classrooms.

Let me introduce you to Deonna Perez who is teaching first grade for the first time this year. She is a proud graduate of the University of Central Florida, and she has taught VPK for 6 years prior to graduating. She is SO ready for this challenge! Just by talking to her, her love for students and for the art of teaching is so evident!

Scroll below to hear a little bit more of Deonna’s story in her own words and to see how she incorporated my Watercolor Classroom Decor Bundle into her home away from home.

1. Why Did You Want to Become a Teacher?

 I wanted to become a teacher because… I had amazing teachers and mentors to help guide me through life. I thought that maybe, just maybe, I could be that person that helps a child succeed and push themselves to be the best that they can possibly be. 

2. What’s Your Favorite Thing About Teaching Your Grade Level?

My absolute favorite thing about teaching first grade is first graders know how to have fun! First graders are always open to learning new things in school. First graders are very loyal and know how to party while learning! My first grade class is the absolute best class, HANDS DOWN! They are cooperative, respectful, fun, sweet, and intelligent!

3. What Challenges Have You Faced This Year?

Some challenges I have faced this year are handling students at their worst. Just because a student shows their amazing capabilities all the time, doesn’t mean that they are always going to have a great day. Accept that students make mistakes and remember… in life, patience is one of the most important things!

4. What’s the Value of Transforming Your Classroom to Be a Home Away From Home?

Wow, the value of transforming your classroom into your second home is a MUST! I find that my classroom is my home as well as my actual house. In my classroom, I wanted to feel safe, secure, calm, and comfortable. I figured that my students would want to feel the same way. Students want to feel those amazing vibes in your room! They want to feel welcomed! I recall classrooms from my childhood, that I felt scared in and ones that I felt like I could be myself. Not only are you making this a place of comfort, but as a teacher, you are sculpting your awaited masterpiece!

5.  How Has This Decor Bundle Kept You Organized?

The Watercolor Decor Bundle has kept me organized so much! I would have to say the two best resources I have used from my bundle are, the Binder Covers and the Teacher Supply Box Labels. I have used the binder covers for every binder in my classroom. I use the binder covers for my data, curriculum, and “Take Home Binders” for the students. I have two teacher supply boxes that keep me well organized throughout the week!

Also, the day to day labels for the 10 drawer cart! I store each day in each labeled bin, it keeps me VERY organized. Lastly, ALL the letters, color, number, etc. resources that are included in the bundle are amazing resources to have for students. My students not only love the vibrant colors of them, but they love that they can look up on the walls and figure out how letters and words are meant to be. 

Deonna is making a difference every day with her students just like you are! To be considered for a future Feature Teacher blog reach out to me at ConfettiandCreativityStore@gmail.com. Keep up with Deonna by following her on Tiktok, Instagram, or Youtube (Links Below)

TikTok: @a_teachers_island

Instagram: @deonnasierra & @a_teachers_island

Youtube: A Teacher’s Island (check out her full classroom reveal below!)

To create this same look in your classroom, check out my Watercolor Classroom Decor Bundle!