The 14 Best Teacher Bags and Lunch Boxes on Amazon Right Now

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Every teacher has their signature staples to get them through the 180 days of the school year.

It usually starts with a cute and trendy teacher lanyard that matches your classroom theme perfectly and holds the million and 1 keys we sometimes have.

Then it usually goes to the staple of a water bottle that is going to keep you hydrated throughout your day in of course the cutest way possible.

The most famous of the staples is of course none other then the historic teacher bag. When it comes to the teacher bag there is always a teacher pouch and lunch box to go with ! There are so many different shapes, sizes and colors when it comes to this famous teacher accessory that you may not know where to even start.

Well here is your first step, head on over to my Teacher Bag Amazon Storefront to see the endless possibilities of options.

Remember this bag is going be your lifeline for this school year. It is something that you will put on each and everyday so its important to find the right fit for you. It will transport those papers that can’t wait till Monday or it will help you bring your computer home from school to work on that power point or google slides.

Whether its storage or comfort you are looking for in your bag we are sure to have an option for everyone! Find what is important to you in your teacher bag and then let your imagination run free! Happy Shopping Teachers !

Teacher Bags/Backpacks

Teacher Bag Cover Photo

From briefcases to backpacks to tote bags and everything in between the options are bursting at the seams.

One of the many options that you have for your teacher bag is the Women’s Briefcase Leather Messenger and let me tell you this option is all about pockets! It has the main pocket that has the perfect space to store a laptop. It also has 2 pen slots, 2 small pockets and 1 zipper pocket. Even the exterior has a pocket… talk about storage options!

This option has a sleek and elegant design that screams professional! This option is great for the teacher that needs storage but is looking for a bag option that will match every outfit! P.S this bag also comes in a gorgeous wine option.

The next option that you have is the Travel School Backpack this option is for the tech lover at heart and it comes in over 20 different color options. The most unique feature of this teacher bag is the built-in detachable USB cable design that gives you the convenience of charging your electronic devices via a power bank.

This bag also has functionality in its corner with its many pockets and large capacity. This bag even has a waterproof feature that is perfect for those Florida teachers that frequently have to walk to their car in an afternoon thunderstorm.

The options keep on coming, up next we have the original Tote Bag. This is the perfect option for the teacher that is looking for an over the shoulder option that still has all the storage. The bag has all the space and the kitchen sink, this bag has the capacity for a laptop and or tablet and still have room left over.

This bag includes three large compartments to house your laptop, binders and or folders. It even has room for your car keys, cellphone and wallet and it even has the small purse to go with it! You won’t ever run out of space with this teacher bag.

Last but certainly not least we have the Leather Backpack this option is sleek meets storage meets comfort all wrapped in one. This option can hold a laptop and has hidden buttons to increase your space or slim up your look.

This bag has two hidden pockets for your most precious items. This bag has adjustable shoulder straps to find the comfiest option for your shoulders and it also comes in sleek black. This bag brings so much to the table and will set you up for success for the new school year.

Personalized Teacher Bags

Personalized Teacher Bag Options

The easiest way to embrace yourself is by expressing yourself!

The perfect way to do that is to personalize your teacher bag and again we have so many options for you to do that.

The very first way to personalize your bag is picking a color that speaks to your soul, how precious is the pink Laptop Backpack. There are so many options that come in every color in the rainbow you are sure to find the one that is calling your name.

What teacher bag is complete without a unique charm that screams YOU! We have the Boho Tassel Pom Bag Charm that comes in three different colors tan, pink and blue. You are sure to find the right color for you. Then we have the Monogram Leather Tassel Women Keychain that comes in every color under the sun! The tassel is the perfect way to add that subtle personalized touched.

If you want to up the anti with your personalized touch patches are your go too! You can monogram your bag and or add your name with the Letter Patches. The white and gold options shown are sure to brighten up any bag. If you aren’t looking for letters we have you covered with retro Iron on Patches that have smiley faces, hearts, rainbows and lightning bolts.

I can’t wait to see how you make your teacher bag represent you!

Teacher Lunch Boxes

Teacher Bag Lunch Boxes

Teachers in my eyes are professional eaters!

We are on the go from the minute we walk into our classroom to the minute we leave and this includes lunch time. You may only get a handful of minutes to scarf down your food so why not look at a cute and trendy teacher lunchbox while doing it! From patters to solids my Amazon Storefront has you covered with all the options on the menu..

For the animal print lovers there is none other then the Insulated Leopard Lunch Bag. For the teachers that are looking for the purrfect teacher lunch box this option has ample space, high quality and of course an adjustable shoulder strap. This would be a great lunch box for the teacher that is looking for a large lunch box but stills wants something trendy and fun.

For the teachers who are looking for a fun and fruity option we have the Kate Spade Strawberry Insulated Tote. This adorable teacher lunch box is going to keep your food nice and cold all while looking adorable. This tote is made out of a coated linen cloth that is perfect for when messes happen as it will just wipe away. This lunch box would sure be the talk of the teacher lounge.

For the teachers that are looking for a beautiful and bold option we have the Black and White Heart Insulated lunch bag. This lunch bag is perfect for taking to work it has a large capacity to fit all of your lunch needs and the pattern is sure to melt your heart. This modern look will be sure to make your lunch period enjoyable.

For the Nautical Teachers at heart we have the Royal Blue and White Insulated Lunch Bag. This is the all purpose teacher lunch bag its water-resistant, durable and easy to clean. Summer always goes by so fast so say goodbye to the beach and hello to school. Make your transition effortless with this fabulous teacher lunch box.

For the teachers looking for a simple and sophisticated option we have the Simple Modern Lunch Bag. This triple insulated bag is bound to keep your food at its peak! This teacher lunch bag has a reinforced handle and an adjustable strap. This option allows you the choice in how to rock your new teacher lunch box.

Teacher Pouches

Teacher Pouches

Teachers have all the things so of course you need somewhere to store all of your flair pens, sharpies and whatever else makes your teacher heart happy!

Just like teacher bags and lunch boxes there are options galore!

Now there are different kinds of pouches for teachers and of course why not start with the snack pouch. We all have snacks in our classroom to satisfy our sweet or salty addictions and we need a fun way to store them.

The Chenille Letter Snack Pouch is by far the cutest pouch I have seen and it has RETRO written all over it. This clear pouch packs a punch! It has Chenille Embroidery, trendy vibes and is even waterproof to protect your mid day snack from a falling water bottle. All I can say is how cute!!

The next option brings a whole new meaning to functionality. The Stand-up Retractable Pouch brings a unique pop up design without sacrificing your space that means your favorite pens or pencils will be able to come along for the ride. With a quick adjustment to your pouch it will be able to stand upright and you will have easy to access to your favorites.

The next pencil pouch is made for the teacher that has all the flair pens, pencils, markers and so much more! The 3 Compartment Pencil Pouch can hold up to 40-70 slim pencils that is plenty of rooms for all of your colored assortments. The three compartments design allows you to separate and organize you items.

Last but not least is the Yatide Pencil Pouch. This adorable black and white pencil pouch can hold over 100+ pencils! It is durable and will last for many years to come.

Organization and practicality become two peas in a pod when it comes to the famous teacher bag, pouch and lunch box. Remember that there are so many options out there especially on Amazon that you will be able to find a bag, pouch or lunch box that has the qualities and features that are the most important to you.

Wishing you all the best in your hunt to find the perfect teacher bag for YOU!